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China’s Psyop War Against Tibet

China's Psyop War Against Tibet

Reports from occupied Tibet this week reveal the ongoing assault against Tibetan culture, a number of images showing Tibetan infants being militarized at a local propaganda event aimed at glorifying the Chinese regime’s military. These are of course the very same forces which violently oppress the Tibetan people, in a drive to indoctrinate Tibet’s children they are also deployed as brainwashing units. Holding up China’s occupying army as heroes and ‘protectors of the people’.

Meanwhile in Lhasa on May 15 Chinese surveillance personnel and propagandists were pumping out the latest edicts from the Chinese regime as part of the relentless psyop against Tibetans.

China's Psyop War Against Tibet



Tibet Terrorized By China’s State Engineered Mass-Psychosis

Tibet Terrorized By China's State Engineered Mass-Psychosis
A Tibetan carrying the flag of the tyrrany which has enslaved Tibet

Image: kevinfrayer

Reports just emerged from occupied Tibet of a paramilitary-style indoctrination camp being established near Shigatse in the U-Tsang region. WIthout the incredible courage and sacrifices made by Tibetans living under the terrorism of an illegal Chinese rule such information would not reach the outside world. The land is under a complete lockdown.

We’ve seen the accounts of concentration camps in East Turkistan, where Uyghurs are being brutalized and programed into subservience and loyalty to the ideology of Xin Jinping and his communist Chinese party. In Tibet a similar process has been ongoing. Although rather than jailing countless thousands into hastily constructed camps China’s regime has deployed an army of loyal Tibetan cadres as thought-police to monitor, enforce and report across every settlement in Tibet.

Tibet Terrorized By China's State Engineered Mass-Psychosis

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It is a fascism, a totalitarian colonialism which Marx would have had extreme difficulty in championing. Many of its features would have been recognizeable to the German National Socialist Party, particularly the forming of youth leagues, programs of indoctrination, and the control of society through terror. A state-induced and coerced mass-psychosis is enslaving Tibetans in their own land.