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Indian Police’s Reckless Behavior Injures Tibetan Activists

Tibetan Hunger Strikers In Police Van
That Could Have Cost Them Their Lives


Seemingly not content with the oppression of peaceful protest and enforcing a censorship designed to appease China, the Indian authorities’ decision to close a legitimate and just hunger strike, to expose China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet, nearly cost the lives of the three Tibetan activists currently under arrest in New Delhi by Indian police, who we understand are continuing their hunger-strike in Tihar jail.

“New Delhi, 5th Sept, 2012–Day 3 of the Indefinite hunger strike bears even more peril for our three hunger strikers as late last night they were taken to Tihar jail where the authorities did not accept to have them there and sent them back to the Tuqhlaq Police station at 2.30am.

The bus ride which took them back to the police station turned out to be a nightmare resulting in incident where the three protestors were seriously injured. Dhondup Lhadar, TYC’s VP, one of the hunger strikers, had two of his teeth knocked out of its foundation, his mouth and tongue were cut badly causing massive bleeding. His hands and legs were also injured badly from the ride. Penpa Tsering, Organizational Secretary of TYC, also participating in the indefinite hunger strike, injured his nose and lost a lot of blood. He also got effected in his hands and feet, due to the dangerous behaviour of the driver. Jigme Sholpa, Cultural Secretary of TYC, also one of the three hunger strikers, was hurt in his hands and legs. The Police authorities, inspite of being aware of the incident of the bus ride and the accident, ignored the injured state of those who were in their custody and did not even provide any medical help.

At around 12.30pm in the afternoon, some of the TYC members and supporters took the hunger strikers to the hospital for medical check up and to get them proper treatment. The doctor diagnosed the condition of the three men and offered to give them the required treatment but all of them decided not to go with it. They believed that the injections and the IVs being inserted into their bodies would hamper with their oath to not intake any food until the demands and appeals have been met. They simply left the hospital in the same condition they came in.

At around the same time, Tenzing Norsang, Joint Secretary of TYC, held a press conference in their regional office of Majnu ka Tilla, Tibetan colony in New Delhi. He briefed the media about the events of the previous night and explained the situation to them in detail. He shared that they were hurt and disappointed with the way the Indian government and the authorities have treated them ending up by causing physical injury to the hunger strikers. TYC declared that they are not going to stop their activities, however worse the situation turns. They will continue with the hunger strike until they achieve what they had set out to do. This was followed by a Question and Answer session with the media. All the TYC members and supporters along with the hunger strikers, went to the Court of Magistrate on Parliament street to update them with what had transpired the previous night and were sent to Tihar Jail around 3.20 PM.” Report courtesy of Tibetan Youth Congress 

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Urgent: Needed! Your Support For Tibetan Hunger Strike

In a shameful display of craven appeasement towards China’s regime the Indian authorities closed down the peaceful Tibetan hunger-strike, which has earlier today started in New Delhi. The protest which was organized by the Tibetan Youth Congress sought to highlight the suffering of Tibet’s people surviving under China’s brutal and illegal occupation. Sadly it appears the government of India regards economic and political relations with China’s bloody regime as taking precedence over the basic human rights of freedom of expression and peaceful dissent.

We are asking our subscribers and visitors to our Blog to kindly consider emailing their concerns at this development and call upon the Indian authorities to reinstate the Tibetan hunger-strike by emailing the relevant Indian mission in your county.Some are listed below (grateful thanks to @tibettruth for the info)

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Aiding Tibetans-Aiding China’s Regime?


A recent exchange with one of our @tibettruth Twitter colleagues and fellow supporter of Tibet has raised an issue which we feel it important to outline our position on. It relates to the subject of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that run projects inside occupied Tibet, some of which extend limited medical or other support to remote Tibetan communities. We can entirely understand how anyone seeing images of such work would consider  those actions as a valuable humanitarian service. We also respect the motivation of individuals who provide relief to Tibetans, yet in addition to acknowledging such positive support we have questions, based upon ethics and the political reality of China’s tyrannical occupation of Tibet. Our concerns are founded upon the following points:

1). It is well known that the virtual majority of Tibetans live under a genocidal occupation, violently denied  political, cultural or religious freedoms, against this background what projects that do operate benefit a relative handful of Tibetans, who receive limited ‘support’. We consider genuine development should be for the advantage of all Tibetans, funded, organized and enjoyed by Tibetans themselves, in which Tibet’s people have the political and economic independence to determine the nature and administration of aid projects. Unfortunately the  reality is that under China’s totalitarian occupation of Tibet that’s not likely to happen, while it is for political and propaganda purposes tolerant of isolated foreign NGO projects over which China exerts a stranglehold.

2) Apart from such considerations there are questions relating to how China manipulates and controls such NGO’s for the purposes of dis-information. This can be seen via the propaganda illusion such projects present upon their websites, it is sadly all too common to see organizations filling their commentary, with terminology that meets the dictatorial approval of China’s regime. So it is that we find NGOs describing what are in truth Tibetan regions, as Chinese provinces, or avoiding any political reference by using the term ‘plateau’, a loaded term much favored by China’s propagandists. These distortions are subsequently consumed across the Internet by many who have no knowledge of Tibet or its condition and so China’s cynical deceit is promulgated and many seriously misinformed.

3) There is also the subject of omission by such NGOs, who through having to collaborate with China’s regime, find themselves imprisoned by a self-inflicted censorship, they dare not touch upon any issues of sensitivity to China, which include human rights and the thorny issue of Tibetan independence and resistance to China’s rule. The result is somewhat sanitized accounts, that carefully avoid any reference to the odious realities of life for Tibetans under China’s tyranny, supported by images of Tibetans that  perpetrate the illusion of a contented people whose culture appears to be thriving. What the overwhelming majority of people do not realize is that such photos are taken under tightly controlled and monitored circumstances, designed to conform to the approval of Chinese authorities. These photographs are made available to people on the Internet, who for the most part have no knowledge of the appalling situation inside Tibet, now confronted with a sterilized and flawed report on Tibet,  accompanied by pictures of smiling Tibetans in colorful traditional costume. An image that serves entirely the objectives of China’s Ministry of Propaganda.

4) Lastly from an ethical perspective alone we are deeply concerned at any organization that is prepared to abandon principles which oppose injustice, tyranny and oppression, on the questionable reasoning  that it can offer geographically (and resource-wise) limited support to a few individuals. That such groups can collaborate with a regime that is so violently terrorizing a people, while cynically exploiting such organizations, is also troubling and raises a number of difficult questions in terms of moral integrity. Would for example such bodies have cooperated with Pol Pot’s regime, ignoring his genocide against Buddhist Cambodians on the justification that their presence was aiding a few hundred, while beyond the village, the rest of the population were tortured, killed and subjected to a range of atrocities? Similar concerns apply in the case of occupied Tibet and while we can applaud the individual motives and selfless dedication of those feeling compassion for Tibetans it is our position to ask what are difficult questions concerning such collaborations.

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Twitter Under Attack From China’s Trolls

Just what is going down with Twitter? Do their executives have an increasing interest in securing an operation in China? Are the founding principles of freedom of speech and democratic values still held in esteem by Twitter’s management? Such questions have been circulating among our colleagues at @tibettruth, who inform us that for over a week now threads related to ‘Tibet’ and ‘free Tibet’on Twitter have come under attack by political spammers from China. It seems this assault involves a number of automated accounts which are generating spam tweets almost every minute on a 24/7 basis, resulting in a mass occupation in what seems an effort to silence and nullify any critical voices or those championing Tibet’s true cause.

This development is of course no accident.The timing in particular is of interest, coinciding with international outrage at China’s killing of Tibetan protesters, which was being discussed widely on Twitter, which was also serving as a vital conduit for information on China’s vicious attacks upon unarmed Tibetan protesters. The decision by China’s Ministry of Propaganda to effectively censor and undermine such information on Twitter may also be in response to the tremendous work carried out by Tibet activist and supporters, such as those of @tibettruth, who have been hugely active in ensuring the truth is being reported on Tibet and its struggle for independence.

What’s less clear however is the apparent reluctance of Twitter to take any action against this obvious attack by China, which is clearly a violation of Twitter’s own rules regarding spamming.We understand that several emails and direct appeals have been made to the Executives at Twitter, along with clear evidence of what’s going on, and account names of those generating such political spam. Yet for whatever reason Dick Costolo,  Chief Exec of Twitter, and his colleagues at Support, have not even had the decency to reply, this curious silence is not helping to address the questions which are now being asked about Twitter and its position with respect to China.