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Tibettruth Awarded Place In List Of Best Activist Blogs On The Planet

Image: feedspot.com

What a very awesome way to start a Friday, our Blog’s made Feedspot.com’s  list of top 75 sites for activism. Drawn from thousands of leading activist blogs across the internet, the shortlist is calculated from index using, search and social metrics. “These included; an analysis of Google reputation and search ranking, influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites,quality and consistency of posts, and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.”

Image: feedspot.com

It’s a real encouragement to be placed on this list and for everyone who makes our site such a prominent voice for the just cause of Tibet, a totally deserved recognition for the awesome behind-the-scenes work that is put towards researching, writing and editing information concerning Tibet and related issues.

Sincere thanks to http://blog.feedspot.com/activist_blogs/ for the report and acknowledging the activism, information and influence of https://tibettruth.com