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What Really Will A Future US President Say About China’s Plastic ‘Dalai Lama’?

What Really Will A Future US President Say About China's Plastic 'Dalai Lama'?
Image: @tibettruth/alicdn

Recent declarations signed by outgoing President Trump supporting the Tibetan tradition of selecting the Dalai Lama and demanding non-interference in that process have no doubt offered comfort and encouragement within the exiled Tibetan community. Political solidarity however has its shelf-life, and changes or is abandoned according to events of economics and politics.

With that in mind, as China’s regime is covertly engineering a plastic figure to propose as the rightful next Dalai Lama, we wonder what response will be forthcoming from future US Administrations and the State Department when faced with the following inevitability.

Having carefully constructed its bogus Dalai Lama every effort will be made to exploit this creation for political and propaganda purposes. For example we envisage the plastic figure will be sent on global tours spreading its message of ‘harmony’ and ‘good will’. A key destination for such orchestrated deception will of course be the USA.

So what will the reaction be from US authorities to a request from the Chinese regime that every diplomatic courtesy and support is extended to its plastic representative? Would the Secretary of State decline a meeting with this polymer puppet and declare support and recognition only to that Dalai Lama chosen by exiled Tibetans in accord with genuine tradition?

Or would the ever-present pressure of trade with China reassert itself? These are sobering questions that need to be raised as a reality-check against the integrity and motives of a US political establishment. Which since 1972 has betrayed the just cause of Tibet’s people for national freedom.

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All Lives Matter But Not That China Gives A Damn!

All Lives Matter But Not That China Gives A Damn!

Image: archivenet

As the US continues to see protests against the police killing of George Floyd in China this appalling event is being cynically exploited for purposes of political propaganda.

Claiming double-standards on America’s criticisms of the increasing oppression in Hong Kong, the Chinese ministry of disinformation has been pointing fingers at the US authorities claiming they’ve no right to ‘interfere’ on Hong Kong while African-American citizens are being murdered by cops and protesters suppressed with force.

If ever further proof of how duplicitous and hypocritical the Chinese regime is then this latest response is just that. No one is going to be fooled by this fabricated ‘concern’ for the plight of Black Americans. From a regime that has for decades murdered, brutalized, sterilized, terrorized and traumatized the people of occupied Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria.

China trumpeting on about human rights and spewing false sympathy for the ongoing injustice, oppression and marginalization suffered by America’s black community is a calculated and heartless deception.

It’s like Jack-the-Ripper posting a letter to the London Times condemning the murder of prostitutes!

All oppression of human rights and the violent denial of civil freedoms demands to be exposed and challenged, but no one can take seriously the posturing of the Chinese regime.

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China’s Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

China's Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

So yesterday Chinese media reported a person in occupied Tibet had contracted the flu-variant known as Corona Virus, the individual we are told showed no serious illness and is seemingly in a stable condition. What’s not so secure however is the Chinese regime. This largely mild infection has put the oppressors of Tibet into panic mode.

Paranoid of public reaction in China itself, with the nightmare vision of social unrest and dissent, Xi Jinping and his psychopathic dictatorship are posing as patriotic defenders of the state. Indeed the public narrative is about winning a war. Those of a more skeptical disposition could be forgiven on regarding this as an exercise in mass propaganda. To a considerable degree it is just that. Sure there’s a public health need towards a virus which thus far appears relatively mild, but make no mistake China’s government is also exploiting the situation for political purposes.

Bombarding Tibetan homes with 24/7 propaganda reportage on this virus, instilling a sense of fear and uncertainty while presenting itself as a trusted and reliable savior is just another psy-op being waged against the people of occupied Tibet.


Tibet’s Culture Replaced By Chinese Propaganda Circus

Tibet's Culture Replaced By Chinese Propaganda Circus

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

Those seeking vacations to occupied Tibet are often attracted by the idea of a rich, ancient and exotic Buddhist culture.

Well this just in, that’s virtually dead, oppressed, eliminated and replaced with a fake version. One controlled and authorized by the Chinese regime.

The costumes, music and performances are all precisely assembled, like a military exercise. As evidenced by the painted smiles on the Tibetans it’s entirely cosmetic, designed to convince tourists and the wider world that Tibet’s culture is alive and well under Chinese rule.

It’s a distraction to conceal the reality that Tibet’s cultural identity is being steadily eradicated.

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Chinese Fanatics Promoting Extremist Dogma Across Occupied Tibet

Chinese Fanatics Promoting Extremist Dogma Across Occupied Tibet
Chinese Fanatics Promoting Extremist Dogma Across Occupied Tibet

Image: @tibettruth

As temperatures drop across occupied Tibet with the onset of Winter Tibetan hearts are no doubt warmed by the opportunity to read the constitution of their Chinese regime oppressors. Teams of propagandists have been active again on the streets of Lhasa pushing the extremist ideology of China’s communist party. Of course the only rights it defends are those that maintain the power and position of Xi Jinping and his political sycophants, the individual is entirely subservient to the dictates of the state. There is compliance or prison, a reality Tibetans have suffered since their land was invaded and placed under military occupation in 1950.

