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China Targets Tibet’s New Year Celebrations With Security Lockdown

China Targets Tibet's New Year Celebrations With Security Lockdown

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

As Tibetans in occupied Tibet prepare to celebrate, as best as they can under the suffocating rule of China’s regime, Losar (Tibetan New Year) in a secure multi-story building in downtown Lhasa other plans are being made.

The brutal enforcers of Xi Jinping and the communist party of China attended yesterday an online conference to receive the latest dictates from party secretary Wu Yingjie. Chinese officials and Tibetan political stooges dutifully took copious notes as it was made clear that additional security measures were to be enforced for the duration of the festival.

For Tibetans this means tighter restrictions on travel, more Chinese paramilitary and checkpoints on the streets and additional surveillance of online activity and monitoring of phone calls.

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China Releases Loan Sharks To Feed Off Tibet

China Releases Loan Sharks To Feed Off Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

First it invaded and brutally occupied Tibet, destroying the Buddhist fabric of Tibetan society, enslaving the Tibetan people by installing an army of occupation. Then recently it imposed a high-tech surveillance system, including facial-recognition coverage that monitors and records every public location and movement. Not content with such oppression Tibetans are forced into concentration settlements, while Tibet’s children are brainwashed daily into regarding themselves as patriotic Chinese citizens.

Now China’s regime has unleashed another campaign designed to tighten its hold over each and every Tibetan household. Teams of loan-sharks from the Bank of China are targeting villages in Kongpo region of occupied Tibet supposedly offering ‘financial knowledge’. This initiative is of course not about information provision (nor evidence of personal prosperity) but seeks to bind Tibetan families with loans and debts, of course behind the scenes lurks the Chinese authorities who authorized this latest campaign.


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Tibetan Children Indoctrinated To Destroy Tibet’s Cultural And National Identity

Tibetan Children Indoctrinated To Destroy Tibet's Cultural And National Identity

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

The images posted here are from what’s described as a school in Metog, a small town within Tibet’s Kongpo region near the border with India. What they reveal is China’s program to Sinicize Tibetan children through political and cultural indoctrination.


Tibetan Children Indoctrinated To Destroy Tibet's Cultural And National Identity

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

The objective is to eradicate within the minds of these children any sense of Tibetan cultural and national identity, this is but one chilling aspect of China’s ‘solution for Tibet’. Nothing less than cultural genocide.



Tibet’s Monks Spend More Time Studying The Dictates Of Xi Jinping Than Practicing Buddhism

Tibet's Monks Spend More Time Studying The Dictates Of Xi Jinping Than Practicing Buddhism

Image: @tibettruth

If you were to play a word association game with Tibet as it’s subject one of the most popular first responses would be, Buddhism. Not surprising right? What a lot of folks may not realize however is that Tibet’s Buddhist traditions have been criminalized by the Chinese regime. Monasteries (or the scattered remains of the hundreds which once existed) now placed under the asphyxiating supervision of China’s communist authorities. Monks are forced to learn the ‘enlightened’ political doctrine of Xi Jinping, daily indoctrination sessions have relegated Buddhist practice. There is no mention of the Dalai Lama, the consequences are far too terrifying, his image once reverently displayed, replaced by photographs showing a smiling Chinese dictator.

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Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Image: original @_Roger_s_ augmented by @tibettruth

Our Twitter crew @tibettruth has received a couple of hours ago a communication from #blackhat_global #Op_Tibet #TheCreed Anonymous activists involved in covert operations against China’s regime.

In an action described as ‘Operation Warm Up’ Anonymous crashed some of the available 6,057 RDP Chinese targets, disabling large numbers of computers from connecting to networks, including those of the Chinese authorities.

This remarkable strike was launched in advance of what chatter across Twitter suggests will be further action on February 13, a date marking Tibetan Independence Day.

We’d like to thank all those who engineered and implemented this latest digital assault against Chinese targets, we are aware of the risks and sacrifices required to plan and launch such actions. That activists operating within  #blackhat_global  #Op_Tibet #TheCreed are prepared to take a stand in support of Tibet’s just cause  is a greatly welcomed expression of solidarity.




Tibet’s Culture Replaced By Chinese Propaganda Circus

Tibet's Culture Replaced By Chinese Propaganda Circus

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

Those seeking vacations to occupied Tibet are often attracted by the idea of a rich, ancient and exotic Buddhist culture.

Well this just in, that’s virtually dead, oppressed, eliminated and replaced with a fake version. One controlled and authorized by the Chinese regime.

The costumes, music and performances are all precisely assembled, like a military exercise. As evidenced by the painted smiles on the Tibetans it’s entirely cosmetic, designed to convince tourists and the wider world that Tibet’s culture is alive and well under Chinese rule.

It’s a distraction to conceal the reality that Tibet’s cultural identity is being steadily eradicated.