A New Direction For Tibet’s Cause

On August 20, 2017 we published our proposal called ‘A New Direction For Tibet’s Cause’ which we presented to organizers of the 4th International Rangzen Conference in Paris, France. It is our belief that this document provides a positive alternative to the present inertia and distraction which has stalled any genuine progress of the Tibetan […]

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Twitter Again Censoring @tibettruth

What’s going down at Twitter? For a second time they have locked-out @tibettruth effectively censoring their activism for Tibet. It’s kinda ironic given that Twitter allowed, and still does Chinese political spammers to clog threads on the issue of Tibet, yet silences a dedicated voice which speaks out against censorship, human rights violations and the […]

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Oh Harry! What Have You Done?

Image:oddasblog Our colleagues who run @tibettruth recently launched an open appeal to the highly respected Chinese dissident, Mr Harry Wu and his organization the Laogai Museum, which is the leading research and campaign body on the issue of China’s slave labor camps. Having arranged last week an important  meeting on the human rights situation within […]

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