Santa Held To Ransom By Boycott China Militia!


We have got bad news for girls and boys around the world who maybe counting down the days to December 25 a previously unknown militia calling themselves Screw China Brigade have released a press statement today declaring that they have kidnapped Santa. The communique features a number of demands, including the following threat:

“Unless parents exercise caution and awareness in buying presents this Season and ensure they do not purchase products Made in China then Santa’s ability to deliver any gifts shall be seriously placed at risk.It’s your call people!” SCB November 25

In light of the gravity of this situation and to avoid trauma being inflicted to families we support the initiative calling for a boycott of goods made in China and advise our friends to support this action by avoiding Chinese products this forthcoming holiday season.

Let’s work together to release Santa by:

Pledging Not To Buy ‘Made In China’ Online

Print, Post & Share Our ‘Boycott China’ Poster

Try to buy only goods manufactured in the USA, there are a number of recommended sources online including: