Amdo Tibetan In Self-Immolation Protest

A Tibetan, named in a Dossier Tibet report as  Sangyal Khar died on December 16 after self-immolating in protest at China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. His action took place outside a police station of China’s occupying regime  in Amchok, in Tibet’s eastern region of Amdo. According to the  latest information the Chinese authorities […]

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Tibetan Student Self-Immolates In Protest Of Chinese Occupation

Image:voa A Tibetan student from Tsoe City in Amdo region of occupied Tibet, self-immolated September 17 in protest of China’s illegal and violent rule in Tibet, the 22 year-old sacrificed himself outside Chinese security offices. According to a VOA bulletin: “His family who live in Drukdo village, Amchok township, were informed of their son’s self-immolation […]

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Shame Upon South Africa’s Government!

Image:20minutes Nelson Mandela was throughout his life exposed to the cynical vapors of politics, felt keenly within internal struggles, that occasionally struck the movement to overthrow Apartheid, or via the political necessities of government. His years as an activist, resistance fighter and eventually President made him acutely aware of expediency, corruption, sacrifice and  economic and […]

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China’s Tibetan Attack Dog Get’s New Collar

Image:filephotoreuters China’s regime announced today the appointment of Mr. Losang Gyaltsen aged fifty five, as it’s latest colonialist governor tasked with heading ongoing oppression of Tibetans, in the so-called Tibet Autonomous (sic) Region. Which western media wrongly describe as ‘Tibet’, in truth it comprises around a third only of historic, geographical and cultural Tibet. His […]

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