National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
Eastern Tibet’s forested river valleys are being stripped of trees by Chinese logging companies

Image: landofsnows

You know the history, unless of course educated within the US system, but it goes like this. Europeans invade and colonize lands while suppressing indigenous people. The foreign colonizers increase in numbers expanding military, political and economic control, while at the same time waging a war of cultural genocide against the original inhabitants. Having established dominance they then set about exploiting natural resources, causing widespread environmental damage and pollution. With the progression of laws and regional and national democratic process eventually various rights and protections are approved, including the establishment of national parks. Protected for the benefit of the now firmly-in-control citizen and also to conserve the environment and ecology. Meanwhile beyond the boundaries (and in cases, within) of such protected areas corporations are free to pollute, degrade and destroy in the pursuit of profit.

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
The surface water of Tibet is being increasingly polluted by Chinese mining projects and unregulated factories

Image: geographical

Now exchange the title United States of America with occupied Tibet, and a similar process is underway, administered by a brutal Chinese regime. Which as with the emergent political establishment of the USA, regards itself as having some inalienable claim not that of a god, but through a falsified history, infused with delusion. The outcomes, however, are similar, not completely, but with serious environmental impacts, in which the Tibetan people, oppressed, marginalized and without political authority or freedom can only watch.

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
The salt lakes of Western Tibet’s Ngari region are being targeted by Chinese companies seek to extract rare metals

Image: wondersoftibet

Once, pristine lakes and rivers polluted, mountains sacred to Tibetan traditions mined into oblivion, forested areas transformed into deserts, atmospheric and ground pollution by asbestos and uranium mining and increased NO2 levels from cars and trucks. But don’t worry folks, just when you would be forgiven in concluding that the Chinese regime didn’t give a damn about the environment in Tibet its propaganda ministry announced recently that a number of national parks were being considered for the region. Guess we just didn’t give Xi Jinping and his regime sufficient credit, right?

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
Tibet’s grasslands are being being fenced off and denuded, drilled and polluted for gas and oil.

Image: airpaz

These proposals are of course, like all those issued by the Chinese authorities, saturated with political concerns and priorities. They also serve a clear propaganda aim. To convince those reading such reports in the West that China’s intentions inside occupied Tibet are honorable and respectful of the Tibetan environment. Not sure if that’ll work! Meanwhile, the ecocide against Tibet continues. As Tibetans, their land stolen, and culture enslaved (forcefully replaced by an increasingly dominant Han Chinese presence) face a dangerous and fragile future.

There’s only one outcome which could halt the wholesale degradation of Tibet’s environment and establish genuine respect and responsible stewardship of that beautiful and ecologically vital land. That would require national freedom for the Tibetan people!

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The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: voa/reuters updated by @tibettruth

Have you wondered why the issue of Tibet seems to have dropped off of the media radar? There has over the past few years been a remarkable silence, broken occasionally by reports of self-immolation protests. Yet increasingly the information coming out appears to have reduced dramatically. There’s one man who could offer an explanation, but he’s something of a biased participant. Mr Chen Quanguo the communist Chinese party (CCP) official directly responsible for imposing a mass surveillance system and ruthless police-state in occupied Tibet, and more recently within so-called Xinjiang (East Turkistan).

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
Chinese regime security has an extensive fleet of mobile facial recognition centers such as this one

Image: businessinsider

This communist Chinese regime psychopath, formerly Party Secretary (2011-2016)  in the Tibetan region known as U-Tsang, devised a strategy of control that divided Tibet using a grid-system. Into each was established Chinese police stations at regular intervals across the entire region which formed an inter-locked, inescapable security presence. He also organized, through bribery and intimidation Tibetan households to spy on each other. This was assigned the euphemism of the “double-linked household management system.”

These draconian measures were not enough for Quanguo, he also throttled and distorted the flow of information, cracking down on relatively independent news sources, replacing them with media outlets loyal to the CCP. He transformed ‘Tibetan’ TV new channels into 24/7 conduits for Chinese regime propaganda. Anyone having satellite television was required, by fear of prison, torture and forced labor, to have only a reception fixed to channels approved by the authorities.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
Tibet has become a land constantly under surveillance and police control

From what information which has emerged by the end of 2016, Quanguo had built over 700 police stations, which are called ‘convenience police stations,’ and created 81,140 ‘double-linked households’ that monitored around three million Tibetans.

With a seemingly limitless budget, he vastly increased the number of Chinese ‘police’ in occupied Tibet and played a key role in the introduction and expansion of technological surveillance which has added to the infrastructure of daily oppression and fear experienced by Tibetans. CCTV now monitors virtually every street, roads, public space in towns across occupied Tibet. This has been augmented recently by the implementation of facial-recognition systems, engineered, installed and maintained by Chinese tech-corporations such as Huawei, Sense Time, CIMC and Tencent Technology (which enjoy fruitful commercial and research relations with western companies and institutions such as MIT).

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
Selected Tibetans pose for the launch of a facial recognition system in local banks in downtown Lhasa. Notice what looks like a Master Card logo on the cash-machine? Another example of the collaboration of western companies and indifference of such corporations towards the tyranny of China’s regime.

Image: archivenet

Such disturbing surveillance is being enhanced by a program of bio-metric identity cards forced upon Tibetans. Without which the meager support (housing rights, fuel or food supplies) offered by the occupying Chinese authorities is withheld. Meanwhile, the internet, social media and cellphone apps such as Tik-Tok are monitored and censor any mention of human rights, Tibet or the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
State control, surveillance and censorship dominate every aspect of life under the tyrannical rule of the Chinese regime.

Image: getty

Having successfully engineered complete and effective totalitarian control over the Tibetan population Quanguo was appointed to target a similar system of oppression and surveillance against the people in neighboring East Turkistan (so-called Xinjiang). Which he is presently realizing, having criminalized Uyghur culture and identity, forced countless thousands into concentration camps and detained huge numbers of infants within indoctrination centers. While the potential of big-data, AI and facial-recognition systems is discussed across western media, some regarding the expanding technology as offering positive social opportunities, Chen Quanguo and his thuggish comrades within the CCP have reminded the wider-world of the very genuine dangers such advances present.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare
Having taken office in occupied East Turkistan Chen Quangou has applied all the lessons of surveillance and oppression from his time in occupied Tibet to target and suppress Uyghurs. Facial recognition cameras (circled) in the city of Kashgar,

Image: archivenet

Apart from violating basic freedom such as the right-to-privacy, the unique bio-data of an individual, monitored, recorded and stolen by the hands of tyrannical regimes such as China’s enables greater restrictions and supervision. Eroding civil and political rights while empowering the capacity of a government to impose an increasing spiral of oppressive social, economic and political controls.

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China’s National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship

China's National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship

Image: scmp adapted by @tibettruth

As Chinese police today fired live rounds at protesters in Hong Kong what a disturbing yet utterly appropriate reminder that 70 years ago today a regime was born that inflicted genocidal suffering upon its own people through insane ideological policies. The so-called Great Leap Forwards, in truth it plunged China’s people backwards into a feudal condition, tortured by famine and environmental catastrophe. Millions perished as a consequence of the crazed dogma of the Chinese communist party ruler-ship. The misery was extended by the harrowing excesses of what was laughingly described as a Cultural Revolution, the only culture which prevailed was one of terror, thought-control, mass arrests, labor-camps and countless numbers of people murdered or broken enduring the misery of prison. This brutal state-approved and engineered madness was inflicted across not only across China, but brutalized too the occupied territories of Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria. The destruction ran wild year-after year, families destroyed, monasteries dynamited, culture targeted for violent assimilation.

China's National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship
Tanks Parade In Downtown Beijing

Image: cnn

Nixon trumpeted a rapprochement with China, the CIA pulled the funding of Tibetan resistance fighters, the great betrayal had fallen. After Mao a respite, some hope flickered of an easing, but that proved to be illusory. The decade of the 1980s arrived bringing cynical moves of Deng Xiaoping and a supposed opening of the Chinese market, much was made of the economic reforms. Companies across the world licked their lips, while the machinery of terror remained, to maintain control for China’s corrupt authorities. The draconian policies continued, mass campaigns of forced sterilizations, censorship and a vicious denial of human rights were enforced. During 1987 through 1989 Tibetans again rose against Chinese rule, and the tanks rumbled past the Potala Palace. Many were shot, more tortured and disappeared. Then in the Summer of that last year Chinese students massed around a beacon for a democratic China, their dreams bled across the cold stones of Tiananmen Square following a government ordered massacre. As the blood was being washed away the US Administration was covertly arranging an emergency visit to Beijing, its envoy to reassure the Chinese authorities that business would not be interrupted.

