How Can The CSW Keep Silent?

“From the beginning to the end, each village and town must give the highest priority to the tubal-ligation of women who have given birth to two girls, especially within those villages where these women have not yet had their tubes tied. We must demonstrate dogged determination and to the bodies of every cadre. Set the time and set the assignment. On multiple levels and using different channels, we should obtain information on spouses who are attempting to flee the county. By hook or crook, we must carry out contraceptive measures and every village must meet at least one of its target assignments.”

(Speech made by Tian Xiangrong 31 July 2006 Tongwei County Government (Online—As Documented in the US Congressional Executive Commission on China-Annual Report 2008.)

How can the UN Commission On The Status Of  Women (CSW) continue to ignore these gross violations of women’s human rights and not even condemn China’s population program, which through its forced sterilizations and other forms of coercion and oppression violates the commitments of both the Beijing Declaration and Platform For Action

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