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Help Us Buy A Back-Up Computer For Our Tibet Activism

Help Us Buy A Back-Up Computer For Our Tibet Activism

We need $800 to invest in a back-up computer that will support the work we do on the cause of Tibetan national freedom, and our researches and exposure of the abuses and tyranny of China’s regime. But before we dive into that a little background is required.

In March we issued an appeal following the burn-out of a couple of laptops. The timing could not have been worse, the lock-down had just kicked in and our internet access was hit further by libraries being closed for weeks. This had a major impact on our digital work for Tibet and we had to borrow resources from friends to ensure our online activism.

What was a short-term solution has extended up to the present and we are extremely grateful to those good folk who stepped up to help. But while it’s been an amazing kindness it would be better for us to rebuild our computing resources and enable an added layer of protection against any future circumstances. This would allow our work to continue, without the disruptions and inconveniences we’ve had during the past months.

There has been some progress, we’ve acquired a new laptop that’s kept us online, this was funded in part from the wonderful donations we received from our friends and patrons. However, while this has been a excellent resource, we clearly need to restructure and with that in mind we’re hoping, with your help, to invest in a back-up computer.

Having looked into this we’ve chosen upon a mini-system, that would have all the capacity and computing power needed for our purposes, yet be extremely portable (a major assist). As well as featuring a high level of security and reliability. The configuration we’re choosing for a Linux installed system would give us the required processors and memory to meet all the tasks we carry out on a daily basis. Here’s the computer we’re hoping to secure:

But you would be right to ask, why it is that we need to ask you for help? Well it’s simply this, unlike other Tibetan campaigning organizations we’re entirely based on volunteers and we are non-profit. We don’t charge for membership, receive grants and awards, nor are we being paid for our activism. It’s not a job for us, but a dedication and commitment

Digging into the customized specs of this computer, that would match the demands of our digital activism, the cost would be $800. That’s our goal.

If you would like to help us to purchase what would be a totally invaluable asset towards our efforts in support of the Tibetan cause then donations can be made simply and directly via our online PayPal link. Which is:

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Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

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Firstly, apologies to friends and subscribers who may have noticed our online absence recently. This has been caused by two laptops used for editing the site and social media actions crashing and becoming inoperable.

This has meant using community libraries, but with the hysteria surrounding the current flu-virus that alternative has been shut-down.

Right now this post has been possible via a friend’s kindness, but we sorely need to get a replacement and wondered if those who support our activism for Tibet would consider making a donation towards our goal of buying a  Dell 15 Inspiron 7000 .

Our blog is not usually a chosen platform for such a request, however to restore unrestricted online operations we need ASAP support towards our very limited funds. Which is why we’ve decided to make this post in the hope you may kindly consider donating towards our goal of $1000, that would enable us to invest in a new laptop.

If you can help us please visit our dedicated Paypal donations link: