Oppose Birth-Control Violations

By Order Of The State!


 Urgent Action Against Funding/Association of China’s Coercive Birth Control Program

Communist China’s population program is highly coercive and features gross violations of reproductive freedoms, including  forced sterilizations and  forced abortions Clearly these policies violate a woman’s right to freedom of choice and to have control over her own body. The following information is intended to provide you with a framework to take action against these violations.


Both the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development and 1999 Cairo Plus 5 Conference in New York rule out coercion relating to reproductive rights. Additionally the 1995 UN Women’s Conference and NGO Forum recognized such abuse as serious violation of women’s human rights and condemned such practices calling for governments to take action. This commitment is reflected in the conference report; the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, both of which received the support and consent of governments. These documents clearly state governments should;

“Take all appropriate measures to eliminate harmful, medically unnecessary or coercive medical interventions…” and that “Acts of violence against women also include forced sterilisation and forced abortion, coercive/forced use of contraceptives…” (section D, paragraph 115).

It is also stated that women should have the right to have control over their sexuality and reproductive health, “free of coercion, discrimination and violence”. Yet as evidenced by the broadcast of several harrowing television documentaries on the issue, including UK-Channel Four’s ‘Undercover in Tibet’ (April 2008) reports such as ‘Orders Of The State’ (ITN 2000), ‘Children of Despair’ (ITN 1992) and ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’ (Dr J. Aird, AEI Press 1991) there’s no doubt that China’s population program throughout its history has proved highly coercive. In October 2001 the US Senate was presented with damning evidence, researched inside communist China, that documented the nature and extent of medical atrocities resulting from the program, and the shameful complicity of the United Nations population agency (UNFPA).

Since then the US Congressional Executive Committee on China and the United States State Department have noted that coercive measures and medical atrocities continue and that China continues to violate  international agreements

Chinese officials continue to actively promote and implement coercive population planning policies which, as they are written and implemented, violate international standards. The PRC Population and Family Planning Law and provincial implementing guidelines limit couples’ freedom to build their families as they see fit by stipulating if, when, and how often they may bear children.

Local implementing regulations across China still require that couples be
married and obtain a birth permit to lawfully bear a child. The population planning policies of all of China’s 31 provincial-level jurisdictions limit couples to bearing one child. Exceptions for couples who meet certain criteria vary by province, and include some exceptions for ethnic minorities (sic).

Officials continue to coerce compliance with population planning targets using methods including heavy fines, forced abortions, and forced sterilizations.

Controls imposed on Chinese women and their families, and additional abuses engendered by China’s stringent population and family planning system, violate standards set forth in the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the 1994 Programme of Action of the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development. China was a state participant in the negotiations and adoption of both.

Acts of official violence committed in the implementation of coercive population planning policies contravene provisions of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which China has ratified. Furthermore, discriminatory policies against ‘‘out-of-plan’’ children (i.e., children born in violation of population planning policies) contravene the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. China is a State Party to these treaties and has committed to uphold their terms.” Source: 2014 Report from the Congressional Executive Commission On China (Emphasis Added)

In light of such violations how can governments justify donating millions of taxpayer’s money to population agencies, such as the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), both closely associated with the program, when there is such damning evidence that abuse is widespread and not being moderated by the involvement of such agencies? Furthermore, how can any government endorse and pledge a commitment to the findings of the Beijing Declaration on these issues, while at the same time continue to fund (and support politically and morally) China’s appalling population program?

Act Now for China, Xinjiang and Tibet

Please join the campaign to promote women’s human rights in China, Xinjiang and Tibet by expressing your concern to the addresses below. Remember, we must ask why UNPFA and IPPF are continuing to work with communist China’s regime, while aware of these terrible violations, and that their presence is having no humanizing effect upon the Chinese program.

Sample Petition Against China’s Coercive Population Control Program

I would like to express my concern regarding human rights abuses within communist China’s population program. I am shocked that according to documentation provided by Tibettruth women are denied reproductive rights or freedom of choice. That they face a series of draconian measures including; financial penalties, mental/physical coercion, mass campaigns of forced sterilizations, forced abortions. It is worrying to note the continuing support and involvement of your department/organization with this program violating, as it does, several important human rights instruments/agreements; including, ironically, the Beijing Declaration of the Fourth World UN Conference on Women. I appeal to you to withdraw your association/sponsorship until such time as communist China’s regime can demonstrate it is operating a humane and education-based population program, where the dignity, human rights of women is respected and enshrined in law and practice.


Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin
Executive Director
United Nations Fund for Population
220 East 42nd Street
New York
NY 10017

Dr Alvaro Bermejo
Director General
International Planned Parenthood Federation
4 Newhams Row, London, SE1 3UZ. UK

10 thoughts on “Oppose Birth-Control Violations

  1. I appeal to you to withdraw your department’s association/sponsorship until such time as communist China can demonstrate it is operating a humane and education-based population program, where the dignity, human rights of women is respected and enshrined in law and practice.
    I agree with this wholeheartedly!

      1. Thank you for your active support on this issue, it is extremely important to build pressure on these organizations and your participation is of great value in that aim. Kindly share/inform you friends about this action.

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