China's National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship
Hong Kong

Image: thestar

Economic growth and the opening of Chinese markets witnessed throughout the 1990s a global rush to trade with China. The scent of money was on the wind and western corporations, backed by their governments wanted some of that profitable action. The human rights violations persisted, as did the oppression and tyranny, under the approving rule of Jiang Zemin. When questions were raised about doing business with a Chinese state that abused and tortured the response was to insist that ‘constructive engagement’ would result in progress. That economic liberalization would be followed by an improvement on civil freedoms and human rights. That was another deception. In 2001 China was admitted into the World Trade Organization and since that time its economy has risen to a position of global dominance, not without a creeping realization that there was a troubling cost to such expansion.

China's National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship
Dictator Xi Jinping addressing today the massed ranks of military in Beijing

Image: chinanews/adapted for accuracy by @tibettruth

Along with the consumerism and commercial revolution, which in part has transformed Chinese society, China’s regime under, then President, Hu Jintao consolidated it’s power. While the world applauded China’s miraculous economic rise and salivated at the prospect of trade the denial of basic freedoms persisted. Torture, executions and prison camps maintained the social ‘harmony’. A condition inherited by the current glorious leader Xi Jinping, like Emperor Nero he has assumed the mantle of a supreme being. What cosmetic scraps of political accountability that previously linked his office to the Chinese communist party were swiftly abandoned. This dictatorship is engineering a new China, intensifying totalitarian control, extending state surveillance into every area of society, constructing more detention camps, dispatching thought-control police onto the streets. There exists only one truth according to this new cult; loyalty to the leader and complete obedience and devotion to the communist party of China.

China's National Day Glorifying A Brutal Dictatorship
Troops jackboot their way past their ‘Glorious Leader’

Image: chinanews

Today Xi Jinping observed a mass military parade in Beijing. The choreographed thousands dutifully waved their flags, as the jackboots, missiles and tanks paraded in celebration. In Hong Kong the bullets were flying. Seventy years have passed, the brutalized people of Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, Hong Kong and China are asking how few are left for this corrupt and genocidal regime?

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UN Women Staying Silent As China Forcibly Sterilizes Uyghur Women In Detention Centers

UN Women Staying Silent As China Forcibly Sterilizes Uyghur Women In Detention Centers
Mehrigul Tursun Uyghur woman arrested by the Chinese regime, separated from her three infants who died under Chinese custody and had been medically operated on without her knowledge. Mehrigan was tortured, beaten, electrocuted and forcibly sterilized.

Image: Amnesty International Japan

As we write this post, in various regions of the world women’s NGOs are assembling to prepare for next year’s UN Commission On The Status Of Women which marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995).

Contained within that declaration the following is urged of governments to:

“Take all appropriate measures to eliminate harmful, medically unnecessary or coercive medical interventions…” and that “Acts of violence against women also include forced sterilization and forced abortion, coercive/forced use of contraceptives…” (section D, paragraph 115).

UN Women Staying Silent As China Forcibly Sterilizes Uyghur Women In Detention Centers
Mrs Phumzile Mlambo Ngucka, executive director of UN Women has offered not a word of opposition or concern against China’s forced sterilizations of women. Her organization and that of UNCSW are actively ignoring serious human rights violations against Uyghur, Tibetan, Mongolian and Ha Chinese women.

Image: UN Women/Amanda Voisard

Now as is well known China operates a coercive population control program, which despite cynically engineered reports to the contrary targets women with a range of draconian measures, including forced sterilizationsforced medical intervention and forced contraception.

Yet the very same NGOs who will no doubt be praising the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action offer not a word of concern against China’s violations against women’s human and reproductive rights. Since 1995 Women’s organizations and UNCSW have been exposed and challenged for choosing to maintain a silence, offering no criticism, nor condemnation of such medical atrocities. Even though the UN agreement they worked towards, endorsed and approved in 1995 calls for action against such violations!

UN Women Staying Silent As China Forcibly Sterilizes Uyghur Women In Detention Centers
One of the many detention centers run by the Chinese regime in occupied East Turkistan. Places of misery, torture and suffering, where Uyghurs are indoctrinated, abused, tortured and forcibly sterilized!

Image: NYT

Which is why the same organizations will care little about the testimony of Ms Mehrigul Tursun a Uyghur who escaped from a Chinese regime detention center in occupied East Turkistan (so-called Xinjiang). Last November she documented to the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC)  a range of human rights abuses she had suffered during her imprisonment. These included forced separation from her thee children, all of whom died in Chinese custody and had been medically operated on without her knowledge or approval. She was detained three times and detailed to the CECC being tortured, beaten and electrocuted. Mehrigul also disclosed that on arrival in the USA a full medical examination confirmed that she had also been sterilized! Atrocities which she presented to an Amnesty International conference in Tokyo earlier this month.




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Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Liverpool Museum reportedly complied with local police to install facial recognition system to scan visitors

Image: dayoutwiththekids

Can you imagine what John Lennon would have thought about a museum in his Liverpool home-town installing facial recognition technology to invade the privacy of visitors, in an act of big-brother surveillance? Maybe his son can write a song about that? Yet for sure that’s what has happened according to a report by the UK campaigners Big Brother Watch, and what lies behind the decision is a cause for real concern to anyone valuing human rights and the intrusion of the state upon civil and personal liberties.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
The Chinese regime with the active support of Huawei has rolled out the most intrusive and oppressive mass surveillance system across China and occupied territories such as Tibet and East Turkistan

Image: scmp

The World Museum has admitted that such technology was operated, and in a curious twist stated that the decision to extract the bio-metric data of its visitors was taken during an exhibition on China’s ‘terracotta warriors’.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
It’s not the innocent visitors to Liverpool’s World Museum, many of whom were children, who need to be monitored and scanned but the torturers and oppressors of China’s regime!

Image: archive.net

It seems the move was suggested by the local cops! Now what on this good earth would they be so concerned about? Details are scarce, a tight lid has been closed which makes us wonder what was going down behind the scenes. What facts are known show that several Chinese government and academic institutions were closely involved with facilitating the exhibition. That it was taking placed in England, for the first time outside off of London suggests that UK authorities such as the Foreign Office would have a key role.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Did the British government have an agreement with the Chinese regime on excessive security measures surrounding the terracotta army exhibition?

Image: thecommentator

While in the background would be lurking security agencies like MI5. Such monitoring and involvement would have the goal of ensuring matters proceeded without incident or controversy. After all like China’s ‘Panda Diplomacy’ these artifacts are used by the Chinese regime as soft propaganda, exhorting the cultural marvels of an ancient past, for very present political purposes.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
China’s totalitarian state has created a surveillance dominated society that would have given George Orwell nightmares!

Image: asiancorrespondent

Given the appeasement which runs through UK policy towards China there would have been an acute sensitivity surrounding the exhibition, the question is who requested that face-scanners be part of security measures? From what we know Britain has some legal restrictions and protocols on the deployment and operation of such technology, on what basis then did the cops press the museum to employ such an intrusion of personal privacy?

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Liverpool’s head cop, Andy Cooke needs to answer questions on his forces decision to face-scan visitors to Liverpool’s World Museum

Image: media-planetradio

Did they have confirmed intelligence of a planned protest or criminal action? If so surely an increased police presence would have been an appropriate measure? Was this the result of a confidential accord reached between the UK and Chinese government? Meanwhile we should of course give thought to the use of the bio-metric data which was taken from all those who visited this exhibition. Who had responsibility for it? Was it shared with any other agencies, including the Chinese authorities? Just where is that digital record now?

Whatever dirty politics or anxiety saturated diplomacy may be behind this gross violation of citizens right to privacy, one fact remains the Chinese regime and its technological attack dog, Huwawei have implemented the world’s most oppressive facial-recognition systems against the people of China and indeed in occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkistan.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
There is no privacy within China, no citizens rights, only mass surveillance, oppression, torture and censorship.

Image: ibtimes

That a supposed liberal democracy like the UK has authorized such surveillance against its own people, in probable collaboration with and appeasement of China’s totalitarian regime is a deeply disturbing development. One that should be thoroughly exposed and challenged!

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Tibetan Nuns Beaten To A Pulp For Crying During Forced Indoctrination

Tibetan Nuns Beaten To A Pulp For Crying During Forced Indoctrination
Tibetan nuns, stripped of their Buddhist robes, forced into Chinese military uniforms and ordered to sing daily praise of China’s regime.

