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Tibetan Students In Mass Protest For Tibet’s Independence


Protests continued today in Rebkong in Eastern Tibet’s Amdo Region, when thousands of Tibetan students took to the streets to oppose China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. Tibetans shouted slogans calling for Tibet’s independence and tore down Chinese flags, while displaying the Snow Lion flag,  symbol of Tibet’s national sovereignty. The numbers are reportedly so large that China’s paramilitary has been reluctant to engage the demonstrators.

Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Tibetan Woman In Latest Self-Immolation

Ms. Tamding Tso

Image: dorlolhasorangzen

Resistance to China’s illegal occupation of Tibet, and its terrorism against the Tibetan people continues, with report that today in Rebkong, in Amdo Region of Eastern Tibet another Tibetan offered up their life. Ms Tamding Tso, a 23 year old mother self-immolated. There are also as yet unconfirmed reports of possibly four other self-immolations within the same area.