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Iconic Glastonbury Outlets In Solidarity With #teamGlasto4TIBET

                                                    Glastonbury Publishers Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Image: archivenet

During the past few weeks our Twitter colleagues @Glasto4TIBET have been in 24/7 action preparing for Glastonbury Festival which launches June 21. It  looks like the Tibetan flag will be flying again, thanks to some amazing  folks who’ve offered their support in ensuring that the issue of Tibet will have a positive presence at the event.

In 2016 #teamGlasto4TIBET was greatly helped by Luis Vilchis, who traveled over from Mexico and Karen from Cambridgeshire, England.  This year we’re delighted to hear that in the town itself #teamGlasto4TIBET has three iconic Glastonbury partners who will be showing solidarity with the people of Tibet.

Glastonbury Restaurant Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET
Glastonbury Restaurant Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Image:Honour Bennett

It’s a pleasure  to welcome Gothic ImageThe King Arthur pub and Hundred Monkeys Café , all based in the center of Glastonbury, thank you so very much for supporting #teamGlasto4TIBET.

Glastonbury Pub Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET
                                                                          Glastonbury Pub Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

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Anyone visiting the town is recommended to check these  out, you will be sure to get a great welcome, especially if you support Tibet 🙂