March 10 – Online Action Supporting Tibet’s Independence

March 10 - Online Action Supporting Tibet's Independence

One key objective of China’s propaganda drive on Tibet is to disappear global concern and awareness about the plight of Tibetan people under Chinese occupation. It does not want questions being asked, especially critical scrutiny of its harrowing record of tyranny, that seeks to eliminate any sense of Tibetan identity.

Nor is China comfortable about the issue of Tibetan independence, it would prefer that subject to be buried, and forgotten; a relic, of interest only to academics. That’s why the Chinese Regime is delighted to observe silence from foreign politicians on matters related to Tibet.

Now there’s an understandable cynicism which dismisses seeking active support from your Senator or Congressman. They are traduced as being corrupt, indifferent or indolent; caring only about their career-path and bank balance. There’s truth in there, no doubt.

Yet, discouraging as such factors are, we must not allow Governments and politicians to remain unknowing of Tibet and the hopes of its people to be free from China’s brutal rule. Nor should the Chinese dictatorship go unexposed or unchallenged.

Which is why this March 10 you are invited to support the online action to lobby and inform your political representative about Tibet’s independence. Details and resources will be posted here and across our social media on Twitter and Facebook.