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Anonymous Target Chinese Mining Company Operating In Tibet

Image: print-screen from tweet by @AnonymousTibet

There’s a been a number of reports coming out of Tibet’s eastern regions of Kham and Amdo about Tibetans protesting against Chinese mining corporations that are causing environmental pollution and destruction of ecology. One such company is mining for gold at a mountain considered sacred by Tibetans, now it has attracted the attention of Anonymous hacktivists who have been all over social media in the past few days to notify folks that the website of that Chinese company is to be targeted. Today our Twitter account received further information on this and what’s been called ‘Operation Goldfucker’ has been launched. Many thanks to @AnonymousTibet and @teamriddler for sharing updates on this ongoing action.

Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Tibetan Students In Mass Protest For Tibet’s Independence


Protests continued today in Rebkong in Eastern Tibet’s Amdo Region, when thousands of Tibetan students took to the streets to oppose China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. Tibetans shouted slogans calling for Tibet’s independence and tore down Chinese flags, while displaying the Snow Lion flag,  symbol of Tibet’s national sovereignty. The numbers are reportedly so large that China’s paramilitary has been reluctant to engage the demonstrators.

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Doctoring The Facts on Burnings In Tibet

As noted in other posts here the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) along with mainstream media in general, simply cannot be relied upon to report on the subject of Tibet in a truly objective and independent manner. It features increasingly China’s official thinking on the subject, and publishing as fact what are propaganda assertions from China’s Ministry of Disinformation. When not peddling such bias the BBC calls upon the supposedly neutral insights of informed observers on China and Tibet to furnish its audience with what’s considered authoritative analysis.

Take for example a recent contribution from a Robert Barnett, who offered his opinions on China’s response to the recent self-immolations in Tibet, he seems to invest considerable effort in explaining and justifying the motives and actions of China’s Regime. Unfortunately his writing appears to travel far beyond impartial academic examination and reflects a reasoning and language that bears a worrying similarity to that promoted by Xinhua, China’s official mouthpiece. A master of extenuation and sly circumspection note the following  misrepresentations:

“This is sometimes overstated – it is not at all correct, for example, that all areas of Tibetan culture are being targeted for annihilation by China, as some exiles claim – but it is true that some sectors of the culture and community are singled out for harassment by the state, often in ways that most Chinese would be shocked by.” (Emphasis added)

Well the oppressed people of Tibet will be thankful to hear from Mr Barnett that they are able to enjoy their culture in relatively unrestricted fashion, and that their experiences of China’s tyranny and vicious repression are seemingly overstated. Apart from this artful promotion of China’s deception, that Tibet’s cultural traditions and freedoms are respected and protected the author peddles another cynical fabrication that is regularly featured on the pages of China’s propaganda sheets.

“For 30 years, money has been poured into minority areas to build their economies and staunch unrest..” (Emphasis added)

This assertion may well have been drawn from the poisoned pages of China Daily which often trumpets such disinformation along with staged images of seemingly grateful Tibetans, it is puzzling why Robert Barnett chooses not to apply critical examination on such claims. Disappointing too that he declines to mention that investment in occupied Tibet is targeted, not for the betterment of Tibetans, but to consolidate and expand China’s colonization of  Tibet and advance its policy of assimilation. Not content with such falsification the author exposes as questionable any position of  neutrality by repeating China’s bogus claim that Tibet’s a minority area of China!  Having presented such distortions Robert Barnett concludes his article with a touching demonstration of faith in the supposed goodness of Chen Quanguo, China’s recently appointed Tibet Czar.

“In August, a new Chinese leader was appointed in Tibet who has a background in economics rather than in “handling” minorities, and he has been well received for making sure that all of this year’s university graduates in Tibet were given jobs. this week he announced that “pension, medical insurance and the minimum living allowances” will be covered for monks at every monastery.” (Emphasis added)

Well received by the oppressed and tortured Tibetans? Did they throng the streets of Lhasa chanting the name of Chen Quanguo? It will of course be known to the author that such claims are propagandist in nature and that, far from being a generous form of welfare, are yet another lever of control to suppress protests. Through engineering an economic dependency and threat of withdrawing such funding, to either individuals and or monasteries engaged in political dissent. Reaching that conclusion however would require a willingness to recognize China’s occupation of Tibet for what it truly is, a fact Robert Barnett seems dedicated to obscuring , choosing instead to misrepresent Tibetan protests as a reaction to religious, social and economic policy. The implication suggested here is that should there be by China an improvement and moderation in such measures Tibetan protests would diminish. That grossly misreads the central reason of Tibetan demonstrations and resistance, which as the author is fully aware is a common demand and aspiration for Tibet’s independence. Now why would Robert Barnet wish to avoid and conceal that truth?

