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Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

Asking Friends Of Our Tibet Activism To Donate Towards Laptop Replacement

Image: archivenet

Firstly, apologies to friends and subscribers who may have noticed our online absence recently. This has been caused by two laptops used for editing the site and social media actions crashing and becoming inoperable.

This has meant using community libraries, but with the hysteria surrounding the current flu-virus that alternative has been shut-down.

Right now this post has been possible via a friend’s kindness, but we sorely need to get a replacement and wondered if those who support our activism for Tibet would consider making a donation towards our goal of buying a  Dell 15 Inspiron 7000 .

Our blog is not usually a chosen platform for such a request, however to restore unrestricted online operations we need ASAP support towards our very limited funds. Which is why we’ve decided to make this post in the hope you may kindly consider donating towards our goal of $1000, that would enable us to invest in a new laptop.

If you can help us please visit our dedicated Paypal donations link: http://paypal.me/tibettruth


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Online Lobby Supporting Tibet’s National Independence

Online Lobby Supporting Tibet's National Independence

Image: @tibettruth

With the commemoration of the 1959 Lhasa Uprising on March 10 we’d like to invite friends and subscribers to show support for Tibet’s just cause by joining our online lobby of political representatives.

It only takes a few minutes but sends a powerful communication in support of Tibetan national freedom to your local and regional politician.

For the USA click here:

For the European Union click here:

For the UK click here:


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Anonymous Honors Tibet’s Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: archivenet

What an incredible few days leading up to Tibetan Independence Day on February 13. The action taken by Anonymous activists was amazing in it’s scope and ingenuity, how do we know this? Well our Twitter crew @tibettruth have been working 24/7 researching and reporting on developments and news regarding ‘Operation Tibet’.

Their video channel had made clear that Chinese government sites and high-tech corporations that research, manufacture and service mass-surveillance, facial recognition and bio-metric data processing systems would be targeted.

Video: courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Boy did they deliver! Chinese CCTV cameras were hacked and exposed across the internet. Thousands of computers and servers across China got infected with MIRAI malware, allowing remote control in further attacks. Leading corporations such as Alibaba, Tencent, and China Telecom had their servers hacked and taken offline. Meanwhile China’s government and specific companies like WiseWeb found their websites crashed by a series of cyber attacks.

Video: courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Does this matter to China’s regime you may wonder? You betcha, we’ve known for years just how sensitive and concerned the Chinese authorities are to any form of opposition or exposure. But don’t take our word. Check out what Mr Chan Si Cheng (the Director Macau’s IT and Telecommunications Coordination Department of the Judiciary Police) said about ‘Operation Tibet’ in a February 11 article in the Macau News said about ‘Operation Tibet’ in a February 11 article in the Macau News Interestingly that report stated that the Macau authorities had been warned about the planned cyber activism by the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Centre (CNITSEC). An authorized arm of the Chinese regime.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: print-screen from @anonriddler report

We’d also received intelligence that accounts across Twitter that were reporting on ‘Operation Tibet’ were being targeted by fake accounts run by Chinese political trolls, no doubt very eager to monitor the nature and flow of information. So, yes China’s tyrannical government was worried and actively monitoring events, but it could not stop the damage, delay and cost inflicted by anonymous activists. Nor could it prevent the discussion and reportage surrounding the various actions taken, which spread across social media.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

On that we must give a shout-out to @tibettruth who did awesome work, and special mention also to @AnonymousTibet (not the phony Facebook account) for publishing such inventive, informative and powerful video content on ‘Operation Tibet’. We hear that Twitter made the wrong move yesterday by temporarily locking-down their account, timing which some may consider more than mere coincidence. Respect and credit also to @JohnDoe14314155 @anonriddler @project_tibet @teamriddler for their solidarity with Tibet’s just cause and sharing valuable news and images.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: Tibetan Review

At the heart of all this digital activism is a genuine concern for the plight of Tibet, its people and culture under the asphyxiating control of Chinese rule. We thank all those anonymous individuals who offered their expertise, skills and resources in support of Tibetan Independence Day. It has been a remarkable expression of solidarity that’s impacted upon China’s regime and its corrupt corporations.

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A Pro-Tibet Anonymous Collective Reports Seeding Thousands Of Chinese Websites With Deadly Virus

Video courtesy of @AnonymousTibet


With just over 24 hours to go before Anonymous launch their planned strike (against Chinese corporate and government sites linked with the mass surveillance of Tibetans) activists with Operation Tibet have already been causing havoc. A number of sites have been hacked, CCTV cameras across China broken into and made vulnerable to further damage. One of the major corporations enabling China’s regime to suppress the people of Tibet with facial recognition and big data monitoring has had it’s server crashed by a recent attack.


A Pro-Tibet Anonymous Collective Reports Seeding Thousands Of Chinese Websites With Deadly Virus

Screenshot Of Latest Attack From #blackhat, thanks to @JohnDoe14314155


These actions have been conducted by the digital activists  #blackhat. In the past hour an anonymous account on Twitter @JohnDoe14314155 has posted news that the same collective is claiming more than 500 thousand Chinese websites are infected with MIRAI”.  This particular form of cyber attack has caused massive global damage to websites and networks in the past, injecting malware into servers and computers transforming them into remotely accessible bots. These can then be exploited and used to initiate further attacks, on a similarly immense scale.

A digital chaos is being inflicted by those within Operation Tibet and over the next day or so it looks to be getting a whole lot worse for Chinese corporate and government websites. Anyone raising Tibet’s national flag on ‘Tibetan Independence Day’ on February 13 will be smiling with delight at this incredible support from Anonymous . We shall of course keep right across developments.




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Update On Latest Operation Tibet Attacks Against Chinese Targets

Video shared by @AnonymousTibet

Our Twitter crew @tibettruth received today a video update from Anonymous hacktivists ‘Op_Tibet’.

It reports on the latest attacks from #blackhat on Chinese corporate websites ahead of the scheduled operation set for Tibetan Independence Day on February 13.