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Showing Compassion In Tibet Now A Crime Of Murder!

Original photo via tchrd/graphic from @tibettruth

In another political show trial China’s regime has revealed its contempt for genuine justice and charged November 3 a number of Tibetans in Ngaba region of Amdo, eastern Tibet with murder. It would appear that displaying compassion and support to anyone who sacrifices themselves for the freedom of Tibet is regarded as a criminal act! Details of the case have been released by the exiled Tibetan organization Gu Chu Sum and may be read on may be read on Dossier Tibet’s site

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Tibetan Mother Self-Immolates In Ngaba, Amdo Region Of Tibet

A twenty year old woman, named in breaking reports as Jugtso, has today self-immolated in protest at China’s violent and illegal occupation of Tibet. She sacrificed her life in Ngaba, Amdo region, approximately 3 pm local time. Her body was taken into care by the nearby monastery where various prayers were offered for her. She left behind a three year old child and husband.

Appreciation to Dossier-Tibet

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Beware! A Graphic Image Showing Tibetan Heroes


Pawo Lungtok and Pawo Tashi who self-immolated jointly on August 13, 2012 in Ngaba, Amdo region of Eastern Tibet. We honor best their sacrifice by actively supporting the very cause their offered their lives for, Tibet’s independence. Since that action, one Tibetan has been killed by Chinese paramilitary and many others injured, the area has now been flooded with Chinese forces.