Tibet’s Losar Festival In The Heart Of Every Tibetan

Losar Festival In Tibet
Traditional Tibetan Altar Decoration For Losar Festival


We wish all our friends and supporters a very happy Tibetan Losar, a festival that welcomes the new year. It’s a time when family celebrate, small gifts are offered, delicious bowls of soup enjoyed and of course no feast would be complete without a steaming hot pan of Momo. The famous meat-filled dumplings which when served with a freshly-made chilli sauce are utterly delicious. Music too and dancing traditionally feature, as does the propiation of deities and ‘spirits’ of the land and water. The roots of this celebration go back to ancient times, yet while it has at its core Tibetan religious and folk beliefs it is about the enjoyment of life and family.

It also represents Tibetan cultural and national identity, which is why the Chinese regime, via the mass colonization of Tibet, is exerting its corrosive influence over the festival.  Television and radio channels are broadcasting 24/7 Losar themed shows, but they are more ersatz than authentic, performers and stages draped in the red and yellow of China’s national flag. Robotic mass-choreographed dancers, songs delivered in Chinese praising the so-called Motherland and a supposedly contented Tibetan people. Like every other facet of Tibetan culture Losar has come under the draconian grip of the Chinese authorities and they are identity. It is a corrosive process of Sinocization.

Yet such flashy propaganda is superficial in comparison to the Losar which dwells in each Tibetan heart. The organized festivity approved by the occupying Chinese authorities is utterly detached from the ancient observances and authentic enjoyment of Losar. China exploits the festival to project its power and reinforce the propaganda narrative, it’s a political agenda which is in reality being celebrated.

That will not eclipse or replace for Tibetans the Losar Festival and its wonderful traditions, it’s within the cultural DNA of Tibet and it will take more than phony stage-shows or fake costumes to convince Tibetans otherwise!

Losar Tashi Delek!


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Our Pledge For 2019

Tibet Flag

Our resolution for 2019 is to continue reporting and opposing the tyranny of China’s regime against the Tibetan people. In addition we’ll be exposing those governments, institutions, politicians, corporations and media who choose to appease China. Across social-media our amazing team on Twitter and Facebook shall ensure that the just cause of Tibet is given a clear, accurate and determined presentation. Those who misrepresent Tibet’s history, it’s present situation or the plight of Tibetans will be vigorously challenged.

There’s four main areas of activism forming our focus this year.

On February 13 we shall be celebrating ‘Tibetan Independence Day’ raising awareness across social-media of Tibet’s rightful claim to national freedom.

In the week before March 10 we’ll be launching our online lobby of political representatives, to make sure that Tibet’s cause for independence is represented to your politician.

Following that action from March 11 through March 22 we report on and challenge the anticipated silence of the 63rd United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women and its associated NGO Forum on the issue of China’s forced sterilizations. We have friends who will be on site monitoring developments.

Then during May we’ll be actively supporting @Glasto4TIBET who will be present across the Festival during June 26 through 30 to raise the Tibetan national flag and enegage with folks about the cause of Tibet.

As ever we welcome and invite your participation in these actions. Keep updated and informed by following @tibettruth

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Anonymous’ Operation Tibet Issue New Year Warning Against Chinese Government Websites

Anonymous activists #Op_Tibet have today issued a video statement across social media announcing their continued support for the Tibetan cause and declaring an intent to intensify attacks against Chinese government websites. We are extremely grateful to those who created the video for referencing our activism for Tibet. Many thanks also to @AnonymousTibet for sharing news of this development.