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Support Our Upcoming Digital Actions For Tibet

Infor-Graphic: @tibettruth

Over the next few weeks the focus of our digital activism will be upon the upcoming commemoration of the Lhasa Uprising of 1959, which takes place each year on March 10. In addition we shall again be exposing and challenging the silence of the United Nation’s Commission On The Status Of Women and associated NGOs; on China’s forced sterilization program, who convene in New York March 14 to 24.

Info-Graphic @tibettruth

Updates on both actions will be posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. As always we invite our subscribers and friends to participate, share and post as your support is a valuable and powerful contribution in bringing this issue to the attention of many who are unaware that women suffer such atrocities, or that this issue is being callously ignored by women’s NGOs and the United Nations.

We also very much welcome your active solidarity in ensuring the political establishment is made aware of the fact that Tibet is an independent nation under an illegal occupation. It’s amazing how few Senators, MEPs or British MPs know, so each year we produce an Online Action Pack to help folks lobby their Representative. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks, taps or swipes on your device and you will be greatly aiding the effort to ensure that the facts of Tibet’s status and struggle of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet is not forgotten.

Click on a link below.


Lobby Your Senator For Tibetan Independence


The courageous resistance of Tibetans to China’s tyranny continues, across Tibet protests, collective and individual are demanding a rightful independence for Tibet. Beyond the borders of that blighted land in the leafy location of C Street NW Washington DC, the State Department, continues to bury Tibet as an international issue, content to consign its people to a dangerous future as a ‘minority’ under China’s bloody maw. No matter the cynical motives and actions of America’s foreign policy mandarins, Tibetans continue to struggle for their nation’s freedom. We can support their sacrifices and objective by calling upon the Administration and Senate to recognize the political aspirations of the Tibetan people. Help us to ensure that the Tibetan people’s demand for an independent Tibet is heard by your Senator, Secretary-of-State, John Kerry and President Obama.


1) Please email your Senator and request them to present the following, as a written question, to Secretary-of-State. John Kerry:

Will the Secretary Of State acknowledge that Tibetans inside Tibet are protesting against Chinese rule, and as well documented media and eyewitness reports testify, are demanding independence?

Ask your Senator to provide you with a copy of their correspondence, and any reply from the Secretary-of-State.

2) Give your Senator the facts by adding this link to your email

Inform them that the pamphlet on independent Tibet provides clear evidence of Tibet’s former independence

Email/contact details of your Senator may be easily found here: