Chinese ‘Journalist’ Assaults A UK Organizer At Conservative Political Conference.

Image: busnessinsider

The English Conservative party annual conference, which lauched September 30, is expected to be a bumpy affair, dominated by fractious debates on Brexit. Away however from the infighting and nationalistic posturing on leaving the European Union another nasty mess spoiled the gathering. A female Chinese national, seemingly representing CCTV began haranguing speakers at a fringe event that was discussing issues of freedom and human rights in Hong Kong. One of the organizers of the meeting was assaulted by the woman, who was taken away by the police. Meanwhile demands have been made in Chinese media that the ‘Human Rights Committee of UK Conservative Party’ “should stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs. The organizer of fringe event should apologize to the Chinese journalist.” SOURCE

Will Theresa May and her Conservative colleagues offer such an apology? You betcha, but it will be done behind closed doors! Will the Chinese ‘journalist’ be charged by police with assault? No way! Such is the level of appeasement towards China, a market of increasing dominance within the UK. especially as its political establishment contemplates the economic consequences of withdrawal from the EU!

Go Tibet! National Soccer Team’s CONIFA World-Cup Matches Announced


Image: Tibetan National Football

Organizers of the CONIFA World Cup 2018 have announced details of first round matches to be played by the Tibetan national soccer team. The first match will be against Abkhazia at 12.00 PM May 31st, the game will be played at the home of English side, Enfield Town FC.


The same venue hosts their next match as Tibet play Northern Cyprus, this takes place at 5 PM June 2.


Tickets can be purchased online

Tibet’s National Soccer Team In Group 2 For CONIFA 2018 World Cup


The Tibetan national soccer team have been drawn into Group 2 of the 2018 CONIFA World Cup, being held in the UK May 31 to June 10. In this qualifying round Tibet will be playing against Arkhazia, Northern Cyprus, and Felvidek.

To learn more about Tibet’s soccer players go see



We hope all friends and supporters of Tibet will be rooting for the Tibetan side during the competition.

Wishing All Friends Of Tibet’s Just Cause A Happy New Year


In 1950 Chinese troops launched their major invasion of Tibet, since then Tibetans have become enslaved, oppressed and terrorized by China’s regime. Brutally denied human rights and their cultural and national freedom.

As 2018 begins everyone working towards our activism on Tibet will be making sure during the coming year that the just and true cause of Tibet is given maximum support.

In that effort no doubt we shall again be extended your amazing solidarity and generosity, we remain deeply humbled and appreciative of the help so kindly given.

Work with us, share our information across social media, follow our team on Twitter, get involved with online campaigns. If you are able, please make a donation. Any and all support you offer is a major assist.

Wishing a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to all our friends and subscribers.