China, The World’s Execution Capital



According to Amnesty International April 12, 2017,

“That China remains among the world’s top executioners is no secret. According to Amnesty International’s latest global review of the death penalty, the number of death sentences handed out each year in the country is estimated to be in the thousands, a figure believed to be more than all other countries in the world put together. What remains a secret is the sheer scale of these executions; most information related to the death penalty is classified as “state secrets” under the country’s secrecy laws.”. To learn more on China’s mass executions go see

Prisoners on China’s ‘death-row’, often denied a fair legal process and subject to draconian and state controlled legal system suffer a range of abuse that violate a number of international treaties. Such injustices and violations have a long record in China, a report from British newspaper The Independent in March 24 2009 recorded that: “Chinese prisoners on death row are handcuffed with their feet shackled despite the prohibition under international prison standards on leg-irons and chains as instruments of restraint. Chinese lawyers also report that defendants on capital crime charges are normally brought to interviews at the detention centre in chains”.



Meanwhile in a grisly reminder of Nazi-Germany’s industrialized killing machine, China now employs a fleet of mobile execution chambers, in which prisoners are killed with a lethal cocktail of poisons.

University of Sydney Must Oppose China’s Death Vans

Attention of Doctor Michael Spence
Vice-Chancellor Of
University of Sydney


We urge you to watch this video, that exposes the suffering and devastation of a family whose son was executed in one of China’s mobile death vans. Innocent of any crime, we wonder what happened to his organs, perhaps they, like so many other victims of this industrialized slaughter, were harvested for profit. A grisly trade indeed and one known very well by your academic colleague Doctor Huang Jiefu.

We note that a review is ongoing which may well remove the honors given by your University to that individual and we appeal again to your office to disassociate your place of learning from such a horrendous program that grossly violates human rights values and medial ethics



Anyone wishing to express their concern on this issue may email Doctor Spence via: