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Operation Tibet Primed For Tibetan Independence Day

Video courtesy of #Op_Tibet as published across Twitter

Anonymous activists #Op_Tibet have today dropped a video in which they show solidarity with Tibet’s cause, highlight the troubling collaboration of Thermo-Fisher Scientific with the Chinese authorities, and that corporation’s complicity in Tibetans being forced to submit to DNA testing. All of which Thermo-Fisher has profited from. An issue which we reported here, way back in 2020.

It would be a direct and positive help if you will kindly share this video across social-media.

Many thanks to our Twitter team and @AnonymousTibet for sharing news of this.

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Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet’s Cause!

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!
Mr PenpaTsering, Leader of the Exiled Central Tibetan Administration

Image: Tibetan Review

We are hearing that the head of the exiled Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Mr Penpa Tsering has recently been publicly acknowledging a long known reality. That the dangerous concessions put forward by the CTA, to secure a negotiation with the Chinese regime, have failed. No news there then! Having made such a declaration, many Tibetans would naturally be asking ‘OK, we hear you on that, so what is the response to the ongoing rejection from China?’.

Unsurprisingly there was no follow-up from Mr Tsering. The door to negotiation, having been repeatedly and consistently slammed shut in the face of the CTA has not resulted in any political awakening. Instead a repeat cycle of delusion seems to be the default reaction. After all this failed strategy of seeking talks and understanding; from the regime which is eradicating Tibetan cultural and national identity, has been operating for decades. With essentially the same outcome. Clearly the CTA places no value on that definition of insanity as ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”.

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!
For decades China has dismissed appeals to negotiate on Tibet

Image: archivenet

So what can the exiled Tibetan Administration do differently that would produce a more positive result for its people?

To address that we first need to take account of a disturbing, cold and hard fact. That China’s asphyxiating grip, over every aspect of life in occupied Tibet, is of such a supreme and suffocating nature that it’s virtually impossible for Tibetans to dissent against the tyranny. The mass-protests and popular resistance, which rocked Tibet in the 1980/90s and during 2008, has little chance of returning.

This situation places upon exiled Tibetans an even greater responsibility to articulate, champion and campaign for the just cause of Tibet’s rightful national freedom. To do that effectively however requires a singularity of purpose. Equally importantly, a collective sense of unity and determination is essential. The role and resources of the Tibetan Administration, and it’s current leader, Penpa Tsering, is critical in creating, supporting, and encouraging such cohesion.

But that is not achieved by blindly applying an approach which clearly has proven to be unsuccessful. If anything, that course increases a sense of frustration and division within the wider Tibetan community, fostering disillusionment and a weary cynicism.

So with this latest silence, and emphatic indifference from China towards the appeals from the CTA ringing loudly, what alternative response should Penpa Tsering and the Kashag (governing cabinet) put into action?

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!

Image: archivenet

Firstly the exiled Tibetan Administration could issue a statement to the effect that; in light of China’s consistent refusal to enter into meaningful negotiations without preconditions, it is abandoning its policy of seeking talks. Until such time as there is a genuine demonstration by China of a willingness to enter discussions; in a neutral country with an independent third party as chair of such contact.

Additionally the CTA should make it known that, mindful of years of rejection from the Chinese regime, it is withdrawing the objective of seeking genuine autonomy. Replacing that with the goal of national freedom for Tibetans in all three traditional regions that constitute historic, cultural and geographic Tibet.

The application of such an alternative direction would send a clear message across the Tibetan Diaspora, while providing a central and unifying ambition, around which it would be possible to reinvigorate the Tibetan cause. Enabling a sharper and more concentrated focus, eliminating the disabling discord which erodes, stagnates and distracts efforts to operate a concerted campaign to represent forcefully, and with one voice, the condition and hopes-for-freedom of Tibetans suffering under Chinese occupation.

Image: filephoto

It would also serve as a beacon of hope for Tibetans inside Tibet, seeing their exiled brothers and sisters firmly aligned with their secreted hopes for an independent Tibet, free at last from Chinese terrorism.

With Tibetan New Year (Losar) looming, a time to cast off negativity and drive away the ills of the previous year what more auspicious time is there for a direction that would attract hope and positivity?

If the core function and dedication of the Central Tibetan Administration is to stand in solidarity with and represent a future dreamed of by Tibet’s people, and their compatriots in exile, then it must awaken from its delusion that appeasing China will open the door to negotiations and instead choose a way which brings together all Tibetans, resolved and clear in their intention.

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End Of Year Report On Tibet

Some of the people who made our activism on Tibet possible have been working on the Tibetan cause for many years. In a recent video conference a question was asked about it’s present condition, specifically in the context of ‘visibility’. Is Tibet being afforded the exposure and concern it surely merits? At this point the contribution of our veteran activists was of particular interest, and as an end-of-year contemplation here’s a summation of what was presented.

It was suggested that despite the obvious, instantaneous advantages and reach provided by the internet, online news and social-media the subject of Tibet was receiving a troubling shortage of exposure. In part this was attributed to the impact of the Covid insanity; which left so many in a state of self-concentration, fearful and effectively paralyzed into a condition of unthinking. There’s truth in that. We saw across Twitter an exclusive, obsessed attention to that flu-like virus and the narrative-of-doom surrounding it. This lasted for nearly two years, and still lingers here and there.

Meanwhile, the associated policies and actions implemented by various Governments were often of such an oppressive, anti-democratic and brutal nature that many concerned with civil freedom and human rights understandably turned their attention to the injustices and abuses implemented in their own cities and towns.

This was a response we had, hence our decision to place-on-hold action on Tibet, since a number of us were genuinely disturbed by the medical tyranny and authoritarianism which emerged.

Yet, the vicious terrorism, which has blighted Tibet since China invaded in 1950, not only continued during the past two years of a world gripped by pandemic mania, but intensified to a suffocating dystopian oppression. Tibetans are under a digital, mass-surveillance stranglehold, their every movement monitored, recorded, assessed by the occupying Chinese Regime. Their cultural and national identity is being eradicated towards an extinction point, families dislocated, children taken away to be programed as model citizens, loyal to the dictatorship of Xi Jinping. It is the genocide of a people through an indoctrination of children, denied their Tibetan language, groomed to worship the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party, given a constructed history in which they identify as being from China.

As Tibetans are exploited and bullied into being lab-rats for various Covid testing programs and experimental drugs. The already totalitarian grip was tightened to the point of asphyxiation in response to the virus, reports of entire villages and towns locked away, Tibetans incarcerated, food rationed, denied freedom to leave homes. Harassed into lines for daily testing and yet more injections. They have also been targeted as subjects for a mass DNA harvesting program, the objective of which is to assemble a complete data-base. Of course Tibetans have only one choice, compliance or incarceration and misery.

But such harrowing conditions, as observed during our conference call, seem to have not concerned the editors of news channels or the print media. With a handful of notable exceptions politicians too have been silent on Tibet, yet managed to find voices-of-concern on the condition of Uyghurs. Politicians who do speak-out seem increasingly to omit any reference to the Tibetan people.

It’s as if Tibet has been regarded as a lost cause. That the destruction and forced changes are of such a magnitude and impact as to remove any hope or future for Tibetan culture. If this explains the worrying lack of political solidarity or concern for Tibet’s people then, as was commentated during our discussion; what we are witnessing are governments (while actively dedicated to the freedom of Ukraine) complicit in the annihilation of Tibet! This state-of-affairs must not go unchallenged and a renewed effort and determination is urgently needed to ensure the just cause of Tibet is not allowed to fade into the lesser read pages of history.

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Operation Tibet Issue September Update On Tibet

Anonymous activists, Operation Tibet has today released a video update on the situation inside occupied Tibet. As ever we thank all those involved who are working anonymously to expose and challenge the Chinese regime and their vicious persecution of the Tibetan people and their culture. May Tibet one day be independent! Many thanks to our Twitter crew and @AnonymousTibet for news of this.

