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Tibetans In Kham Region Protest Chinese Mining Corporation Poisoning A Local River

Cell phone footage of Tibetans protesting against pollution of a river near Lhagang in Kham region of occupied Tibet, increased mining by Chinese companies is having a disastrous effect upon the Tibetan environment.

Within Tibetan culture fish are considered sacred and so the poisoning of this water and the death of so many fish causes anguish, as can be heard from the protestors.

This footage was uploaded across a number of social sites by Tibetans and also featured May 6 by Voice Of America. Unfortunately VOA reports repeat and endorse Chinese propaganda claims regarding Tibetan territory and so are misleading those who know little of Tibet.

Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Amdo Tibetan In Self-Immolation Protest

A Tibetan, named in a Dossier Tibet report as  Sangyal Khar died on December 16 after self-immolating in protest at China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. His action took place outside a police station of China’s occupying regime  in Amchok, in Tibet’s eastern region of Amdo. According to the  latest information the Chinese authorities have confiscated the body  and refused to return the remains to Sangyal’s family!

Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Self-Immolation Protest Flares Again In Amdo Region

An earlier report has now been confirmed of another self-immolation by a Tibetan protesting China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet.

“Phagmo Samdrub, 29, set himself ablaze at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday near the Panchen Day School in Dokarmo township in Tsekhog county.Samdrub had been taken away by Chinese authorities.By the early hours of Thursday, Chinese forces had tightened security in Tsekhog and nearby Rebgong county, the scene of several earlier self-immolation protests.Communication channels have been restricted in areas around Tsekhog and no further details are available.”

Grateful thanks to DossierTibet

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Tibetans Resist Order To Fly The Flag Of China

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Less than twenty-fours hours after City officials of Alameda were hiding under their desks to avoid the controversy generated by plans to praise China’s regime by hoisting the Chinese flag, and issuing statements about honoring the people of China, some 7400 miles to the west of California Tibetans in Driru; situated in part of Tibet’s eastern region of Kham, were also troubled by thoughts of China’s flag. They have every reason to be as squadrons of jackbooted Chinese paramilitary had been dispatched to the area, along with motor-mouthed communist part officials. Their task, to ensure that the Tibetans displayed above their homes and monastery China’s flag. Unlike the well-suited members of Alameda’s City Hall who chose silence and evasion when pressed to commit themselves to opposing honoring the Chinese regime, Tibetans in that area, despite being acutely aware of the genuine dangers of resisting took a courageous stand and refused demands to fly the Chinese emblem.

The result was inevitable, with China sending a reported 18000 extra troops to enforce the dictate issued by the Chinese authorities, the town is now under lock-down, schools have been shut-down, Tibetans arrested, amid a barrage of other punishments, including Tibetan children threatened with expulsion from school and Tibetans banned from hospital  services.Details Here

A vicious martial law has been imposed, the area effectively a prison with a prison and all because Tibetans declined to honor the Chinese flag and respect the so-called Motherland, an action Mayor Gilmore of Alameda was seemingly all too happy to endorse. Meanwhile we understand from our friends over on Twitter that Anonymous have today launched an action against another Chinese government website, the hacktivists have disabled the Chinese regime’s Nagchu website. As this post was written was offline. Many thanks to @anonyzmeduza for the heads-up on this.

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Self-Immolations Continue Despite China’s Tyranny

Tsezung Kyab Offered His Life For Tibet's True Cause
Tsezung Kyab Offered His Life For Tibet’s True Cause


Breaking reports of a Tibetan who today self-immolated in protested at China’s illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet.Mr Tsezung Kyab, 27self-immolated at Shitsang Monastery in Luchu in Amdo region of  occupied Tibet  He died following his protest at the same location where his where his cousin, Pema Dorje died following an earlier self-immolation in December 8, 2012.