China Needs To Edit DNA Of Its Diseased Regime!

Image: archivenet

With today’s announcement that a Chinese team of research biologists has edited the DNA of an embryo with a view to screening out a gene thought responsible for a blood disease the possibilities of genetic manipulation seem without limit. Are we so far from designed babies, guaranteed free from  disease or physical ‘disability’? A scary future awaits, one that may be glimpsed at in the pages of science fiction. Despite the horrific prospect of commercials promoting genetic alteration services, or clone agencies providing cheap-labor perhaps bio-science can one day reveal if genes are a determinant influence upon a person’s psychology?

What opportunities that raises as biologists edit DNA to ensure that babies are born who will not develop into narcissistic tyrants, psychopathic torturers and killers or sociopaths, Given the genocidal record of China’s communist regime and the misery, destruction and death it has inflicted (and continues doing so) upon untold millions perhaps Chinese bio-research should focus upon creating a new generation of politicians who are by design incapable of such tyranny! That would be some brave new world.