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Day Thirteen Dawns Over Delhi For Hunger-Strikers


The sun rises over the dust and noise of Delhi’s streets as the three Tibetan hunger-strikers reach day thirteen of their protest to demand action from the United Nations and European Union on China’s tyranny in occupied Tibet.

Here’s the latest photo-diary from Tsewang Rangzen la of the TYC

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Join The Action In Support Of TYC Hunger-Strikers


TYC urges Tibetans (& friends of Tibetan independence) to keep in mind two very important dates:

13th September, 2012 They urge the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of different areas, NGOs, organizations, and individuals to organize solidarity campaigns on the 13th September, 2012 to show their strong support and solidarity to the demands and the appeal of the TYC-Indefinite hunger strike.

16th September, 2012 : Do raise the Tibetan flag outside your houses and at 8.30pm sharp that night, turn off the lights for just 2 minutes to Show solidarity with Tibetan Martrys and 3 Hunger Striker.

Visit the website, and sign the online petition addressed to the UN, EU and the CCP, expressing your support for the campaign of the indefinite hunger strike.

Information: courtesy of Tibetan Youth Congress

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Indian Police’s Reckless Behavior Injures Tibetan Activists

Tibetan Hunger Strikers In Police Van
That Could Have Cost Them Their Lives


Seemingly not content with the oppression of peaceful protest and enforcing a censorship designed to appease China, the Indian authorities’ decision to close a legitimate and just hunger strike, to expose China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet, nearly cost the lives of the three Tibetan activists currently under arrest in New Delhi by Indian police, who we understand are continuing their hunger-strike in Tihar jail.

“New Delhi, 5th Sept, 2012–Day 3 of the Indefinite hunger strike bears even more peril for our three hunger strikers as late last night they were taken to Tihar jail where the authorities did not accept to have them there and sent them back to the Tuqhlaq Police station at 2.30am.

The bus ride which took them back to the police station turned out to be a nightmare resulting in incident where the three protestors were seriously injured. Dhondup Lhadar, TYC’s VP, one of the hunger strikers, had two of his teeth knocked out of its foundation, his mouth and tongue were cut badly causing massive bleeding. His hands and legs were also injured badly from the ride. Penpa Tsering, Organizational Secretary of TYC, also participating in the indefinite hunger strike, injured his nose and lost a lot of blood. He also got effected in his hands and feet, due to the dangerous behaviour of the driver. Jigme Sholpa, Cultural Secretary of TYC, also one of the three hunger strikers, was hurt in his hands and legs. The Police authorities, inspite of being aware of the incident of the bus ride and the accident, ignored the injured state of those who were in their custody and did not even provide any medical help.

At around 12.30pm in the afternoon, some of the TYC members and supporters took the hunger strikers to the hospital for medical check up and to get them proper treatment. The doctor diagnosed the condition of the three men and offered to give them the required treatment but all of them decided not to go with it. They believed that the injections and the IVs being inserted into their bodies would hamper with their oath to not intake any food until the demands and appeals have been met. They simply left the hospital in the same condition they came in.

At around the same time, Tenzing Norsang, Joint Secretary of TYC, held a press conference in their regional office of Majnu ka Tilla, Tibetan colony in New Delhi. He briefed the media about the events of the previous night and explained the situation to them in detail. He shared that they were hurt and disappointed with the way the Indian government and the authorities have treated them ending up by causing physical injury to the hunger strikers. TYC declared that they are not going to stop their activities, however worse the situation turns. They will continue with the hunger strike until they achieve what they had set out to do. This was followed by a Question and Answer session with the media. All the TYC members and supporters along with the hunger strikers, went to the Court of Magistrate on Parliament street to update them with what had transpired the previous night and were sent to Tihar Jail around 3.20 PM.” Report courtesy of Tibetan Youth Congress 

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Ghandi Weeps As India Closes Tibetan Hunger-Strike To Appease China


India, a land with a long and respected tradition of peaceful dissent and free-speech has today tarnished that reputation to a degree that its most famous son Ghandi-ji would have found deeply disturbing, when in an obvious move to appease China’s sensitivities over protests relating to Tibet, Indian police forcibly ended the hunger-strike started earlier today by three executive members of the Tibetan Youth Congress at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The tawdry excuse used by the Indian authorities was to claim ‘security reasons’ surrounding the current visit of China’s  Defence Minister Liang Guanglie