Tibet Has Been Closed To Tibetans Since China Invaded In 1950

Tibet Tourism Endorsing China's Tyranny Over Tibetans


Does your heart break with sympathy for those whose dollar funds enable them to fly off to an exotic vacation in occupied Tibet, who are over the next few weeks being denied tourist visas by the Chinese regime? March is that time in the political calendar of Tibet which marks the Lhasa Uprising of 1959 and a number of subsequent protests against illegal Chinese rule. Well we cannot have those gullible tourists being exposed to the sights and sounds of Tibetans daring to dissent against Chinese tyranny. Best a travel ban is applied. But hey folks! It will be lifted on April 1, a day dedicated to fools! So if you still want to be exploited, deceived and monitored in Lhasa or some other Tibetan location then get your applications in now. You can even tell yourself that you’ve visited Tibet, when in reality you have traveled to the world’s largest open-prison, in which Tibetan culture is being eradicated and its people violently oppressed. Happy holiday!