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Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

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Firstly, apologies to friends and subscribers who may have noticed our online absence recently. This has been caused by two laptops used for editing the site and social media actions crashing and becoming inoperable.

This has meant using community libraries, but with the hysteria surrounding the current flu-virus that alternative has been shut-down.

Right now this post has been possible via a friend’s kindness, but we sorely need to get a replacement and wondered if those who support our activism for Tibet would consider making a donation towards our goal of buying a  Dell 15 Inspiron 7000 .

Our blog is not usually a chosen platform for such a request, however to restore unrestricted online operations we need ASAP support towards our very limited funds. Which is why we’ve decided to make this post in the hope you may kindly consider donating towards our goal of $1000, that would enable us to invest in a new laptop.

If you can help us please visit our dedicated Paypal donations link: http://paypal.me/tibettruth


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Facebook’s Intrusive Disruption To Our Engagement On Tibet

Facebook's Intrusive Disruption To Our Engagement On Tibet

Image: techhive/factualized by @tibettruth

This is a heads-up to all our friends and subscribers who follow and engage with our Facebook (FB) page /digitalactivism

On Tuesday January 7 Facebook’s censor-bots will deny us access to that, so we’re reaching out to all our friends here who support our work on Tibet and would like to continue to follow us for news, information and campaigns. Join us at our replacement Facebook page here —>> https://www.facebook.com/Tibettruth-100444794824609

This has been created to temporarily replace our previous page /digitalactivism due to be locked down (January 7, 2020) to us by FB because we did not comply with demands to make known our account’s admin location nor provide a cell phone number. We declined to do so as we oppose that intrusion of privacy and confidentiality, and would not wish to expose such data to third-parties, including Chinese interests.

We’ve published this page to allow our many friends a link where they can continue to receive news, information and campaign actions on Tibet. It is vital that the human rights situation inside occupied Tibet is exposed and opposed, and allowed to reach the widest audience possible. As a dominant social media platform with a massive global reach Facebook is an invaluable resource towards our activism. It allows us to report on issues, abuses, and events relating to Tibet which mainstream media utterly ignores.

Denying us that freedom of speech is a form of censorship that pleases only the Chinese regime, who welcome the silencing of any voice that reveals their tyranny. In the spirit of human rights and free expression we hope that this latest page will not also be targeted by the censorial algorithms of Facebook.

Meanwhile we intend to rebuild our presence here, providing thoughtful articles, breaking news and related information on Tibet. We look forward to reaching out and reconnecting with our global friends and supporters. It begins today!

Please tell your friends and share this on your FB page.Thanks.

Why’s this happening you may wonder? Well our page has over the past months been attracting increasing numbers of views and interaction, which has been amazing in getting the message out on Tibet. Couple days back we get a notification from FB threatening to close our page unless we complete their ‘two way authentication’, which requires us to provide a cell number and confirm a location.


Facebook's Intrusive Disruption To Our Engagement On Tibet

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Now given the record of FB on personal data-mining and releasing information to third parties, along with its notorious vulnerabilities we are not going to provide them with any details that would compromise our operational anonymity or personal data of volunteers who run our Facebook account. We read also that cell-phone numbers provided may have been made available to corporations and advertisers, of course we cannot discount that Chinese interest in such data could also be a risk.


Facebook's Intrusive Disruption To Our Engagement On Tibet

Image: bengarrison

On this basis we wont be agreeing to their demand, in the short term it means an inconvenience and break in communication with many people who have been engaging with our page, but we will be reaching out across social-media to reconnect. What we shall not be doing is complying with Facebook’s latest intrusions nor allowing what is a form of censorship to block our outreach with friends on that platform.


Wishing All Friends Of Tibet’s National Freedom A Merry Winter Holiday

Wishing All Friends Of Tibet's National Freedom A Merry Winter Holiday


It’s been another busy year of reporting upon and opposing the tyranny waged against Tibetans by the Chinese regime, our online activism has covered a wide range of human rights issues and exposed the complicity of governments corporations and organizations such as the United Nations and Save The Children who have remained silent on violations perpetrated against Tibetans and Uyghurs.

We have built upon our strong presence across the Internet and during the past twelve months and expanded our Facebook and Twitter outreach. This has enabled us to present Tibet’s just cause for national freedom to a growing global audience.

Our work has throughout 2019 been greatly assisted by the generous support of patrons, subscribers and friends. Your donations, encouragements and solidarity has directly resourced our online actions, rebranded and maintained our website, and funded Tibetan flags for @Glasto4TIBET at England’s Glastonbury Festival.

Thank you for such help. We wish you a very merry Winter Holiday and Happy New Year.

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Twitter Locks-Down @tibettruth Again!

We hear that yet again @tibettruth over on Twitter found themselves locked out (June 6th) of their account. This happened last August and also during 2015, when for no fault of theirs the account was closed. An appeal was issued and with the help of many friends eventually access was restored, the explanation and apology provided at the time was that:

“Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. Your account is now unlocked, sorry for the inconvenience.”

