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Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet’s Cause!

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!
Mr PenpaTsering, Leader of the Exiled Central Tibetan Administration

Image: Tibetan Review

We are hearing that the head of the exiled Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Mr Penpa Tsering has recently been publicly acknowledging a long known reality. That the dangerous concessions put forward by the CTA, to secure a negotiation with the Chinese regime, have failed. No news there then! Having made such a declaration, many Tibetans would naturally be asking ‘OK, we hear you on that, so what is the response to the ongoing rejection from China?’.

Unsurprisingly there was no follow-up from Mr Tsering. The door to negotiation, having been repeatedly and consistently slammed shut in the face of the CTA has not resulted in any political awakening. Instead a repeat cycle of delusion seems to be the default reaction. After all this failed strategy of seeking talks and understanding; from the regime which is eradicating Tibetan cultural and national identity, has been operating for decades. With essentially the same outcome. Clearly the CTA places no value on that definition of insanity as ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”.

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!
For decades China has dismissed appeals to negotiate on Tibet

Image: archivenet

So what can the exiled Tibetan Administration do differently that would produce a more positive result for its people?

To address that we first need to take account of a disturbing, cold and hard fact. That China’s asphyxiating grip, over every aspect of life in occupied Tibet, is of such a supreme and suffocating nature that it’s virtually impossible for Tibetans to dissent against the tyranny. The mass-protests and popular resistance, which rocked Tibet in the 1980/90s and during 2008, has little chance of returning.

This situation places upon exiled Tibetans an even greater responsibility to articulate, champion and campaign for the just cause of Tibet’s rightful national freedom. To do that effectively however requires a singularity of purpose. Equally importantly, a collective sense of unity and determination is essential. The role and resources of the Tibetan Administration, and it’s current leader, Penpa Tsering, is critical in creating, supporting, and encouraging such cohesion.

But that is not achieved by blindly applying an approach which clearly has proven to be unsuccessful. If anything, that course increases a sense of frustration and division within the wider Tibetan community, fostering disillusionment and a weary cynicism.

So with this latest silence, and emphatic indifference from China towards the appeals from the CTA ringing loudly, what alternative response should Penpa Tsering and the Kashag (governing cabinet) put into action?

Only A Unifying Alternative Can Restore Hope And Resolve To Tibet's Cause!

Image: archivenet

Firstly the exiled Tibetan Administration could issue a statement to the effect that; in light of China’s consistent refusal to enter into meaningful negotiations without preconditions, it is abandoning its policy of seeking talks. Until such time as there is a genuine demonstration by China of a willingness to enter discussions; in a neutral country with an independent third party as chair of such contact.

Additionally the CTA should make it known that, mindful of years of rejection from the Chinese regime, it is withdrawing the objective of seeking genuine autonomy. Replacing that with the goal of national freedom for Tibetans in all three traditional regions that constitute historic, cultural and geographic Tibet.

The application of such an alternative direction would send a clear message across the Tibetan Diaspora, while providing a central and unifying ambition, around which it would be possible to reinvigorate the Tibetan cause. Enabling a sharper and more concentrated focus, eliminating the disabling discord which erodes, stagnates and distracts efforts to operate a concerted campaign to represent forcefully, and with one voice, the condition and hopes-for-freedom of Tibetans suffering under Chinese occupation.

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It would also serve as a beacon of hope for Tibetans inside Tibet, seeing their exiled brothers and sisters firmly aligned with their secreted hopes for an independent Tibet, free at last from Chinese terrorism.

With Tibetan New Year (Losar) looming, a time to cast off negativity and drive away the ills of the previous year what more auspicious time is there for a direction that would attract hope and positivity?

If the core function and dedication of the Central Tibetan Administration is to stand in solidarity with and represent a future dreamed of by Tibet’s people, and their compatriots in exile, then it must awaken from its delusion that appeasing China will open the door to negotiations and instead choose a way which brings together all Tibetans, resolved and clear in their intention.

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Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Since the early days of Tibetans seeking refuge from the brutalities of China’s invasion and occupation of Tibet, health agencies, some affiliated to the United Nations, operating inside India ran a series of vaccination programs which sought to immunize thousands of Tibetans from various diseases. This was done with the approval and cooperation; of what was known then as the Tibetan Government in Exile, no doubt encouraged and persuaded by the Indian authorities. That has extended into the present period of Covid.

Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Photo: archivenet

Given the refugee circumstances applying to Tibetans and being a culture which had developed over many centuries its own traditional medicine and treatment the notion of injections, super-drugs applied by white-coated clinicians, was entirely alien.

But their exiled Government, and more importantly His Holiness the Dalai Lama, had been convinced of the wonders of western science; and with the genuine welfare of their fellow Tibetans in mind immunization projects were welcomed and approved.

Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Photo: archivenet

We wonder how many Tibetan children were incorporated into a polio program when Bill Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to infants under the age of five. “Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.”. Source: https://greatgameindia.com/bill-gates-agenda-in-india-exposed-by-robert-kennedy-jr/

However, unlike enshrined medical rights enjoyed by western citizens, such as informed consent, Tibetans were generally vaccinated and medicated without explanation, other than a compliance requested from a local Tibetan representative. On this basis Tibetan refugee schools and settlements were regularly singled out for vaccination programs. Whatever voices of dissent or concern were isolated, conformity and trust runs deep in Tibetan culture and if these projects had the endorsement of the exiled Tibetan authorities then that was sufficient to produce mass conformity.

Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Photo: Tibetan Health

On occasions this matter has entered discussion there have been questions, and rightly so. Were Tibetans, already in a vulnerable and disadvantaged condition as refugees, cynically exploited by western health agencies and their drug-manufacturing partners? Used as a testing population? What monitoring was conducted for health injury, if any? Why was no reporting procedure implemented or explained, that would allow Tibetans to log any health-harming ‘side-effects’?

It was though, some would argue a long time ago, such measures and protections only operated in the West, and certainly not in refugee settlements in India. Of course the health agencies involved had a duty-of-care and ethical obligations, did they apply them? A chapter of Tibetan exile history yes, but sadly one that’s being repeated. This time with an unlicensed, experimental, gene-modified drug; which since its implementation across the world, has already produced disturbing indications of serious risk-to-health.

Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Photo: archivenet

There is growing medical evidence of the harm resulting from Covid injections and the concerns are mounting, especially as rates of cardiac related illness and deaths are rising considerably. Serious, medically examined and academically supported information on this, and other damage-to- health, associated with this novel gene-therapy, is available online. Tibetan communities, be they in India Switzerland , the USA or elsewhere did not escape the draconian and dystopian response to this flu-variant virus. They were subjected to similar campaigns of fear-mongering, psychological grooming and social restrictions.

Photo: Tibet TV

Like other administrations, the exiled Tibetan authorities issued the same narrative of mask-wearing, isolation measures and with the partnership of India, launched a ‘vaccination’ program. On March 7, 2021 the Dalai Lama, it was reported, enrolled himself to be ‘vaccinated’ and the Oxford Astra-Zeneca drug was administered. From the moment images of that event appeared across broadcast, online and print-media any possible hesitancy felt by a n exiled Tibetan would dissolve away.

There could be no question, after all their spiritual and cultural leader approved; “This is very, very helpful, very good” Source: BBC News March 7 2021

Yet similar questions ,which retrospectively haunt the mass vaccination of Tibetan refugees in the 1960s and 70s, apply in the present situation. Even more so given the entirely experimental nature of these genetically modified drugs, and mindful that not insignificant numbers of people have suffered health injury associated with these ‘vaccines’.

Were Tibetans fully informed of the experimental nature of these vaccines, prior to agreeing receiving them? Was it explained to them that they can pose a number of not inconsiderable health risks? Was a procedure of reporting health-injury following vaccination explained and put-in-place for Tibetans in cases needed? Was it made entirely clear that before agreeing to receiving a vaccination the risks to health required to be explained? Lastly what health-monitoring has either the exiled Tibetan Administration, or Indian authorities implemented to assess, record and respond to health-damage post vaccinations?

Are Covid Injections Causing Harm To Exiled Tibetans?

Photo: Screen Grab/Israel National News

It is likely the answer to those key concerns, will; as applying to citizens in the USA, Europe and elsewhere, be no!

That being the case, it may well be that, as in all populations who have taken these ‘vaccines’, there will be a proportion of Tibetans who have suffered serious illness as a consequence. Given the nature of exiled Tibetan society and aspects of its culture such events are possibly not being submitted, equally there could be no reporting option in place. Then there could simply be an ignorance at work, no knowledge of the damage these drugs can inflict.

Whatever the facts it is essential, at the very least, that any Tibetan whose health has been reduced and harmed following ‘vaccination’ should be offered immediate medical support. Meanwhile, having advocated and promoted across Tibetan communities, that these ‘vaccines’ should be taken, the exiled Tibetan Administration has a responsibility to examine and determine the extent and nature of such injury.

Without such investigation, simply relying upon the assurances of the Indian medical authorities, or claims of vaccine manufacturers will leave Tibetans exposed to a dangerous harm that cannot be reversed.

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Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate Against China’s Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate Against China's Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

As Chinese rule inside occupied Tibet continues to eradicate Tibetan cultural and national identity reports have emerged this week of two more self-immolations. One took place in Eastern Tibet’s Kyegudo area of Kham region and Nagba, Amdo. Details have not been definitively confirmed, but the men involved were named as Tsering Samdup and 80 year-old Tashi Phunstok, who is said to have died as a result of the injuries.

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Anonymous Issues Statement On Mass-Detention Of Kham Tibetans

With news the past few days of Tibetans in the area of Kardze in Kham region of Tibet being subjected to mass arrests we are reminded that the tyranny waged against Tibet is ongoing. It never stopped of course, but in situ reports have been difficult to come by, as the Chinese regime tightens its military and mass-surveillance grip over Tibetans. This latest incident would never have emerged were it not for the incredible bravery of local people, who put their lives and liberty at genuine risk to leak information.

It is therefore very encouraging and heart-warming to note the response of Anonymous activists ‘Operation Tibet’ who today published a statement on this latest abuse and denial of freedom for Tibetans.

As always we applaud those taking part in such action, your active support for Tibet is deeply appreciated and very welcomed, especially in a world which is increasingly indifferent towards the plight of Tibetans. Thanks to @tibettruth for news on this and to @AnonymousTibet for sharing the video link.