UN Women Offer Cold Shoulder To Those Forcibly Sterilized By China’s Regime

Image: digital vandalism courtesy of @tibettruth

We have eyes and ears on site at the 63rd Session of the UNCSW in New York City and at the end if the first week the reports are not good. The subject of forced sterilizations, especially those which form part of China’s population control program is off the table. Anyone who has followed our activism and reportage over the years on this gathering of the ‘concerned international sisterhood’ will know that there’s a taboo administered by UN Women and its associated NGOs on criticizing China’s regime and its mass campaigns of forcibly sterilizing women.

While participants are engaged in articulate and impassioned discussions on a range of concerns; equality, gender-based violence, economic empowerment and female genital mutilation being prominent. The plight of their sisters suffering forced sterilizations has again been given the cold shoulder. Not a politically correct issue for those who describe themselves as defenders of women’s rights!

Keeping Silent Is Not An Option


For over six decades Tibetans have suffered such atrocities and worse as a result of China’s illegal occupation of Tibet, as you take-in the image above China’s psychopathic paramilitary are laying siege to Tibetan towns and monasteries, threatening with such torture, any who dare to protest  The nature and scale of oppression, violence and suffering forced upon the Tibetan people is described most accurately as genocidal. Along with mass colonization and a program of forcible sterilizations, that has traumatized countless numbers of Tibetan women, such atrocities form what is ‘Final Solution’ that seeks to dilute, torture and assimilate Tibetan culture into oblivion.

China’s tyrannical violations have been known to western Governments and the United Nations for many years, it is time that such parties went beyond the usual platitudes and hand-wringing sympathy by holding the government of China accountable for the horrendous crimes it has committed against Tibet and its people.