National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
Eastern Tibet’s forested river valleys are being stripped of trees by Chinese logging companies

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You know the history, unless of course educated within the US system, but it goes like this. Europeans invade and colonize lands while suppressing indigenous people. The foreign colonizers increase in numbers expanding military, political and economic control, while at the same time waging a war of cultural genocide against the original inhabitants. Having established dominance they then set about exploiting natural resources, causing widespread environmental damage and pollution. With the progression of laws and regional and national democratic process eventually various rights and protections are approved, including the establishment of national parks. Protected for the benefit of the now firmly-in-control citizen and also to conserve the environment and ecology. Meanwhile beyond the boundaries (and in cases, within) of such protected areas corporations are free to pollute, degrade and destroy in the pursuit of profit.

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
The surface water of Tibet is being increasingly polluted by Chinese mining projects and unregulated factories

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Now exchange the title United States of America with occupied Tibet, and a similar process is underway, administered by a brutal Chinese regime. Which as with the emergent political establishment of the USA, regards itself as having some inalienable claim not that of a god, but through a falsified history, infused with delusion. The outcomes, however, are similar, not completely, but with serious environmental impacts, in which the Tibetan people, oppressed, marginalized and without political authority or freedom can only watch.

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
The salt lakes of Western Tibet’s Ngari region are being targeted by Chinese companies seek to extract rare metals

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Once, pristine lakes and rivers polluted, mountains sacred to Tibetan traditions mined into oblivion, forested areas transformed into deserts, atmospheric and ground pollution by asbestos and uranium mining and increased NO2 levels from cars and trucks. But don’t worry folks, just when you would be forgiven in concluding that the Chinese regime didn’t give a damn about the environment in Tibet its propaganda ministry announced recently that a number of national parks were being considered for the region. Guess we just didn’t give Xi Jinping and his regime sufficient credit, right?

National Parks In Tibet Can Only Work When Tibetans Have Freedom
Tibet’s grasslands are being being fenced off and denuded, drilled and polluted for gas and oil.

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These proposals are of course, like all those issued by the Chinese authorities, saturated with political concerns and priorities. They also serve a clear propaganda aim. To convince those reading such reports in the West that China’s intentions inside occupied Tibet are honorable and respectful of the Tibetan environment. Not sure if that’ll work! Meanwhile, the ecocide against Tibet continues. As Tibetans, their land stolen, and culture enslaved (forcefully replaced by an increasingly dominant Han Chinese presence) face a dangerous and fragile future.

There’s only one outcome which could halt the wholesale degradation of Tibet’s environment and establish genuine respect and responsible stewardship of that beautiful and ecologically vital land. That would require national freedom for the Tibetan people!


Forest Coverage In Tibet Being Destroyed

Forest Coverage In Tibet Being Destroyed
Forest Coverage In Tibet Being Destroyed

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A serial abuser is holding a woman hostage, having raped and beaten her into disfigurement. He then releases a statement to the cops that under his care she is making a recovery. Crazy right?

To most folks of normal intelligence and integrity sure, but then as we know the Chinese regime seriously fails that standard!

It declared today, via its official mouthpiece the Peoples Daily that forest ‘recovery rates’ in Tibet have risen by over 12%, now there’s a development that requires closer scrutiny! Having reduced vast areas of Tibet’s once verdant forested valleys to a lunar-like landscape (an ecocide that continues) we are now supposed to applaud this cynical public relations announcement.

Natural forests which have developed over thousands of years within the environment are cut-down for profit, the land left bare to add to erosion and flooding hazards. In some extremely limited cases they are replaced with low-quality, mono-culture plantations, which is what lies behind this announcement today. Such replanting has to be measured against what has been lost, the incredible species diversity, ecology, wildlife and vital role in flood prevention.

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Tibet’s Nomads Have No Choice But To Agree To Be ‘Relocated’

Imagine for a moment you’ve been transported back to 1944 and you spot a headline in the newspaper that reads ‘Gypsies give support to relocation plan’. On further reading you notice a quote from a Nationalist Socialist Party official stating that: ‘The policy is entirely voluntary and no force is used in relocating Gypsies to the constructed settlements’. No doubt you would be feeling a real dissonance at that point.¬† After all it’s been established¬† those deemed by the Nazi State as ‘undesirable’ have been forced from their homes at the point of a gun. Failure to comply means torture, forced-labor or being shot!

Back in 2019 and the headline “Tibet nomads give support to relocation plan'” published January 22 by the China Daily, propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. Under the patently false claims of respecting the Tibetan environment (“We would rather slow down or give up our economic development than harm nature. This is important to ensure that future generations can also see the green mountains and pure rivers”. Mr Zhang Jianhua Chinese colonial official”) the ‘transfer’ of Tibetan nomads is justified as part of a process of environmental protection.

Let’s have a reality breakdown on this engineered deception. Firstly, the Chinese authorities claiming to protect Tibet’s environment is like a serial sex offender insisting he fully respects women’s rights! Folk across the digital world know too well that the rivers, mountains and grasslands of occupied Tibet are being polluted and seriously damaged by Chinese mining corporations, approved by China’s government. Removing Tibetans from resource rich lands is a key aspect of a greed-driven agenda’.

Lastly it’s important to be aware that the Chinese tyranny employs a wide range of euphemisms to conceal the dark reality of its illegal occupation and exploitation of Tibet. Take the innocuous sounding ‘relocation’, could be describing a wished for movement to another place, right? Look a little closer and the phrase is nothing more than code for the forced removal of Tibetans into concentration settlements. As we reported previously one of the key aims of China’s regime is to eradicate Tibetan national and cultural identity, the two central pillars of that character is Tibet’s nomadic traditions and its Buddhist and native religions. By a program of of ‘ethnic-cleansing’ Tibetans are denied their self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle as nomads, bused into ‘socialist paradise villages’ to become dependent and compliant. Such is the harrowing truth behind China’s cynical use of the inoffensive term ‘relocation’!

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#Op_Tibet Release Video Statement On Their Action Against Chinese Mining Companies

Following several days of reports of Anonymous attacks against Chinese mining companies that are causing major environmental issues in occupied Tibet hacktivists #Op_Tibet have released across Twitter a video statement detailing their intention to target a number of websites of mining corporations that are operating within Tibet. Thanks to @AnonymousTibet for the headsup on this development.