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Join #teamGlasto4TIBET And Help Fly Tibet’s Flag At Glastonbury Festival

Join #teamGlasto4TIBET And Help Fly Tibet's Flag At Glastonbury Festival

Summer sunshine and blue skies are set to return, along with music festivals. None of course bigger than England’s Glastonbury, which attracts an amazing range of musicians and artists. For a few days the magical countryside surrounding that English town hosts a tented city for over a hundred thousand folks. It is the biggest celebration on the planet, until that is Tibet regains its independence!

As our subscribers and friends will know over the past few years we’ve been raising the issue of Tibet at the festival and are very happy to announce that; with the very awesome support of @Glasto4TIBET in the United Kingdom, we shall be partnering a Tibet action at #Glastonbury2022.

So, working with our Twitter colleagues @tibettruth we hope to repeat the success of previous years during which in a totally fun and positive way we ensured that Tibet, its flag and struggle was not forgotten.

Do you have a ticket for Glastonbury Festival, or know someone who has, and wish to raise Tibet’s flag at the festival then do tweet @Glasto4TIBET, drop a message on the Facebook Group #teamGlasto4TIBET or email

Keep it here good people 🙂

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Twitter Think – Russia Very Bad – China No Problem!

What a state this world has been driven into by the political, commercial and military interests of governments and corporations. Once it was possible for citizens to rail against injustice human rights violations and tyranny on social media platforms, but all that has changed. Following in the wake of censorship, character assassination and exclusion; to those who dissented and questioned on the Covid narrative, and efficacy and safety of experimental medicines injected into the public. A worrying new orthodoxy is taking root. In this dark new chapter there exists only one source of truth, fact can be assured solely through government agency or it’s approved corporate media partners. Any genuinely independent or critical voice is censored, dismissed, questioned or publicly smeared as unreliable, biased and misleading. All very Orwellian, including the operation of double-think.

Because the same authorities imposing such totalitarianism and censorship are doing so to ‘protect freedom, democracy and individuals’. Free-speech is under a vicious assault, particularly across the internet and social media, which Governments are striving to dominate. They have been helped in that objective by a number of compliant and ethically corrupt platforms, including Twitter, whose previous position on open debate and opposition to censorship has been replaced by an unquestioning obedience to the dictate of Governments and corporate interests. We saw this during the past two years, blocking people who dissented or questioned the drugs corporations and safety of their Covid products. Affirming only the narrative of health authorities and the political elite, to the banishment of any opposing view.

Sad to see such a venal decline, but here we are, having been psychologically groomed into an unthinking and servile condition by our own authorities. Hypocrisy now rules. While a media, which would have us believe they uphold the values of freedom-of-speech, objective reportage and balanced, independent journalism are little more than corporate and governmental whores. Too extreme? Not really. Take the current psychological warfare being conducted to sway and control public opinion on the situation in Ukraine, with only one version of events being allowed. Western media regurgitating word-for-word, without critical examination, every assertion and claim from the Ukrainian authorities. As governments and media corporations are banning Russian broadcasters, denigrating their output as lies and biased.

Now Twitter has announced it would no longer recommend tweets from Russian state-controlled media outlets for amplification. This means they would not be featured in the home timeline, notifications, or anywhere else on the platform. The reason offered to justify such censorship is interesting:

When a government that’s engaged in armed conflict is blocking or limiting access to online services within their country, while they themselves continue to use those same services to advance their positions and viewpoints – that creates a harmful information imbalance,” Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth said.

Convinced? Reasonable? But hang on a minute what about imposing similar restrictions on China? After all it’s engaged in a war of cultural genocide against Tibetans and Uyghurs, operates forced labor-camps. Torture, forced sterilizations and executions are widespread. The Chinese regime has blocked Twitter from operating in China. While at the same time the platform’s timeline and various feeds are full of Chinese government orchestrated propaganda concealing such atrocities and misleading public opinion. Surely if Twitter held as a core principle its opposition to regimes exploiting their platform for purposes of disinformation while engaged in human rights crimes and imposing a violent tyranny it would have no objection in launching restrictions against Chinese government Twitter accounts and effectively block their output and visibility in the same way it is doing so against the Russian authority?

