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  1. There can be legitimate civil action taken against regimes that are prejudicially violent and corrupt towards invaded and physically abused nations states.

    A civil action that doesn’t include physical violence is a noble reality and I personally applaud the people who achieved a notable success on this day of anniversary for Tibeten Independence.

    The Chinese Communist Party has invaded and occupied Tibet for several decades, and countries which are supposed advocates of peace, justice and freedom should help Tibet now.

    Broken promises made by capitalist inspired regimes that have failed to live up to promises made several decades ago will not be forgotten about in their duplicity, but countries such as the USA and the UK will receive increased respect from human beings around the world, including Tibetans, if they step up to the plate and attempt to make amends by taking direct action to help people, peoples, nations and nation states being oppressed and horribly abused.

    Stop believing in capitalism at all costs.

    Free Tibet.

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