The Killing Fields Of Tibet Revealed

Image: via rangzenchowkidar

An important essay by Professor Elliot Sperling has been published by Rangzen Alliance that examines the subject of China’s genocide against Tibet and its people, which has been often reported to have resulted in over 1 million Tibetan dead since China invaded in 1950. The figure itself while open to debate in terms of accuracy never-the-less remains a compelling indicator of the tyranny waged upon Tibetans, which without doubt lead to huge numbers of deaths, many no doubt due to insane agricultural policies forced upon Tibet by China’s Communist leaders during the 1960s and into the 1970s. Starvation, mass killings, forced labor, torture and suicide has certainly made a considerable impact upon a population size of around six million, while China’s forced sterilization of Tibetan forms the other side of the genocidal coin.

The essay ‘The Body Count’ reveals some grsily new findings emerging from the very soil of Tibet which reveals that, while academics may argue over the statistical exactitude of figures relating to the total of Tibetan dead, the killing fields of Tibet bear witness to a very disturbing reality, a truth that no amount of Chinese propaganda can conceal.

Professor Sperling’s paper may be read here:

Grateful appreciation to Elliot Sperling, Rangzen Alliance, Rangzen Chowkidar