9 thoughts on “March 10 Action For Tibet”

    1. Dear Sir or Madam,
      I’d like ton enter in contact with you in order to present you a projectfor the Tibetan Cause.
      Looking forward to Hearing from you soon,

      Yours sincerely,

  1. Tibetians are being treated as slaves by the chinese and their houses being forcefully occupied by them to increase chinese density in their area. Why world police america is keeping quite. Americans will involve only where they have benifit
    mohan nair

  2. We are with you, the people of Tibet. You have the right to fight and get back your peace loving country from the Chinese. Tibet was and is always a independent country and China cannot show its authority and forcefully occupy Tibet.

  3. Dear Tibetians,
    These are difficult times for you and we the people of India are all with you. Just hold on there! I guess support for Tibet’s freedom can be found from Japan and even America. Strengthen your overseas missions, show people the truth and pray that India develops and comes at par with China in terms of economic and military power. Once that is done, we can dictate terms to China. That is the only long term solution i can see for your struggle. A lot of Indians share the message of Buddha with you and admire the courage and hard work of Tibetians. Good day!

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