It’s hoped that Twitter support admin will promptly ensure that @tibettruth are allowed free and full access to their account as they do remarkable work for the cause of human rights and national freedom for Tibet and its people.

We’d like to thank @Glasto4TIBET for the wonderful support on this issue.


Tibet Message Reaching Into China

Tibet Message Reaching Into China

Image: archivenet

Well it was an awesome Tibetan Independence Day such incredible support from Anonymous activists and a lot of interest across social media.

It was a really positive focus and platform to raise the issue of Tibet’s status as a nation under an illegal occupation/ whose people have every right to their country’s national freedom. Thanks to all our friends and subscribers for the amazing solidarity you show with Tibet’s cause and our digital activism.

We’ve been seeing a massive increase in views of our Blog, and recently it’s getting lots of hits from China and also Hong Kong. We’re happy to see that growing outreach to a Chinese audience. No doubts some will be China’s online cyber-army, but others will be looking for a more truthful perspective on Tibet and the plight of Tibetans. On Twitter too our crew have been noticing lots of follows from China-based accounts, whatever the motive of such interest they’ve come to right place if they’re looking to get a more grounded and realistic understanding of Tibet.

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China’s Cyber-Division Targets Tibettruth

Image: followcn

After reporting on China’s cyber-attack against pro-Tibet organizations and with the launch of Anonymous’ ‘Operation Tibet’ scheduled for Tibetan Independence Day on February 13 we noticed couple hours back a curious email dropping into the inbox.

Seemingly sent from an account with a Tibetan sounding name it asked “Who is this?” and contained the poorly worded and bizarre message “R u now this is high lama”.

It also featured a shortened link which if clicked, presumably, was to satisfy the hoped for curiosity we were supposed to feel.

Like all uninvited incoming communications this was examined with care and given its content considered as being hostile action. It was deleted and a number of precautionary security checks run.

Pro-Tibet Site Targeted With Cyber Attack

Image: print-screen

We remind the cyber division of China’s regime that your efforts to plant malware will continue to be met with rigorous scrutiny and defense.

Meanwhile, should Mr ‘Dawa Phuntsok’ be reading this, and prove to be a Tibetan who genuinely wishes to genuinely contact us he can do so via our Twitter account @tibettruth or on Facebook @digitalactivism

We won’t be holding our breath on that one!

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Building Global Connections For Tibet

Building Global Connections For Tibet


Subscribers and visitors will realize that a central objective of our activism is to expose and challenge the disinformation and propaganda of China’s regime and its allies. As such we are engaged in an information campaign to reach out across social-media to the many who have little or no idea about Tibet and the plight of its people.

Our main platforms for such action involve Twitter and Facebook, and thanks to the dedication and creativeness of amazing colleagues we’ve established a strong profile and presence for Tibet’s cause.

In addition this site is an important and resource-rich source of information, online actions and news on Tibet. It’s global reach is impressive and we monitor traffic regularly and note rising numbers of views from within China.

We’d like to expand on such progress and to that end we recently upgraded its functionality, navigation and look to ensure a fast and easy access to our information, performing across a range of devices.

Help Us Build Global Connections

You can easily help give greater exposure and reach to our site, and in doing so connect even more people across the internet to the facts on Tibet.

If you have a Blog, website or social media page we ask you to please consider placing a link to our site https://tibettruth.com

Such a simple action, collectively, will be a direct assistance in further increasing our site’s prominence on search-engines. A development which we are sure will bring a frown to the faces of China’s regime 🙂


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@tibettruth Returned To Twitter-Then Trolled!

Happy to see that common sense was restored as Twitter unlocked the account of our colleagues @tibettruth. There was huge support from many friends across social media and major thanks to all for the solidarity.

While it was awesome to see the account back online and getting information on Tibet out there, the day was darkened by the actions of a handful of trolls. Resulting we were sorry to hear of a new volunteer to the @tibettruth crew stepping down. He had unknowingly responded to what he thought, in all innocenece to be a genuine interest from an account to donate towards our work for Tibet. No crime there then. However the account in question turned out to be linked to the vitriolic dispute regarding a Tibetan Buddhist deity, which has resulted in much online disharmony and abuse among the wider Tibetan Diaspora and some supporters of Tibet.

Our former volunteer unaware of the background or detail replied to what he considered a bona fide approach, this error was then seized upon as an excuse to issue a stream of abuse against him and the activism we conduct.

We have previously made it known that we are entirely disinterested in arguments for or against this corrosive and divisive issue, unfortunately we hear that any attempt at reasoned and civilized communication failed. There was an agenda at work. Our Twitter team decided to block one of the accounts involved and reconnected with posting news and information on Tibet. To a degree though the damage had been done and we lost the activism of a decent and kind person who wanted to show his support for Tibet.

In response to the targeting of our Twitter colleagues we issued a statement, which is included  HERE for anyone wishing to know our position.