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What’s On TV In Tibet Today?

What's On TV In Tibet Today?

Image: Chinese Occupying Regime In Tibet

Lhasa: November 14, 2019: The relentless indoctrination of Tibetan children by the Chinese regime continues. Today in Lhasa students were marched into a theater, provided with the flag of China, others had it face-painted and  then seated in anticipation of a propaganda show.

What's On TV In Tibet Today?

Image: Chinese Occupying Regime In Tibet

The story, is of course a political fiction, created by China’s ministry of disinformation, a toxic fantasy that replaces authentic Tibetan history with a calculated lie showing Tibetans under the oppressive yoke of an elite and uncaring aristocratic elite. In this scene Tibetans having been supposedly enlightened by Maxist-Lenenist doctrine, courtesy of those helpful invading (oops, liberating) Chinese troops decide to resist the oppression of their rulers.

What's On TV In Tibet Today?

Image: Chinese Occupying Regime In Tibet

That the account is a fabrication while known to the Chinese regime is of no importance, the key objective is to employ the methodology of the Nazi’s ‘Big Lie’ which was that repetition over time would transform a falsehood into a truth. Given that these Tibetan children probably have little knowledge of the actual events regarding the invasion of Tibet or the condition of Tibetans prior to occupation by Chinese forces, the story presented to them is engineered to implant a false history and inculcate obedience and loyalty to the regime.

What's On TV In Tibet Today?

Image: Chinese Occupying Regime In Tibet

The merciless Tibetan aristocrat having been overthrown, the show concludes with scenes of gratitude and harmony, as China’s heroic liberators of Tibet are served tea and praised. The concoction having reached its close, the cast assemble to lead the audience with a rousing song in praise of China’s communist party and its glorious leader, Xi Jinping. Welcome to television in occupied Tibet!


Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet

Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet
Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet

Image: newscn/corrected by @tibettruth

Are you persuaded by the stream of images released across social media and the internet showing Tibetans in various happy poses, framed in a context of contented modernity? Well the Chinese regime sure hopes so, as it wages a 24/7 psy-op to win your attention and lead you to conclude that Tibet is thriving and developing under China’s occupation. Yet everything is not as it seems in such staged shows of happiness. As indicated in the image above, behind the faked-smiles and flag waving lies the ever present hand of Chinese tyranny.

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Fashion Brands Collaborating With Torturers Of Tibet

Fashion Brands Collaborating With Torturers Of Tibet
Leading fashion brands in staged fashion (propaganda) show in Lhasa, occupied Tibet, September 3, 2019

Image: palennyima/chinadaily

On Tuesday, September 3 the Chinese regime authorized in Lhasa, occupied Tibet what was reported to be an ‘international fashion show’. There are many such events promoted by China’s propagandist outlets, across social media and the internet.

It’s a clever deception targeting a western audience, a cynical psy-op to mislead and distract from the traumatizing reality of Chinese rule in Tibet. Fashion, after all, is considered a form of high culture, a beauteous design reflecting modernity. To stage such shows in Tibet offers the oppressors and torturers of the Tibetan people an opportunity to cement in the perception of an occidental mind the notion that China has brought positive development and economic progress.

It also provides the vultures of commerce a chance to profit, which no doubt explains why the following fashion brands were actively involved in the Lhasa event: Chopard, Max Mara, Lane Crawford, Dazzle, Ports 1961, Brunello Cuccinelli, Mikimoto, Mr & Mrs Italy

Image: @tibettruth

Yet as their designers, costumers, cosmetic artists, hair stylists and photographers assembled in Lhasa what consideration was given to the condition and suffering Tibetans beyond the show’s security perimeter?

Of course we know the answer, right? A willing collaboration with the Chinese authorities reveals a cold indifference to the misery, injustice, tyranny and torture inflicted upon Tibetans, beyond the four-star venue and hotels which accommodated these companies.

Next time you go to the mall, keep an eye open for products from those fashion brands and ask yourself if anyone supporting freedom and human rights would in all conscience be comfortable with buying any of their products?

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China’s Psyop War Against Tibet

China's Psyop War Against Tibet

Reports from occupied Tibet this week reveal the ongoing assault against Tibetan culture, a number of images showing Tibetan infants being militarized at a local propaganda event aimed at glorifying the Chinese regime’s military. These are of course the very same forces which violently oppress the Tibetan people, in a drive to indoctrinate Tibet’s children they are also deployed as brainwashing units. Holding up China’s occupying army as heroes and ‘protectors of the people’.

Meanwhile in Lhasa on May 15 Chinese surveillance personnel and propagandists were pumping out the latest edicts from the Chinese regime as part of the relentless psyop against Tibetans.

China's Psyop War Against Tibet