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China Should Get The **** Out Of Tibet And Lobsang Sangay Needs To Support The Tibetan People!

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Once there was unity between the struggle waged by the brave Tibetan people and their exiled government. The shared vision was to regain the rightful national freedom of Tibet. Now, as Tibetans inside occupied Tibet suffer the terrifying oppression of Chinese tyranny and yet still demand independence for Tibet, in exile an elite Tibetan political cabal is on its knees to the Chinese regime seeking a dangerously compromised ‘solution’.

This treacherous surrender has been going on for a number of years now, but since the election, as ‘political leader’ of Doctor Lobsang Sangy the pace of capitulation has increased. His latest public overture on the subject was given to the US Heritage Foundation May 25, 2017 during which he repeated the mantra of a negotiated settlement. The aim of which would be autonomy under Chinese rule.

“If the Chinese government implement their own laws listed in the Constitution and minorities nationalities act, we could take that as genuine autonomy,” Lobsang Sangay ‘Political Leader’ Central Tibetan Administration May 25 2017 Address To The Heritage Foundation)

This is a universe away from the objectives and dreams which are held in Tibetan hearts, no accommodation with China’s tyranny is sought, no appeal for autonomy raised by Tibetan protests. As the final words of Ms Sangay Dolma, and other Tibetans who have sacrificed their lives testify:

“Look up, Tibetans, look at the snow mountains. The snowland’s era has begun. And Tibet is free and independent”

Any reading of Tibetan political protest inside Tibet reveals the goal is, and has been consistently, one of national independence for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

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In Memory Of Sangay Dolma-The Heart Of Tibet’s True Cause

Graphic: Courtesy Of: Stephanie Davies

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During its over six decades of resistance to China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet there have passed countless Tibetan heroes who offered their lives and freedom in support of Tibet’s independence, their sacrifices deserve respect, honor and recognition. Sadly too often the deeds of such people pass into history and have been ignored and neglected, this is surely so within the exiled Tibetan education system which has failed to include as part of the curriculum the incredible history of Tibet’s warriors for national  freedom, Chushi Gangdruk. Thankfully with the availability of the internet and mobile technology the world is hearing pretty quickly of ongoing cases of heroism and sacrifice by Tibetans in occupied Tibet.

Most recently we were informed about the incredible action of Ms Sangay Dolma, a 17 year-old Tibetan who self-immolated on November 25, 20012 as a political protest to assert and demand Tibet’s independence.Her sacrifice was rightly acknowledged and honored by many, yet we wanted to offer some additional memorial to that amazing young Tibetan. So we were very happy to hear that our colleagues who administer the @tibettruth Twitter campaign had similar ideas, with over 7300 friends, subscribers and followers it was an important and influential means to ensure that as many people as possible would learn of her action for Tibet. It was with great delight that we heard one of our friends had offered to create a graphic to commemorate, respect and honor Sangay Dolma. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Stephanie for her wonderful design and kind hearted support in donating this image, anyone wishing to see more of her creative projects may do so via