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Is Sydney University A Suitable Venue For A Tibet Meeting?

 Doctor Huang Jiefu
Doctor Huang Jiefu

Image: afp

“In the 1990s a very special form of lethal injection, called slow lethal injection, was perfected in China by Chinese officials as a way to preserve the organs so that the person is basically anesthetized, they don’t die right away, it gives the surgeons the time to take out as many organs as they would like to and then the lethal injection is finalized. So, it’s done in a way that actually allows this very, very unsavory mix of execution and medical care and treatment to be done by the same team of doctors. It’s horrific, really.” Source: Maria Fiatarone Singh, Professor of Medicine, Sydney University

In April 2013 Sydney University was coming intense international pressure to strip the honors it bestowed upon Doctor Huang Jiefu, a former Chinese health (sic) minister, following concerns that that he presided over the removal of organs from executed prisoners without their consent. Details here

Huang Jiefu, Accused Of Removing Livers From Executed Prisoners

Image: archivenet

Activists within Tibettruth were at the forefront of action in exposing this issue and challenging the University to withdraw its award to Doctor Huang, who now oversees the organ transplant committee in China. Apart from some noises that suggested that a review would be made of his honorary professorship, he retained support from some academic colleagues with Sydney University.

Fast forward to November 2014 and it is hard to find across the Internet or other media the published conclusions of such a inquiry, indeed it appears as if the matter has been brushed beneath a very thick carpet. Meanwhile suspicions remain that a man who “….as recently as November, 2012 that he continues to perform about two liver transplants every week – so that would be 100 organs a year, and using his own figures, 90 to 95 per cent of those would have come from executed prisoners.” Source

In the absence of any formal statement, it is probably safe to conclude that Sydney University has not removed its award from Doctor Huang Jiefu and as far as we can determine has not issued any comments condemning China’s medical atrocities.

Image: screenshot from SFT Facebook posting

In light of this, and considering the exposure generated we are puzzled at the decision by Students For Free Tibet (SFT) to use the venue of Sydney University for its November 7 meeting on Tibet, when that institution employs and honors China’s former ‘Minister Of Forced Organ Extractions’! We can only hope that this entirely unwise and misguided choice is relieved by SFT issuing a statement making clear its position on the matter and adding its voice to call for Sydney University to withdraw its honorary professorship to Doctor Huang.

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New UN Rights Commissioner To Swallow China’s Lies On Tibet

Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

The recently appointed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is to visit occupied Tibet, with a possible trip to East Turkestan, (Report Here) the presumed purpose of his journey is to witness for himself the situation facing the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur  peoples. Unfortunately as with other fact-finding delegations ( permitted by the Chinese authorities he will be seeing very little apart from stage-managed propaganda!

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China’s Regime Fooling Western Media Over One-Child Policy

One of the great fictions subscribed to by a number of prominent Tibet related organizations is that Tibetans are exempt from the atrocities generated by China’s notorious birth-control program. Such groups form this conclusion based upon the official declarations of the Chinese regime, interviews with a handful of Tibetans or the claims of anthropologists whose career interests require a pro-China line!

Curiously such credulity towards an authority expert in deception and propaganda does not extend to other human rights issues. Seems there’s a disconnect at work, with salaried lobbyists simultaneously rejecting China’s claims that Tibetans are not subject to human rights abuses, yet willing to accept without critique assertions from the Chinese government that the grim excesses of China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilizations, are not applied in occupied Tibet!

There exists however a considerable body of detailed information, testimony and witnessed accounts that reveals Tibetans have indeed suffered such abuses and continue to do so. Moreover statements from a number of Chinese officials have over the years conceded such a reality, the most recent was featured in a report by Zee News, an Indian based news-site.

Sadly mainstream media has a tendency to repeat as factual the official pretensions served up by China’s regime, a habit much to the delight of the Ministry Of Disinformation in Beijing which uses such gullibility to spread various propaganda aimed at diluting and deflecting international concern on any range of human rights issues. Meanwhile of course the violations continue, as women in China who suffer forced sterilizations would testify.

The Zee News report however, while displaying a naivete of breathtaking proportions, reported a concession from  Yang Wenzhuang that Tibet and East Turkestan had not yet relaxed the regulations pertaining to the one-child policy, now the propaganda line is that so-called ethnic minorities were exempt from such restrictions. Yet here we have a leading Minister in China’s Family Planning Commission acknowledging without qualification that these occupied territories have indeed been subject to such regulation!

