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8 thoughts on “Copyright”

  1. Dear Editor, Writers, Web Administrator,
    RTYC Toronto- Web Administrator (Palden Gompo) really appreciates the job at the TibetTruth. Its presentation, matters, analysis, collections and messages were marvelous. Thank You so much for all those selfless actions. We certainly have so many things to learn from you. You know I have subscribed to your Blogging and every time , you release new posts, I read them with great interest. It would be very helpful to guide our organisation’s blog , how you manage it with great impact, so that we can have greater campaigns across Canada. My email id is I intend to use your Indefinite-Hunger Strike photographs and relevant news. Please permit.
    Bhoe Gyallo
    Palden Gompo

  2. If one cannot share what we read in your blogs without getting written permission to inform friends and other people of the actual situation, then I feel your truth will stay hidden to most people. Also, once I have your permission to share an article, how do I know that the recipients will also ask for your permission before they redistribute?

    I do copy some of your articles and keep them in my history folder and sometimes share the information verbally rather than sharing it in writing.

    There are situations when I am conflicted. I am studying Chinese calligraphy and write meaningful poetry. My co-students are thoughtful and non-political. How do I open up this subject?

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for reaching out. We hear you on the matter raised. For a number of years our Blog operated open sharing of content and comments unfortunately on two occasions it was hijacked, in entirety, hacked and copied. Actions which were traced to locations inside China. This required a considerable effort to restore and secure. It was decided for the purposes of security and maintaining our online presence here to apply copyright protection and have moderated comments.

      As to engaging on the violent oppression against Tibet and its people without being ‘political’ that’s tough, a Tibetan colleague once commented that ‘even going to the bathroom is a political action’ There’s truth in that 🙂 Maybe you can focus on the erosion and replacement of Tibetan culture, which is a direct consequence of China invading and occupying Tibet. Good luck with your project

  3. Hi,
    We are from India, making feature video on Chinese mining in Tibet. Any images or footage help would be greatly appreciated.



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