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Anonymous Hacking Into Chinese CCTV Cams As ‘Op_Tibet’ Action Builds For Tibetan Independence Day

Anonymous Hacking Into Chinese CCTV Cams As 'Op_Tibet' Action Builds For Tibetan Independence Day

Image: archivenet


Our Twitter crew @tibettruth is reporting that  Anonymous activists within #blackhat_global and  #thecreed have today hacked into cctv cams across mainland China. A large number have been exposed and posted online, vulnerabilities that can be exploited further.


Anonymous Hacking Into Chinese CCTV Cams As 'Op_Tibet' Action Builds For Tibetan Independence Day

Image: print-screen from data shared by @JohnDoe14314155


This action seems to be linked to the targets and issues mentioned in a video statement released a couple of days back by ‘Operation Tibet’.

In that broadcast they highlighted the mass surveillance technology which targets and oppresses Tibetans. No doubt there will be more strikes launched in the days running up to February 13 (Tibetan Independence Day) we shall be sure to keep you posted of news as and when it breaks.

Meanwhile shout-out to @JohnDoe14314155 for sharing information on this.

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Anonymous To Launch Attacks Against Mass Surveillance In Tibet

Video courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Anonymous activists’ project, ‘Operation Tibet’ (supported by #blackhat_global #teamriddler and #thecreed) today released a video statement ahead of Tibetan Independence Day in which they announced that Chinese government and corporation websites linked with mass surveillance technology are to be targeted on February 13.

The video reports on the nature and extent of how systems such as facial recognition are used as another layer of oppression against the Tibetan people, intruding and recording their every move.

We are extremely grateful to all those involved with this action and offer our genuine appreciation for such active solidarity.

Shoutout to our Twitter crew @tibettruth for news on this and to @AnonymousTibet for sharing this video.

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China’s Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

China's Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

So yesterday Chinese media reported a person in occupied Tibet had contracted the flu-variant known as Corona Virus, the individual we are told showed no serious illness and is seemingly in a stable condition. What’s not so secure however is the Chinese regime. This largely mild infection has put the oppressors of Tibet into panic mode.

Paranoid of public reaction in China itself, with the nightmare vision of social unrest and dissent, Xi Jinping and his psychopathic dictatorship are posing as patriotic defenders of the state. Indeed the public narrative is about winning a war. Those of a more skeptical disposition could be forgiven on regarding this as an exercise in mass propaganda. To a considerable degree it is just that. Sure there’s a public health need towards a virus which thus far appears relatively mild, but make no mistake China’s government is also exploiting the situation for political purposes.

Bombarding Tibetan homes with 24/7 propaganda reportage on this virus, instilling a sense of fear and uncertainty while presenting itself as a trusted and reliable savior is just another psy-op being waged against the people of occupied Tibet.

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Ignoring The Big Brother Nightmare In Tibet And East Turkistan Britain’s Government Kowtows To China’s Mass Surveillance Provider

This interrogation within a Chinese police station shockingly reveals the degree and extent of internet and social-media scrutiny operated by China’s government. This man was arrested within a short time of posting humorous comments about the police. His cell phone and local network are designed and run as an extension of the security services inside China, the tech corporations that facilitate such mass surveillance include Huawei.

Just 24 hours after the British government chose China’s state surveillance state and its default tech snooper, Huawei, a thirty percent role in providing 5G coverage the heat on Capitol Hill is increasing. Why, it’s being asked, would Britain ignore the justified security concerns and allow a company that services the Chinese regime to construct, install and run such a critical infrastructure?

The answer of course is all about trade deals with China and the allure of profits, yet there will be serious consequences in appeasing a totalitarian authority. One that relies upon Huawei to operate and expand its suffocating surveillance apparatus which is recording, monitoring and assessing virtually every aspect of public life in occupied Tibet and East Turkistan.

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Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

While mainstream media pumps out sensationalist headlines and scare-mongering reports on the corona virus in China the regime is doing what it does best, locking down populations, putting paramilitary on the streets, banning travel and of course censoring reportage. It is also taking full advantage of the situation (which some are wondering may well be an engineered ‘crisis’) to present itself as savior of the people.


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

In Lhasa today the man who signs the orders to brutalize the Tibetans of U Tsang Region of occupied Tibet, Mr Wu Yingjie paid a propaganda visit to a medical facility. How the tortured and oppressed  of Tibet must have celebrated knowing that this Chinese regime thug was in the forefront against this virus!


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

It was of course another staged performance, serving as ever the political needs of the Chinese authorities, there’s little evidence that Tibetans have contracted this latest viral condition. Menwhile amid the reporting frenzy surrounding this story there’s much disinformation and as usual a lack of realism. Well for anyone currently scared by what they’re seeing across the internet or on news reports (and we hear in exile a Tibetan lama has offered a protective mantra to protect Tibetans) let’s put things into perspective with some hard math. Are you ready?

106 (today’s total reported from China as having died from this virus) 1,439,323,776 (China’s population)

The formula being: 106 divided by 1,439,323,776 multiplied by 100 

Which equals: 0.000007365% (the percentage of China’s population that have reportedly died from the virus)

Now compare that tiny figure with the following:

2400 (reported CEC figure for Seasonal Flu Deaths in the US 2019) 327,096,265 (population of the US)

The equation now being: 2400 divided by 327,096,265 multiplied by 100

Which equals: 0.000733729% (percentage of USA’s population that died from Seasonal Flu in 2019)

Kinda brings home the reality as to why the panic and anxiety being whipped up by media and the actions of the Chinese authorities is misplaced.

There’s only one virus in Tibet that’s causing misery, illness and death, and that’s the presence and policies of China’s regime and its tyrannical military.!


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Tibet’s New Year Celebrations Rescheduled To Serve Chinese Propaganda

Tibet's New Year Celebrations Rescheduled To Serve Chinese Propaganda

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

In a further effort to Sinicize Tibetan culture, and deceive the wider world into thinking that Tibet’s an intrinsic part of China, a series of propaganda events have been staged coinciding with the Lunar New festival a crucial celebration within Chinese tradition.

Tibetans, such as those in Shigatse, were pressurized into performing rituals (which since ancient times have marked the actual Tibetan New Year celebration of ‘Losar’) on or close to January 25. This date during 2020 marks the Chinese the Spring Festival,  it has nothing to do with traditional Tibetan New Year festivities.

That will be celebrated on February 24 and features a series of rituals that date back to the beginnings of Tibetan history, these are totally distinct and unique to Tibetan culture. However as they form such a significant component of Tibet’s cultural and national character the Chinese regime is now seeking to assimilate, dilute and manipulate those traditions to meet their political and disinformation purposes.

Please remember this on February 24, 2020, the first day of Tibetan Losar (New Year) the year of the Iron Mouse, 2147.

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Earthquake Rocks Tibet’s Chamdo Area

Earthquake Rocks Tibet's Chamdo Area

Image: Jana Hollingsworth/@tibettruth

The Tibetan town of Chamdo in the eastern region  of Kham in occupied Tibet was hit Saturday 25th January by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake.

Earthquake Rocks Tibet's Chamdo Area

Image: maxar technologies/ enhanced by @tibettruth

As can be seen from the satellite image the area is remote with a low population level. Although strong tremors were felt across Tibetan villages and towns so far there have been no reports of fatalities.