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30 Days Of Hunger Sees Tibetans And Anonymous Allies In Action


Day 30 for the Tibetan hunger strikers, the campaign to press the United Nations for what is long overdue action on Tibet, remains as determined as ever. The courageous protest is attracting international support and attention, including anonymous hacktivists #Op_Tibet and #teamriddler who have been targeting Chinese government websites to show solidarity with the Tibetan Youth Congress. Reports on Twitter today show that another Chinese site is being targeted, many thanks to @AnonymousTibet for sharing news of this latest attack.

Image:printscreen of tweet from @tibettruth


TYC Presses Its Demands To The UN While Anonymous Strike Another Chinese Government Site

Photo:Tibetan Youth Congress

Key updates on October 7 Day 28 of the hunger strike by executives of the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC)  “Former TYC President Tsewang Rigzin la visited the UN on behalf of TYC as a Special Representative upon our request. Tsoktsur Tsewang Rigzin la met with Assistant Secretary General of the Office of Human Rights Commissioner Ivan Simonovic and informed him about the critical situation in Tibet and requested them to respond to the TYC’s Indefinite Hunger Strike in Delhi and the demands.” (Source TYC)

Excellent work by the TYC and we hope that the United Nations (which today found itself again mired in controversy after allegations that a former UN executive was bribed by Chinese businessmen ) will respond positively to the just demands being placed upon it for action on Tibet.

Image: print screen from @anonymzmeduza

Secondly, we just received a tweet from @anonymzmeduza reporting that a Chinese regime website has today been attacked by the hacktivist collective known as #teamriddler. The official site, which seems to cover the Nagchu area of Tibet’s Kham region has been been targeted.

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Tibetan Hunger Strikers Need Your Active Support For UN Response

Graphic: via @tibettruth/original photo:TYC

Delhi, India. Day 26  of the hunger-strike by executive members of the Tibetan Youth Congress that is seeking action on Tibet from the United Nations. Having for over 628 hours denied themselves food, and one of the original three forcibly hospitalized by Indian police, the activists remain determined to press their cause.  Compare that integrity and resolve to the silence from the UN which thus far has chosen to ignore demands for its long overdue intervention on the situation inside occupied Tibet.

Please add your support to this action, as requested by the TYC:

“Call the UN in Delhi: +91-11-46532237 or +91-11-24623439

Call the UN in NY: 212-963-3065 or 212-963-1234 or

Express your outrage on the UN’s silence on Tibet and tell them your concern regarding the Indefinite Hunger Strike in Delhi. Sign and Share the online petition.”

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Anonymous Launch New Wave Of Attacks In Support Of TYC Hunger Strikers

Print screen of tweet via @FibsFreitag

Attacks by Anonymous hacktivists, Operation Tibet, against Chinese government sites are intensifying, following a video statement released earlier further sites have been targeted and taken offline, as acts of solidarity with the Tibetan hunger-strikers and their demands to the United Nations. Special thanks to @FibsFreitag @AnonymousTibet @team_riddler for posting updates of this ongoing operation.

Print screen of tweet via @AnonymousTibet