Of course it hasn’t done so and is unlikely to do so, demonstrating the nauseating hypocrisy at work and exposing the hollowness of such posturing. Like other social-media platforms Twitter is conforming to the double-standards and geo-political agenda of western states, who while condemning Russia’s actions are suffering a specific and acute amnesia on their blood-drenched invasions and roles in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen!

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Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate Against China’s Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate Against China's Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

As Chinese rule inside occupied Tibet continues to eradicate Tibetan cultural and national identity reports have emerged this week of two more self-immolations. One took place in Eastern Tibet’s Kyegudo area of Kham region and Nagba, Amdo. Details have not been definitively confirmed, but the men involved were named as Tsering Samdup and 80 year-old Tashi Phunstok, who is said to have died as a result of the injuries.

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Tibetan Patriot Dies Following Self-Immolation Injuries

Tibetan Patriot Dies Following Self-Immolation Injuries

Image: @tibettruth/tibetan source/rfa

Mr Tsewang Norbu, a 25 year-old Tibetan musician, who self-immolated in protest against China’s brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet, has died from his injuries according to information emerging from Tibetan sources. His sacrifice was made February 25 in front of the Potala, former residence of Tibet’s Dalai Lama.

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Hypocrisy On Russia And Appeasement Of China – Welcome To Western Corporate Governance!

Hypocrisy On Russia And Appeasement Of China - Welcome To Western Corporate Governance!

Image: lucidpost

While the populations of laughingly named liberal democratic nations are being subjected to yet another campaign of fear-mongering, deception and manipulation; this time the dreaded terror is Russia, the people of Tibet are enduring their seventy second year under the brutal tyranny of Chinese occupation.

The decades of torture, executions, cultural genocide, forced-labor camps and coercive birth control atrocities has not though produced a unified determination to sanction the Chinese regime, no financial penalties, confiscation of assets or exclusion from credit transfers. Such is the hypocrisy and self-serving agenda of the USA, European Union and various allies. Pontificating and moralizing, while suffering an amnesia on their murderous destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. The countless killings inflicted in those lands are it appears of no hindrance in demonizing Russia for its military incursion across Ukraine.

Yet what of the misery, suffering, starvation, deaths inflicted upon Yemen? Any concerted action from Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Johnson et al? What response from those narcissist politicians to Saudi Arabia? Such double-standards are nauseating.

The corporate driven, global agenda of the World Economic Forum and its political stooges is a universe away from the commitments and aspirations of President Dwight D Eisenhower, who in a proclamation announced that:

“Whereas it is appropriate and proper to manifest to the peoples of the captive nations the support of the Government and the people of the United States of America for their just aspirations for freedom and national independence” – Jul17, 1959. Source:

Hypocrisy On Russia And Appeasement Of China - Welcome To Western Corporate Governance!

Image: bwbx

These days the State Department is afraid to even mention ‘freedom’ for Tibet; instead it talks of ‘autonomy’ and cultural rights, too concerned at upsetting profitable relations with the Chinese regime! Yet that right of Tibetans to national independence remains just and legitimate and even more critical, as China continues with it’s campaigns to eradicate Tibetan national and cultural identity.

Which is why it remains of vital importance to remind, and inform political representatives about Tibetan independence and the common political aspiration of Tibet’s people for national freedom. March 1st we shall launch this years’ Lobby For Tibet’s Independence action. Stay tuned for news on this and how you can directly help and take part.

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Operation Tibet Issues Notice To Winter Olympics Targets

Operation Tibet Issues Notice To Winter Olympics Targets
Image courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Anonymous activists, ‘Operation Tibet’ have released online a media statement on their impending action supporting Tibet, due to target Chinese regime, corporation servers and companies associated with the Winter Olympics, launching in Beijing on February 4.

The statement is available here: