Anonymous Donation Secures Our Domain Name Against Chinese Scam



Image; archivenet

Recently we have been targeted by an online scam, based in China, due to our digital activism on Tibet we maintain secure operating protocols, thankfully our computers were not compromised and no breach made on our data. The nature of this latest attempt threatens to ‘cyber squat’ a domain name, with the prospect of diverting traffic away and lowering search-engine rankings, it is though an empty intimidation. An email gets sent from a seemingly legit domain registry website that alerts you of a company which is trying to register your domain name in China. This is aimed to produce an over-reaction, a touch of scare-mongering. After all the thought of your site being hit in such a way is a cause for concern. But the scam seeks a response, it’s looking for dialog, and a hook into concerns.

Next you receive an email from the company supposedly seeking to register your domain name, in which they assert that no matter the claimed concerns of copyright abuse they are going to register anyway. This is a second-stage frightener. By now they are hoping you are scrambling around trying to prevent such an action, but just when all seems lost, guess who comes along with a solution? Yep you got it the supposed domain registry website that first contacted you! They offer a secure and lasting way to avoid your hard-earned and respected domain name from being misappropriated, register those URLs with them! Then the sting is completed when they announce that for a reasonable charge they can host the offending domain names and so protect your actual domain from abuse. That is the scam!!! Due to the vigilance and experience of folks who look after our online presence we were able to recognize this criminal action at a very early stage, and so avoid the con.


Meanwhile our Facebook team reached out for advice to an Anonymous activist who has been extremely helpful in our work on Tibet and to our amazement, as an additional layer of protection, she/he registered the offending .cn domain names. While the object of the scam was to threaten the registration of such domains, in reality that was only a bait, in all reality they would not have wasted money registering a number of names. That though misses the main point, the incredible solidarity and generosity offered by Anonymous who took action as a precaution to protect our site

We would love to name the individual and offer our genuine thanks for such support but as Anonymous that’s not possible, she/he knows who they are and so to that person we say ‘Thank you for caring and standing with us in our activism for the just cause of Tibet’s national freedom!’

US Lawmakers Offer Platitudes That Fail The People Of Tibet

Graphic: via @tibettruth

An eight member delegation of the US Congress, headed by Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Dharamsala, India, the exiled base of the Tibetan Administration, to hold talks with the Dalai Lama and Doctor Lobsang Sangay the administration’s political leader.

They will be accorded considerable praise and gratitude as friends of Tibet, yet in truth their support is constrained to issues of human rights and culture, while this may be regarded as positive assistance it fails to address the just and historic right of Tibet’s people to national independence. The reason why Ms Pelosi and her Congressional colleagues are silent on that core subject is, that while appearing to be champions of the Tibetan cause, they are advocates of the US policy which recognizes Tibet as an integral part of China. This explains their carefully worded emphasis on cultural issues and human rights, to avoid any mention of Tibet’s status or reference to the struggle being waged inside Tibet.

It is not the Tibetan people, or their rightful determination for national liberation which is being supported by this delegation. Indeed their is something distasteful and disingenuous about these political dignitaries serving up such cynical platitudes, while across the mountains in Tibet a cause is being waged to demand (what these defenders of freedom are afraid to voice for fear of upsetting China and their own State Department), national freedom for Tibet!

Snow Leopard Trust Collaborates With Chinese Regime In Eradicating Tibet From The Map

Image: kinganimals

We see it so much, well meaning organizations choosing to collaborate with the Chinese regime. They try justifying such an ethically worrying association by arguing that without such cooperation their work would not be possible. Some go further implying that their noble objectives absolve them of moral accountability or ethical principles.

So on that line-of-reasoning they jump into bed with a tyranny. Which, as the world knows, inflicts the most brutal human rights violations against its own people. While violently oppressing Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria. But hey! The end justifies the means, right? If such complicity, for that it was it is, means they get to conduct conservation work on rare species such as the snow leopard then their decision to be fully compliant with the political demands of the Chinese authorities is justified. Right? Well not really!

Where’s the line drawn exactly? How far are organizations such as the Snow Leopard Trust (SNT) and Panthera Cats prepared to go in order to secure that precious travel visa or funded field trip to lands under the draconian grip of China?

Well clearly the SNT are happy to cooperate in wiping Tibet off of the world map! Just take a look at their published output on snow leopards and see how they describe those magnificent big cats as living ‘in China’s (so-called) Qinghai or Xinjiang Provinces’. Indeed on their website they announce: China is one of the most influential countries for our conservation efforts, as it contains as much as 60% of all snow leopard habitat areas.”

Now these are political and territorial fabrications, engineered to promote China’s bogus claims, over what in fact are Tibetan lands or the territory of East Turkistan. Re-branding such areas as Chinese provinces is a cynical deception, designed to to mislead people into regarding those locations as being legitimate part of China. In truth they are nations and cultures which have been invaded, occupied and ruthlessly oppressed by China.

That dark reality though doesn’t appear to bother those who value their non-governmental, environmental or conservation projects above principles of human rights or justice. As long as they get to do their research they don’t give a damn! This ethical-free attitude is reflected in a tweet received 4/25/17 by our colleagues @tibettruth from the Snow Leopard Trust in which they stated:

“We’re not experts on geopolitics. We’re experts on snow leopards. To them (and us) countries don’t matter much – only mountains do.”

So there you have it, a supposedly responsible and respected conservation organization is essentially saying: ‘screw Tibetans, their plight, or the harrowing excesses of China’s regime’, while ignoring its active collaboration in eradicating Tibet from the map!

Google Earth Wiping Tibet Off The World Map

Image: original photo NASA/amended for fair use & education by @tibettruth

Like all expansionist aggressors and colonizers China, having invaded then occupied lands such as Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria enforces policies upon those subject peoples, which seek to assimilate and eradicate cultural values and traditions. The native peoples of North America suffered such an assault, as did the Irish under British rule. Presently Tibetan children are being forced to learn Chinese, yet another example of this process, the aim being to Sinocize a generation and thus extinguish a sense of national identity.

The tyranny which conducts such a cultural genocide not only seeks to ensure a dilution and eventually extinction of a peoples tradition, history and language, but through force seeks to justify its claims over the territory it has invaded and occupied. After all the world must be convinced, and what more persuasive and relatively objective evidence is there than a map. The geography of the imperialist.

China has done just that during its illegal occupation of Tibet, indeed the communist regime even has a ‘Place-Names Committee’ which is tasked to engineer Chinese versions of all the settlements and natural features in areas under China’s control, which are then imposed. Tibetan place-names are disappearing fast across Tibet’s landscape, rivers, mountains and sacred sites are being re-branded as ‘Chinese’. Not only is this an demonstration of colonialism, but equally a key propaganda exercise to promote China’s bogus claims that Tibet is legitimate Chinese territory. In fact it is not at all, but the illusion of a map, complete with Chinese named locations and features has a power to convince, and that is the objective.

Image: print-screen Google Earth/Amended @tibettruth (double click for enlarged view)

We can of course expect little else from a totalitarian regime such as China’s, it has been redrawing the maps of lands it has invaded and promoting such deceptions for many years. What though are we to make of organizations which seemingly value human rights, freedom, and justice yet who are collaborating with China in assembling and promoting such cynical distortions? Enter Google Earth! 

As folks who follow our account across Twitter may have noted, recently we launched an awareness campaign to bring  attention to the troubling fact that Google Earth is wiping Tibetan place-names from its global maps. These are being replaced by Chinese versions, no doubt to the approval China’s regime, whose psychopaths must be delighted that their geographic disinformation is being promoted by the internet’s go to map resource.

We must presume that Google Earth has no ethical concerns about being complicit in a process that endorses colonialism and defines territorial legitimacy by military invasion and occupation. Or as in this case, based on the assertions of a regime which is not only erasing Tibet from the map, but also violently suppressing Tibetan culture and its people.

Image:Wiki-Media Commons

Well since Google Earth seem willing partners in publishing the geographic propaganda of the Chinese authorities we can expect that it will be amending its map of Arunachal Pradesh (part of India), which China has again recently claimed sovereignty over. Indeed China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs announced April 14 that its has renamed six locations in that region as; Wo’gyainling, Mila Ri, Qoidengarbo Ri, Mainquka, Bumo La and Namkapub Ri. Of course China makes the usual noise about this being about its ‘territorial sovereignty’, the truth is that the area in question traditionally, historically and ethnically was within the sphere of influence of Tibet! The claims issued by China are no more than a calculated fabrication, political machinations that seeks to expand its control. Not that such facts have troubled Google Earth who are peddling as geographic fact, the falsehoods and deceptions of China’s Ministry Of Disinformation.


Tibetan Self-Immolates in Kardze, Kham Region of Occupied Tibet

Still taken from video showing un-named Tibetan lying on the ground following self-immolation

Image: via Dossier Tibet

‘An unidentified Tibetan monk has self-immolated today in Karze, in the traditional Tibetan province of Kham. The Tibetan monk staged a self-immolation protest earlier this morning to challenge the communist regime. It further reported that local officials rushed to the scene and extinguished the flame some minutes into the protest.

The officials took charge of the charred body and carried away. No detailed information about the identity of the monk and whether he is alive or not is unavailable for now amid strict surveillance and heightened restrictions on information outflow.’ Source: Dossier Tibet

Tibettruth Awarded Place In List Of Best Activist Blogs On The Planet


What a very awesome way to start a Friday, our Blog’s made’s  list of top 75 sites for activism. Drawn from thousands of leading activist blogs across the internet, the shortlist is calculated from index using, search and social metrics. “These included; an analysis of Google reputation and search ranking, influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites,quality and consistency of posts, and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.”


It’s a real encouragement to be placed on this list and for everyone who makes our site such a prominent voice for the just cause of Tibet, a totally deserved recognition for the awesome behind-the-scenes work that is put towards researching, writing and editing information concerning Tibet and related issues.

Sincere thanks to for the report and acknowledging the activism, information and influence of