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Germany Calls On China For Restraint

In an interview with German Television (DW-TV)  German Human Rights Commissioner Guenther Nooke on Monday July 6 spoke out against the violence between Chinese Security forces  and Uyghurs in East Turkestan (renamed Xinjiang by communist China).

Deutsche Welle: How does the German government view the events in the Xinjiang province [sic]?

Guenther Nooke: We have not been in a position to come to an official assessment because not enough information has been made available yet, but of course we know that there have been ongoing problems with the Uighurs because they are seen by the leaders in Beijing, and by the Chinese in general, as suspected terrorists. This has led to tensions between the Han Chinese and the Uighurs.

Deutsche Welle: What sort of influence can the German government exercise?

Guenther Nooke: I think we have to call on the Beijing leadership to act in accordance with the rule of law, even if there are grey areas, and properly investigate situations like the one in the toy factory in southern China, which seems to have sparked the unrest, and that they refrain from reacting with disproportionate force. That is unacceptable, no matter what factors may have contributed it, including the possibility that demonstrators committed acts of violence.

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Urumchi Massacre Receives Hypocritical White House Concern

Latest reports now claim that over 150 people have been killed during the bloody crackdown by communist Chinese security forces during what was a peaceful demonstration in Urumchi. The overwhelming majority of deaths would have been Uyghurs, who faced troop carriers, hundreds of body-armoured securty forces and machines guns, as revleaded by the disturbing footage from events in Lhasa during April 2008, China’s response to any form of mass protest, no matter how ordered, is to use excessive and brute violence.

Meanwhile in a gesture of staggering hypocrisy the US White House claims it’s deeply concerned by reports of dozens of deaths and injuries. In a statement issued from Moscow, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the White House urges everyone in East Turkestan (re-named Xinjiang by communist China)  to exercise restraint. It will be recalled that the United Sates in 2002 allowed Chinese security officers to abuse and forcibly interrogate innocent Uyghurs being held illegally in Guantanamo Prison, while the current President chose not oppose the forcible relocation of Uyghurs to a remote island in the Pacific, following their release from Camp X-Ray, having been found completely innocent of any crimes by a US Judge.


He declined further comment.


Death Toll Rises in East Turkestan Protests

Uyghur Protest Violently Suppressed
Uyghur Protest Violently Suppressed


Reports from communist China’s propaganda machine Xinhua state that 140 people have been killed and more than 800 injured following a brutal crack-down by Chinese security forces of a peaceful demonstration in the capital city of Urumchi, East Turkestan (renamed as Xinjiang by communist China. Other sources in the region have claimed that the death-toll “was still climbing.”

Uyghur exiles condemned the crackdown, Alim Seytoff, vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Uyghur American Association said

“We are extremely saddened by the heavy-handed use of force by the Chinese security forces against the peaceful demonstrators. We ask the international community to condemn China’s killing of innocent Uyhgurs. This is a very dark day in the history of the Uyghur people”

Meanwhile  Beijing has again been actively msirepresenting events, describing the protest as a violent riot, which they claim was orchestrated by exiled Uyghurs. The occupying regime in East Turkestan has accused former businesswoman now living in America, Rebiya Kadeer, of generating events via the telephone and Internet.

Communist Chinese puppet-governor, Nur Bekri, said in a televised address earlier today that “Rebiya had phone conversations with people in China on July 5 in order to incite and Web sites … were used to orchestrate the incitement and spread propaganda.”

China’s Ministry of Deception was eager to present the protests as “a pre-empted, organized violent crime. It is instigated and directed from abroad and carried out by outlaws in the country.”

 Alim Seytoff, in a telephone conversation from Washington, D.C., replied that that the accusations were baseless.

“It’s common practice for the Chinese government to accuse Ms. Kadeer for any unrest in East Turkestan and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for any unrest in Tibethe said.