Apple’s Core Values Drive Appeasement Of China’s Regime

Apple's Core Values Drive Appeasement Of China's Regime
Apple’s Core Values Drive Appeasement Of China’s Regime

Image: archivenet

The decision by Apple to once again appease China and,  pull from sale an app which the Chinese regime objected to on the grounds it enabled Hong Kong’s protesters to view location and movement of local police units, reveals its core values. The corporation cares little about human rights or freedom, its entire structure is dedicated to profit, at any cost it would appear. Including grovelling to dictatorships such as Xi Jinping’s regime to maintain its market position within China. This action by Apple places them even more firmly on the side of the oppressor. Moreover in denying the people of Hong Kong a resource to monitor what is an increasingly violent and brutal police force it is enabling and empowering the enemies of free-speech, public assembly and the right to dissent.

TikTok The Video Sharing App Censoring Mention Of Tibet

TikTok The Video Sharing App Censorsing Mention Of Tibet

Image: courtesy of @tibettruth

There’s many simple actions to be taken in support of Tibet’s cause for national freedom and human rights, here’s one right here. Don’t use the TikTok app on your device, as the Chinese company is in bed with China’s regime in banning mention of Tibet. Any references are censored, as are subjects such as the 1989 slaughter at Tiananmen Square or ongoing persecution of Uyghurs. Don’t choose the censors, boycott this app and let your friends and family know.

Chinese Regime’s Latest App Eroding Tibet’s Language

Chinese Regime's Latest App Eroding Tibet's Language

Image: courtesy of @tibettruth

They invade your country, through a military occupation enforce a tyranny which targets your culture, while administering a policy of mass-population transfer. Clearly your cultural identity is under threat. But hey no worries because the very same regime which has engineered such an assault, and forced your language onto the brink, announces it’s releasing a cell phone app to encourage and maintain your mother tongue. Time to party? A sign that your oppressor really does respect the traditions and language of your people? Or yet another calculated sleight-of-hand, disinformation to deceive and deflect international criticism and concern?

The Chinese propaganda mouthpiece, the Global Times, reports today that so-called ‘Tibet regional government (sic)’ is to release a mobile app which it claims will support and encourage the learning of Tibetan. Which is rather like a drunk driver responsible for serious freeway casualties declaring that he has a bandaid!

Tibet’s language has long been a target of the Chinese regime, which has been implementing policies to erode and dilute Tibetan cultural and national identity. Apart from enforcing the teaching of Chinese upon Tibetan children it is also debasing the Tibetan language by manipulating and corroding the Tibetan vocabulary by introducing and promoting with words and expressions derived from Mandarin.