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Tibetan Engulfed In Flames Today In Protest At China’s Tyranny

A confirmed report today has emerged from occupied Tibet that another Tibetan has self-immolated in protest at China’s brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet.The action took place in the Bora region of Labrang, in Amdo eastern Tibet

Mr.Kunchok Kyab, aged 23, self-immolated close to the Bora Monastery, approximately Noon (local time). His condition is unclear, although first accounts reported that Initial reports suggest that he died following his action

Demonstrations, Tibet

Further Self-Immolation Protest Today In Amdo Region

Reports emerging from occupied Tibet of another self-immolation, said to have taken place today around 2.30pm Tibet time.

According to the Tibet Times a 24 year old Tibetan named as Lhamo Tseten sacrificed himself in Labrang, Amdo, Eastern Tibet. A location which has witnessed a brutal crack-own by Chinese paramilitary following an earlier self-immolation this week.

Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Tibet’s Resistance Burns On As Today Another Tibetan Self-Immolates

Today in Amdo Region of Eastern Tibet another Tibetan self-immolated to protest against China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet, to demand Tibetan independence and express support for the Dalai Lama. Mr. Tamdrin Dorjee, aged around 50 was from Khasok Lhungwarma town close to Tsoe City, Kanlho. More details are available here Report

Image: via thuptenwangyal

Following the protest Chinese paramilitary forces moved in to surround the monastery, near which Tamdrin offered his life.

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