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Tibetan Mother Self-Immolates In Protest Against Chinese Rule In Tibet

The Voice of Tibet website is reporting another Tibetan in a self-immolation protest against Chinese rule in Tibet.

Sonam Tso Self-Immolated Against Chinese Rule In Tibet


The woman, named as Sonam Tso and said to be aged about 50 years reportedly self-immolated earlier today in Ngaba, Amdo region of Tibet.

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Showing Compassion In Tibet Now A Crime Of Murder!

Original photo via tchrd/graphic from @tibettruth

In another political show trial China’s regime has revealed its contempt for genuine justice and charged November 3 a number of Tibetans in Ngaba region of Amdo, eastern Tibet with murder. It would appear that displaying compassion and support to anyone who sacrifices themselves for the freedom of Tibet is regarded as a criminal act! Details of the case have been released by the exiled Tibetan organization Gu Chu Sum and may be read on may be read on Dossier Tibet’s site

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Tibetan Student Self-Immolates In Protest Of Chinese Occupation

Lhamo Tashi Offered His Life To Protest China's Illegal & Violent Occupation Of Tibet
Lhamo Tashi Offered His Life To Protest China’s Illegal & Violent Occupation Of Tibet


A Tibetan student from Tsoe City in Amdo region of occupied Tibet, self-immolated September 17 in protest of China’s illegal and violent rule in Tibet, the 22 year-old sacrificed himself outside Chinese security offices.

According to a VOA bulletin: “His family who live in Drukdo village, Amchok township, were informed of their son’s self-immolation by the security police who told them that he had died. However when family members traveled to Tsoe the next day and requested that their son’s body be given to them, the police told them that Tashi had been cremated already and then gave the family a some ash which they told the family were that of their son. Lhamo Tashi’s father is Chopa Tsering and his mother’s name is Dhukar Tso.”


Eds Note: Appreciation to RTYC Delhi for sharing information on this brave Tibetan’s action

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International Cyclists Taken For A Propaganda Ride By China’s Regime

Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet
Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet

Image: amore & vita-selle smp/facebook

Is the quest for sporting glory and achievement possessed of sufficient honor and integrity to absolve an individual from having any accountability to principles of human rights and the values of freedom?

It’s a question we are placing before Mr Mattia Gavazzi and the cycling team of Amore and Vita-Selle Smp who this month took part in a cycling event in so-called Qinghai Province, China, which in reality is formed mostly of Amdo Region in occupied Tibet.

We are appealing to Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling colleagues to reassess their participation in that race, and would advise that while he may gain success and elation cycling in what is a propaganda event authorized and backed by the Chinese regime, the Tibetan people continuously suffer the most appalling oppression and injustice.

We request  Amore and Vita-Selle Smp to show solidarity with Tibet, human rights and freedom for people and reconsider any future involvement in this event. Surely this Ukrainian linked cycling team is aware of the freedom struggle to realize Ukraine’s nationhood? How would it have felt towards a race being held, organized and endorsed by the Soviet Regime in which Ukraine was described as being within Russia, while away from the cameras people were being oppressed and tortured?!

Anyone wishing to express their support on this appeal may contact Amore and Vita-Selle Smp via:




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More Self-Immolations Against Chinese Rule In Tibet

Confirmed accounts of today’s self-immolation protest against China’s illegal and violent rule of Tibet have now reported two separate incidents, both in Eastern Tibet’s Amdo region. According to Dossier Tibet “One was a monk from the Kirti Temple in Amdo Ngaba (Editor’s Note: named in other report as Mr Khechok Palden) , the other was a monk from Amdo Tsekhog” More Details Here

Below a Tibetan named as Mr Khechok Palden engulfed himself in flames near  Amdo Kirti monastery, in Eastern Tibet’s Amdo region approximately 11.30 am local time.

image: via rtycrohini/teamrangzen

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Self-Immolation Protest Flares Again In Amdo Region

An earlier report has now been confirmed of another self-immolation by a Tibetan protesting China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet.

“Phagmo Samdrub, 29, set himself ablaze at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday near the Panchen Day School in Dokarmo township in Tsekhog county.Samdrub had been taken away by Chinese authorities.By the early hours of Thursday, Chinese forces had tightened security in Tsekhog and nearby Rebgong county, the scene of several earlier self-immolation protests.Communication channels have been restricted in areas around Tsekhog and no further details are available.”

Grateful thanks to DossierTibet