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UK Absolves China’s Regime Of Responsibility For Forced Sterilizations!

Mr Philip Hammond, Secretary Of State At The UK Foreign Office. Another Career Politician Set To Ignore China's Forced Sterilizations!
Mr Philip Hammond, Secretary Of State At The UK Foreign Office. Another Career Politician Set To Ignore China’s Forced Sterilizations!


What does the British ‘Foreign Office’ (the equivalent of the State Department) say about China’s policy of forced sterilizations? Well usually absolutely nothing, a tradition followed by its sister organization the ‘Department For International Development’. However there were raised hopes on the release of its 2014 Human Rights and Democracy Report which mentioned at least the issue. Yet before rushing off those congratulatory emails best to closely read what the English Mandarins decided to say on the matter:

“There were continued reports of illegal coercive implementation of family planning policies, including forced abortions and sterilisations.” (Emphasis Added) SOURCE

Well of course absolutely nothing to do with those nice folks at China’s regime, just the criminal excesses of a few over-zealous birth-control officials. right? Wrong! The British authorities know very well that the atrocities arising from China’s population control program are centrally engineered, resourced, endorsed and administered by the Chinese authorities at national, regional and local level.

So what’s behind this fact-free reference in its report? Always careful not to upset relations with China, yet mindful of increasing outrage at these human rights violations the officials of the Foreign Office concocted this as a compromise response. Imagine for one moment the grisly forced sterilizations of Nazi-Germany being dismissed by British officials as being the responsibility of Hitler’s regime and you can get near the nauseating stench of denial and hypocrisy that pervades such a cynical offering.

The ever-present motivation for such deception is trade and repairing, at times fragile relations with Beijing, the self-serving words that whitewash the suffering of countless women across China who are being forcibly sterilized, will no doubt meet the approval of the Chinese regime.

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Mayor Gilmore Citizens Of Alameda Value Human Rights Not China’s Flag!


Alameda established a close connection with the Chinese cities of Wuxi and Jiangyin in 2007/8 respectively. They share a Memorandum of Understanding to promote a range of mutually beneficial interests, including commerce, however no engagement with the People’s Republic (sic) of China is possible without conforming to ever present political realities, including the totalitarian nature of such forces.

The previous Mayor, Beverley J Johnson issued on 09/18/2007 the above Proclamation which declares an intent to honor China’s ‘National Day’ by raising the Chinese flag. As we write these words it’s kinda hard to believe that the representatives of Alameda, committed as they no doubt are to the enjoyment of justice, democratic freedom and human rights could so easily have endorsed such a collaboration, particularly given the harrowing reality of China’s record on human rights and its ongoing repression of Tibetans and other occupied peoples such as Uyghurs and Mongolians.However here were are and in a few days time the good citizens of Alameda face the prospect of waking to see the flag of China above City Hall!

Of course it does not have to be this way and considerable action is being taken to lobby the present Mayor Marie Gilmore to suspend the event, due to the good-hearted support of our many friends and subscribers the City Council can be under no illusion, there is widespread concern and opposition to this, and not just from within the city itself but across the world. We imagine protests will gain momentum with appeals made directly to Council members, no doubt rallies are being considered, while across social networking platforms such as Twitter the issue is being given full exposure.

What though of the local community? What opportunity have they been afforded to examine and debate this issue? Are they comfortable about their City’s association with a regime that so brutally denies the most basic of freedoms? More importantly have the good folks of Almeda been granted full and informed participation? For example what say did the community have on the Proclamation to fly China’s flag? Looking through the recorded Minutes of the Council’s meetings its difficult to see any significant contribution, it’s as if the Council Chamber was populated only by city officials during discussion of the proposals on forging links with China.

Had there been greater public involvement the options for participation are limited. Time sure is precious when addressing the City Council, so for any who maybe thinking of now making clear their opposition to the Alameda authorities be aware you will have just  three minutes to make your point. So arguments need to be precise, considered and engineered to produce maximum impact. With that in mind we offer the following suggestions.

Firstly why were the people of Alameda not openly consulted in advance on proposals to fly China’s flag?

Is democratic process genuinely served by choosing Mayoral proclamation over public engagement on what is such a highly controversial matter?

That decision is an endorsement of and compliance with a political event authorized and demanded each October 1st, in celebration of the founding of Communist China. Take a careful look at the wording as appearing in the Alameda City Council minutes of 08/21/07:

3-A. Proclamation encouraging participation in Peoples Republic of China Flag raising ceremony in support of Wuxi, China Sister City activities. (Development Services)

Were local folks given a chance to engage in informed discussion on that? Was the local community allowed to consider the ethical concerns of this proposal?

