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5th International Conference On Tibetan Independence

Over a 150 Tibetan activists from India, Nepal, United States of America and Europe are attending the 5th International Rangzen Conference. A platform to explore, advance and examine the cause of Tibetan independence. It is being held May 23 to 25 in Dharamsala, Northern India.

Image: Carlo Buldrini

We wish this conference every success in progressing the legitimate cause of Tibet’s national independence.

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India’s Position On Tibet Is A Self-Serving Betrayal Of The Facts

Mr Gopal Baglay and his Indian Government colleagues betraying Tibet, history, the facts and international law.

Image: financialexpress/@tibettruth

The announcement today by the Government of India, which acknowledges Tibetan territory as being ‘part of China’, is an endorsement of colonization. An appeasement to China’s regime that’s particularly strange, given India’s struggle for nationhood against a colonial power! Clearly the requirements of realpolitik, and heightened sensitivity regarding India’s border with Chinese occupied Tibet, have taken precedence over such sickening hypocrisy.

Meanwhile officials within the Indian External Affairs Ministry, such as Mr Gopal Baglay, have blinded themselves to the truth that China’s bogus claims over Tibet are a cynical fabrication. In a scramble to posture concessions to China they consciously ignore the reality that such assertions lack any credibility within international law. While seemingly oblivious to the fact that Tibet has been rightly defined as being a land under an illegal occupation.

In light of this position adopted by Indian authorities we must conclude; given it accepts that territorial legitimacy and sovereignty is defined by military invasion, occupation and colonization, (a process which established Chinese rule in Tibet from 1950 on-wards) that prior to 1947 India was ‘part of Britain’. Presumably on this basis Mr Baglay would agree with the observation that any protests against the occupying Raj, took place not upon Indian soil, but British territory!

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US Ambassadors Refuse Tibetan Girls Visas To Play Soccer

If ever Tibetans needed a reminder that the US State Department is no friend of Tibet, then they were presented with damning evidence of that reality on Friday February 24.

Officials in US Embassies in Delhi India and Kathmandu denied short stay tourist visas to a Tibetan girls soccer team which had been invited to take part in a tournament in Dallas, Texas.

Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz, her staff at US Embassy, Kathmandu refused visas to Tibetan soccer team
Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz, her staff at US Embassy, Kathmandu refused visas to Tibetan soccer team

Image: nepalitimes

Despite the best efforts of organizers, the provision of documentation, and proof of sponsorship, the hopes of these girls to represent Tibet in a prominent competition was cruelly dashed. No clear reasons have been provided beyond the insistence that they have ‘no good reason to travel’ to the US.

Ms MaryKay Carlson Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. Her officials refused cisas to Tibetan soccer team
Ms MaryKay Carlson Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. Her officials refused visas to Tibetan soccer team

Image: suhasinikrishnan

Of course subscribers to our Blog will already be aware of what lies behind this politicized rejection, the State Department’s appeasement of China, especially regarding the bogus claim that Tibet is ‘part of China’. So sensitive on this are officials within the department that any suggestion of the US encouraging, endorsing or associating with the notion of Tibetan national identity is strictly avoided.

Which explains the heartless denial issued by embassy staff. It is difficult to conceive that this decision was made without the knowledge or endorsement of the heads of mission.

Anyone wishing to express their concern and opposition to this decision may tweet to:

@USAmbIndia  (Ms MaryKay Carlson  Chargé d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy in New Delhi)

@USAmbNepal (Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz, US Embassy, Kathmandu)


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India’s Authorities Sink To New Low In Appeasing China’s Terrorist Regime


Graphic via @tibettruth

The decision of India’s government to cancel  the visa issued to World Uyghur Congress  leader Dolkun Isa to visit Dharamsala to attend a conference and meet the Dalai Lama reveals a worrying level of appeasement towards the Chinese regime. That the Indian authorities accept as credible China’s claims that this activist for human rights and freedom is a terrorist makes a mockery of all normal understanding and intelligence. Especially when viewed against the genocidal terrorism which China’s tyrannical government wages against the culture and national identity of Uyghurs in East Turkestan, Tibetans in occupied Tibet, Mongolians, and Manchurians. All of whom, along with the people of China itself, are subjected to a state engineered machinery of terror that violently denies individual freedoms and rights.

Dolkun Isa


What makes such claims even more ridiculous is that the Indian Foreign Ministry has announced that the decision was reached in view of Dolkun Isa’s name being present on Interpol’s so-called ‘Red List’. That hardly constitutes conclusive  irreproachable evidence, particularly as Interpol operates without any meaningful transparency, is unaccountable and operates like a private police club. Moreover it has been increasingly exploited and manipulated by its police membership of various states, including China, to harass and intimidate political dissidents. So much an impartial finding!

Dolkun Isa has released a statement on the decision, which can be read here: HERE

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30 Days Of Hunger Sees Tibetans And Anonymous Allies In Action


Day 30 for the Tibetan hunger strikers, the campaign to press the United Nations for what is long overdue action on Tibet, remains as determined as ever. The courageous protest is attracting international support and attention, including anonymous hacktivists #Op_Tibet and #teamriddler who have been targeting Chinese government websites to show solidarity with the Tibetan Youth Congress. Reports on Twitter today show that another Chinese site is being targeted, many thanks to @AnonymousTibet for sharing news of this latest attack.

Image:printscreen of tweet from @tibettruth