Image: cellphone images made possible by an extremely brave Tibetan

This is what happened. Yachen Gar, a major Tibetan Buddhist center, the size of a small town was invaded couple years back by Chinese paramilitary. On the orders of China’s regime the bulldozers moved in, centuries old buildings demolished, thousands of monks and nuns homeless. Rounded up by armed Chinese troops they were forced onto convoys of buses, destination prison camps. Held there under a brutal program of political indoctrination, mental and physical abuse, Tibetans whose daily life was dedicated to following the teachings of Buddhism now are forced to renounce their cultural identity. Failure to comply results in beatings, torture and additional years of detention.

Today we read that Tibetan nuns being held at Jomda near Chamdo in occupied Tibet have been beaten to a pulp by Chinese thugs, their supposed crime? Having each and every day being forced to sing songs in Chinese praising Xi Jinping and China’s communist party, followed by hours watching propaganda films on Chinese military campaigns these Tibetans are in psychological trauma. Some breakdown into tears. It was this response, which was seen as disloyalty and dissent against the glorious Chinese government, that resulted in a number of brutal assaults against these Tibetan women. Left unable to walk, barely conscious and seriously bruised they were removed into isolation cells. Following this attack they were informed their detention would be increased, more endless days of misery and indoctrination.

While these atrocities are being inflicted and China wages cultural genocide against Tibetans the political world shrugs, what kind of world are we inhabiting, in which such atrocities are ignored so as to maintain positive relations with China’s terrorist authorities?

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UK’s Pro-China Foreign Secretary Offers Empty Threat On Hong Kong

UK's Pro-China Foreign Secretary Offers Empty Threat On Hong Kong
Tibetan monks forcibly evicted from Yachen Gar Buddhist center in Kham region, Tibet. Here forced onto buses headed to indoctrination camps.

Image: taken by a very courageous Tibetan and published via CTA

As large numbers of Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns are being rounded up from Yachen Gar in Kham region of occupied Tibet and detained in brainwashing camps With Hong Kong facing the risk of a violent crackdown by Chinese paramilitary, the English Foreign Secretary (equivalent of Secretary Of State) has reportedly today issued a warning via the BBC to the Chinese leadership:

“The UK signed an internationally binding legal agreement in 1984 that enshrines the one country two systems rule, enshrines the basic freedoms of the people of Hong Kong and we stand four square behind that agreement, four square behind the people of Hong Kong…There will be serious consequences if that internationally binding legal agreement were not to be honoured.”. (Source BBC TV)

Wonder what his Chinese partner thinks of such a response? Lucia Hunt, born in Xian China we can only presume she has been given clearance by the English security services? Is she perhaps discretely monitored? After all as the case with Huawei has revealed the Chinese regime is actively engaged in a spying and propaganda war, stealing commercial, industrial information, influencing politicians and media.

UK's Pro-China Foreign Secretary Offers Empty Threat On Hong Kong
China-friendly English Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt with his Chinese partner, Lucia.

Image: cdn4

Not that Jeremy Hunt, his government colleagues or Conservative party are unduly concerned, far too busy appeasing China in the greed-driven scramble to secure deals. Taken the craven and servile policy on China adopted by the Foreign Office (not so different to that of the State Department). Hunt’s assurances on standing with Hong Kong should be taken with an ocean of salt. After all was it not another Conservative government headed then by Margaret Thatcher which betrayed the people of Hong Kong. Having been bullied and dictated to by China into signing a dangerously compromised treaty on the status of the island, they turned their backs upon Hong Kong’s plight. Just as UK governments have consistently done with Tibet.

UK's Pro-China Foreign Secretary Offers Empty Threat On Hong Kong

Image: mediapri

Since then successive UK authorities have remained largely silent on the increasing erosion of rights supposedly enshrined by the ‘international legal agreement’ on Hong Kong.

The basic truth remains that states such as the UK are preoccupied with maintaining and securing trade arrangements with China, the plight of Tibet, Hong Kong, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, and that of Chinese people is of little importance. Their suffering and denial of basic freedoms is responded too with hand-wringing platitudes and cosmetic gestures. With that in mind just what does Jeremy Hunt mean by ‘serious consequences’ and from whom?