Please note that written material and articles featured on this site (unless another attributed source) is the copyright of Tibettruth and may not be used, reproduced or incorporated into printed or electronic media (including websites, social sites, emails and blogs) without the written permission of Tibettruth. If you wish to feature any posts from Tibettruth kindly contact tibettruth@ymail.com

4 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Dear Editor, Writers, Web Administrator,
    RTYC Toronto- Web Administrator (Palden Gompo) really appreciates the job at the TibetTruth. Its presentation, matters, analysis, collections and messages were marvelous. Thank You so much for all those selfless actions. We certainly have so many things to learn from you. You know I have subscribed to your Blogging and every time , you release new posts, I read them with great interest. It would be very helpful to guide our organisation’s blog , how you manage it with great impact, so that we can have greater campaigns across Canada. My email id is paldengompo@hotmail.com. I intend to use your Indefinite-Hunger Strike photographs and relevant news. Please permit.
    Bhoe Gyallo
    Palden Gompo

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