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United Nations Needs To Go Way Beyond Platitudes On Tibet


As three executive members of the Tibetan Youth Congress enter the fifth day of their hunger-strike, in Delhi, India, to demand active engagement on Tibet from the United Nations (UN) we should remind our subscribers and friends that in 2012 outside the New York headquarters of the UN a trio of Tibetans went on a 30 day hunger-strike. Their protest was called off 22nd March after Mr Parfait Onanga (Representative of the UN Secretary General) and Richard Bennett (Representative of the UN Human Rights Office) issued statements and assurances to the hunger-strikers and organizers that action would be taken. Indeed Tibetans were promised by a UN investigation into the situation inside Tibet and were assured that official would be arranging a meeting with China’s government to discuss the plight of Tibetans.

Those pledges it would appear turned out to be, what an optimist may describe as well intended platitudes, a more cynical view would suggest that in making such assurances UN officials knew very well that China’s regime would of course reject any inquiry into the plight of Tibetans. Thus making their promises to Tibetan hunger-strikers little more than self-serving rhetoric, after all it would have been a public relations nightmare to have witnessed Tibetans dying at the very doorsteps of the United Nations!

That the institution is corrupt and toothless in regard to the political dictates of China is well known, that reality however should not discourage those who seek to hold the United Nations to account for its silence, appeasement and hypocrisy in its dealing with the Chinese regime. In that context the bravery, determination and sacrifices of the three Tibetans currently on hunger-strike deserve our solidarity and active support,  if nothing else their action is highlighting the tyranny which Tibetans are enduring under an illegal and vicious occupation. For that we salute them!

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Tibetan Youth Congress Launches Hunger-Strike Demanding UN Action


The Tibetan Youth Congress has today launched an indefinite hunger strike in protest at China’s oppression of Tibet and to demand action from the United Nations. Three of its Executives, Tenzin Wangchuk, Tamding Hrichoe and Ms Tsewang Dolma are staging their action at at Jantar Mantar in Delhi the capital of India.

Tibetan Hunger-Strikers Begin Their Action
Tibetan Hunger-Strikers Begin Their Action

Image: DorjeeTashiRangzen

Subscribers to our Blog may recall similar demands made by courageous Tibetans to the United Nations, including a hunger-strike outside the very doors of the UN’s New York headquarters. That protest resulted in a number of assurances being made by officials to Tibetans, although the follow-up and subsequent action was woefully absent. it is hoped that the Tibetan Youth Congress will be as determined as ever to ensure that any assurances offered by UN officials are not simply empty gestures.

Tibetans gather in Delhi to sow solidarity with the hunger-strikers
Tibetans gather in Delhi to sow solidarity with the hunger-strikers



March 10 Uprising Statement From Tibetan Youth Congress


‘Today Tibetans all over the world gather to commemorate an unforgettable event in the history of our country. We observe and honor the thousands of valiant Tibetan men and women who on this day in 1959 filled the streets of Lhasa to revolt against the Chinese Communist occupation forces.On that day, Tibetans stood up against the Chinese government with the courage and determination to proclaim and protect the Tibetan Government and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thousands of Tibetans lost their lives and therefore as we commemorate this day, Tibetan Youth Congress pays our deepest respect and homage to our brothers and sisters inside Tibet and in exile who have sacrificed their lives through various forms of protests against China’s illegal occupation of our nation and vow to continue our work for the freedom and independence of Tibet and the Tibetan people until the Tibet issue is resolved.

Tibet was brutally occupied and the Tibetan people fought back. This resistance continues to this day. These courageous Tibetan’s resistances remind us and the rest of the world that it was not a “peaceful liberation” as China claims. Therefore, we take the opportunity to honor and dedicate today to the Tibetans inside Tibet who day in and day out endure the illegal Occupation yet continue to find ingenious ways to resist it for our freedom – for our future.

The Tibetan people continue to be oppressed, discriminated and denied even basic human rights. Tibetans have been systematically arrested, detained, tortured, and killed for merely carrying out non- violent protests against China. The brutality of the regime and its intolerance towards political dissent is evident in the way it has over the decades treated political prisoners. Most recently on 5 December 2014 Tenzin Choedak, died two days after he was released on “medical parole” nine years short of the completion of his 15-year prison term. In fact he was barely alive at the time he was returned to his family. Choedak had reportedly dislocated jawbones, damaged kidneys and was vomiting blood. He was physically emaciated and had suffered brain injury. Every bone in his feet was broken. According to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy this suggests that he may have been subjected to the falaka, or foot whipping torture technique. The falaka involves beating the sole’s of the victim’s feet with a heavy cable or whatever else is available. It causes extreme pain up the victim’s body and the feet to swell. Choedak was imprisoned for his alleged involvement in the popular 2008 Uprising where hundreds of Tibetans lost their lives. Prior to his arrest, Choedak worked with a European non-governmental organization associated with International Red Cross. His responsibilities were mainly environmental protection in Lhasa and Shigatse region of Tibet. He was only 34 years old.

