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China’s Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

China's Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

So yesterday Chinese media reported a person in occupied Tibet had contracted the flu-variant known as Corona Virus, the individual we are told showed no serious illness and is seemingly in a stable condition. What’s not so secure however is the Chinese regime. This largely mild infection has put the oppressors of Tibet into panic mode.

Paranoid of public reaction in China itself, with the nightmare vision of social unrest and dissent, Xi Jinping and his psychopathic dictatorship are posing as patriotic defenders of the state. Indeed the public narrative is about winning a war. Those of a more skeptical disposition could be forgiven on regarding this as an exercise in mass propaganda. To a considerable degree it is just that. Sure there’s a public health need towards a virus which thus far appears relatively mild, but make no mistake China’s government is also exploiting the situation for political purposes.

Bombarding Tibetan homes with 24/7 propaganda reportage on this virus, instilling a sense of fear and uncertainty while presenting itself as a trusted and reliable savior is just another psy-op being waged against the people of occupied Tibet.


Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet

Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet
Faked Smiles Cannot Conceal Chinese Tyranny In Tibet

Image: newscn/corrected by @tibettruth

Are you persuaded by the stream of images released across social media and the internet showing Tibetans in various happy poses, framed in a context of contented modernity? Well the Chinese regime sure hopes so, as it wages a 24/7 psy-op to win your attention and lead you to conclude that Tibet is thriving and developing under China’s occupation. Yet everything is not as it seems in such staged shows of happiness. As indicated in the image above, behind the faked-smiles and flag waving lies the ever present hand of Chinese tyranny.