In the scramble to become a sister City with Wuxi and Jiangyin did no one at Alameda City Council spare even a minute examining the implications, as regards how this would be understandably seen as an endorsement of China’s regime, with its dark record on human rights and oppression?

We wonder if the following Clause agreed by Alameda City Council on 8/21/2007 (in a Memorandum Of Understanding MOU) explains what seems to be an absence of local participation in democratically discussing the subject:

4. As for other matters not mentioned in this MOU, the two governments will decide upon them through friendly consultation in the spirit of mutual understanding.  (Emphasis Added)

Where’s the transparency and accountability surely demanded by democratic procedure? There seems to be a whole bunch of questions that have been ignored or not even considered, while perhaps the biggest disappointment is an apparent lack of communication with the local community on this and a worrying absence of public participation. In light of these serious issues and the questions raised we again request Mayor Marie Gilmore to urgently review and suspend plans to raise China’s flag on October 1. If any citizen of Alameda or elsewhere wishes to express their concerns please email


Shameful Silence And Complicity Of The CSW


Tibettruth offers on-line campaigns, news and factual information on a range of human rights themes. Prominent among these is communist China’s treatment of women and in particular its coercive population control program, which as is now well known grossly violates the principle of freedom of choice and a woman’s right to control over her own body. In occupied Tibet, East Turkestan and communist China women are denied these freedoms and subject to the dictate of a regime that inflicts a series of draconian penalties; including financial/mental/physical coercion, including forced sterilizations. The extent and nature of these abuses is staggering, yet what is equally alarming is the uncaring reaction of the Commission On The Status Of Women and its NGO Committee. One can only imagine the reaction if women in Germany were subject to a population progam that witnessed women dragged from their home,  beaten, tied to a medical slab and forcibly sterilised.  There would be riots on the streets and rightly so!

Such barbarity is a central element in China’s population programme and has traumatised countless women across the communist Chinese Empire and yet all we have from the Commission on the Status of Women and its NGO Committee is silence. How can any balanced and intelligent feminist claim to be genuinely concerned about human rights, and yet ignore or deny the plight of women subject to this brutality? Following fifteen years (since the Beijing Declaration of 1995) of in-action and fudging from the CSW it seems we dealing, not with a lack-of-evidence, but a singular lack of compassion and integrity.

True, it is an appalling subject and perhaps too horrific for some, understandable psychology to pretend its not happening, although such denial could be argued to be ethically troubling.  For others it would appear that reducing global population levels is worth any price, including human rights violations (even the devastated lives of our sisters in Tibet, East Turkestan and Communist China). Others among may hold all things communist/socialist in fond regard and so shunt any inconvenient or odious manifestations of that dogma into a siding far away from any prying conscience. It appears very easy for some to be driven by their chosen world-view to the exclusion of facts, particularly those which may destabilise a perspective that places economic, educational rights above other equally important freedoms. Surely all are equal and interdependent?

Whatever the reasoning,  this issue lies at the core of feminist ideology, touching, as it does, on a woman’s rights to freedom-of-choice and control over her own our own body. Such fundamental freedoms do not exist under communist Chinese rule, the state’s needs are seen as greater than those of the individual. It’s fifteen years since delegates arrived in Beijing for the UN Conference fuelled by the noble vision of furthering women’s rights. During that time the systematic abuse against women has continued, making a mockery of the recommendations and agreements of the Platform-for-Action and Beijing Declaration. We were assured that involvement in the Beijing Conference would help moderate the grim excesses of China’s totalitarian machine and improve the plight of women. As was predicted by those organisations which boycotted the event, the violations resulting from the program have remain; forced sterilisations, torture, arbitrary arrests, forced abortions, and infanticide.

Yet however abhorrent this harrowing human rights record may be, what is equally offensive is the cold-blooded indifference which has greeted this issue. In keeping a shameful silence on the plight of Muslim-Uighur, Tibetan and Chinese women, those who are aware of this major violation of women’s rights are concealing these atrocities. The Commission on the Status of Women (and its associated NGO Committee) have consistently ignored and avoided this issue, and  refused to campaign in support of their sisters traumatized by the harrowing violence of China’s program of forced sterilizations. The traumatised women of  East Turkestan, Tibet and communist China have little to thank them for, and no reason to celebrate the forthcoming International Women’s Day.

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