Despite the knowledge of brutality and risk to their lives, Tibetans inside Tibet continue to resist and fight. Tibet continues to burn. The number of self-immolations inside Tibet since 2009 has now reached an unprecedented 136 with the latest activist Kelsang Yeshi, a 38 year-old monk who self immolated on 23 December 2014. His slogan at the time of burning were the most common expressions demanding the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibetans. These self-immolations protests clearly indicate that Tibetans inside Tibet want freedom and independence from the current illegal occupation of Tibet. The Tibetans inside Tibet are doing every bit they can to express their aspirations. Those of us living in exile have a responsibility to fulfill those aspirations and towards our movement.

10 March is a day when we reflect upon history and the events that unfolded in Lhasa. We must understand what the uprising was for and most importantly when we observe this Tibetan National Uprising Day, we must work to fulfill the wishes and demands of those that sacrificed their lives for Tibet. 10 March is also a day to remember who we are and where we are headed to and as a Tibetan to pledge your commitment and responsibility for your country – and in doing so, understand that unity, optimism and strategy lies at the core of our struggle. We call upon Tibetans living in exile and inside Tibet to remain united and steadfast in our movement. The Chinese government will never be able to break the will and spirit of the Tibetan people. Tibetans in Tibet and in exile remain more defiant than ever and today we send a message to China that until and unless the Beijing government changes its stance on Tibet, the Tibetan people will continue to rise and resist and our Revolution will grow stronger and bigger.

Finally, on this day we pay our humble respect and tribute to our spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. We Tibetans remain forever grateful for the work he has done for Tibet, the Tibetan people and humanity. The message of love and compassion that His Holiness preaches is the ultimate way to bring peace in the 21st century across the world. We pray for the long life of His Holiness and wish him a very Happy Birthday as he turns 80 on July 6 later this year. On behalf of Tibetans inside Tibet and in exile – Thank you, your Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Bhod Gyalo!’

Translated copy of TYC March 10 Statement via Dossier Tibet

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Urgent Action In Support Of Tibetan Hunger-Strikers

One Of The Tibetan Hunger-Strikers
In Medical Custody & Forcibly Injected


We need your help urgently, if you live in the US Canada Spain, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Australia Germany, France, Sweden or the UK please email the Indian Commission in your country to demand Delhi Police show full respect to the arrested Tibetan Hunger-Strikers (detained September 22 and forcibly medicated) and to allow them to continue their action.

#Urgent  Email #Indian Mission In #Sweden Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #India Mission In #USA Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

‎#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #Italy Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #Germany Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #Canada Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent  Email #Indian Mission In #Ireland Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent  Email #Indian Mission In #Australia Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #Spain  Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #France Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent Email #Indian Mission In #Mexico Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

#Urgent  Email #Indian Mission In #UK Demand Respect For #Tibetan #HungerStrikers

Much appreciation to @tibettruth for the information and links

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Shameful! Delhi Police Force Hunger-Strikers Into Medical Custody

TYC Organizational Secretary Dragged Into Medical Custody By Indian Police


There’s wealth of questions and arguments regarding the ethics of self-harm, as applying to political protest, yet actions such as self-immolation or a hunger-strike remain a powerful individual expression and whatever the moral aspects of such protest, demand to be respected and responded to with understanding and awareness. Unfortunately the politics of the state often tramples over such considerations to realize short-term aims in bringing an end to such actions, take the troubling case of Irish political prisoners under the tender care of British rule being forcibly fed via stomach pumps!

Well looks like history is set to repeat itself, as on September 22 India sent in the police to close down the Tibetan hunger-strike, that has for twenty days been taking place in New Delhi in protest at the indifference of the United Nations and European Union to the plight of the Tibetan people under China’s tyranny. Clearly the courageous efforts of the three Tibetan involved and the global attention it attracted has become something of a political difficulty and the order was given to shut it down.

The scenes which took place today were deeply troubling and distressing, Tibetans who have for nearly a month denied themselves food, exhausted and in pain roughly man-handled by policemen who showed not an ounce of respect or consideration for the condition or peaceful action of these brave Tibetans.

Witnessing events, which seemed to take place in slow-motion was very difficult, even writing this brings tears flowing, recalling the efforts of the hunger-strikers to resist arrest, utterly drained yet still crying out to be allowed to continue their action. It was heartbreaking to see such patriotism and courage. There was also anger in being informed that the Indian authorities, in a gross violation of individual rights, then forcibly injected the Tibetans with glucose solutions, clearly desperate to prevent any loss of life not in terms of compassion or medical grounds (the excuse released by the authorities) but as a political response. No doubt the bloody tyrants of Beijing would be most pleased with the odious behavior of the Indian police.