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Anonymous Honors Tibet’s Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: archivenet

What an incredible few days leading up to Tibetan Independence Day on February 13. The action taken by Anonymous activists was amazing in it’s scope and ingenuity, how do we know this? Well our Twitter crew @tibettruth have been working 24/7 researching and reporting on developments and news regarding ‘Operation Tibet’.

Their video channel had made clear that Chinese government sites and high-tech corporations that research, manufacture and service mass-surveillance, facial recognition and bio-metric data processing systems would be targeted.

Video: courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Boy did they deliver! Chinese CCTV cameras were hacked and exposed across the internet. Thousands of computers and servers across China got infected with MIRAI malware, allowing remote control in further attacks. Leading corporations such as Alibaba, Tencent, and China Telecom had their servers hacked and taken offline. Meanwhile China’s government and specific companies like WiseWeb found their websites crashed by a series of cyber attacks.

Video: courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

Does this matter to China’s regime you may wonder? You betcha, we’ve known for years just how sensitive and concerned the Chinese authorities are to any form of opposition or exposure. But don’t take our word. Check out what Mr Chan Si Cheng (the Director Macau’s IT and Telecommunications Coordination Department of the Judiciary Police) said about ‘Operation Tibet’ in a February 11 article in the Macau News said about ‘Operation Tibet’ in a February 11 article in the Macau News Interestingly that report stated that the Macau authorities had been warned about the planned cyber activism by the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Centre (CNITSEC). An authorized arm of the Chinese regime.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: print-screen from @anonriddler report

We’d also received intelligence that accounts across Twitter that were reporting on ‘Operation Tibet’ were being targeted by fake accounts run by Chinese political trolls, no doubt very eager to monitor the nature and flow of information. So, yes China’s tyrannical government was worried and actively monitoring events, but it could not stop the damage, delay and cost inflicted by anonymous activists. Nor could it prevent the discussion and reportage surrounding the various actions taken, which spread across social media.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

On that we must give a shout-out to @tibettruth who did awesome work, and special mention also to @AnonymousTibet (not the phony Facebook account) for publishing such inventive, informative and powerful video content on ‘Operation Tibet’. We hear that Twitter made the wrong move yesterday by temporarily locking-down their account, timing which some may consider more than mere coincidence. Respect and credit also to @JohnDoe14314155 @anonriddler @project_tibet @teamriddler for their solidarity with Tibet’s just cause and sharing valuable news and images.

Anonymous Honors Tibet's Independence Through Devastating Cyber-Attack On Chinese Targets

Image: Tibetan Review

At the heart of all this digital activism is a genuine concern for the plight of Tibet, its people and culture under the asphyxiating control of Chinese rule. We thank all those anonymous individuals who offered their expertise, skills and resources in support of Tibetan Independence Day. It has been a remarkable expression of solidarity that’s impacted upon China’s regime and its corrupt corporations.

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Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Image: original @_Roger_s_ augmented by @tibettruth

Our Twitter crew @tibettruth has received a couple of hours ago a communication from #blackhat_global #Op_Tibet #TheCreed Anonymous activists involved in covert operations against China’s regime.

In an action described as ‘Operation Warm Up’ Anonymous crashed some of the available 6,057 RDP Chinese targets, disabling large numbers of computers from connecting to networks, including those of the Chinese authorities.

This remarkable strike was launched in advance of what chatter across Twitter suggests will be further action on February 13, a date marking Tibetan Independence Day.

We’d like to thank all those who engineered and implemented this latest digital assault against Chinese targets, we are aware of the risks and sacrifices required to plan and launch such actions. That activists operating within  #blackhat_global  #Op_Tibet #TheCreed are prepared to take a stand in support of Tibet’s just cause  is a greatly welcomed expression of solidarity.



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#Op_Tibet Punishes Chinese Government Site

Operation Tibet

Image: courtesy @_The_Puni_sher_ / archivenet

With Tibetan Independence Day arriving tomorrow along with the launch of Anonymous action in support of Tibet news just dropped in from our Twitter team about a strike against a Chinese government website by ‘Operation Tibet’. Information posted on social media reveals the action was taken in response to an attempted cyber attack which was made against our email account./. Genuine thanks to @tibettruth and @_The_Puni_sher_ for sharing news on this

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Tibet Looking Forward To Anonymous Strikes Against Chinese Regime Sites

Tibet Supported By Anonymous Activists

Image: via @tibettruth

It’s awesome to see the growing support from Anonymous activists for Tibet’s cause, that such folk are prepared to invest their expertise and time to oppose the censorship and tyranny of China’s regime deserves much respect and appreciation. Especially when considering that such action is regarded as a form of criminality, placing any who engage in digital hacking with a risk of being charged and jailed.

Given that reality we applaud all those who are taking part in ‘Operation Tibet’ on February 13, your solidarity on Tibetan Independence Day with the just cause of Tibetan national freedom and advocacy of human rights for the people of Tibet is greatly welcomed.

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Tibet Operation Targeted By China’s Hackers

Tibet Operation Targeted By China's Hackers


Our team on Twitter are hearing that cyber attacks originating in China have been attempted against the planned Anonymous operation scheduled to take place on February 13, Tibetan Independence Day. The action being prepared by activist collectives #Op_Tibet #TeamRiddler and #blackhat_global has obviously rattled the Chinese authorities and their many online trolls.

Tibet Operation Targeted By China's Hackers

Image: courtesy of @_Roy_Rogers0

So we understand the attack was unsuccessful due to the diligence, expertise and security measures in place by #blackhat_global. As the day approaches further strikes can be expected from hackers in the service of China’s regime.

Tibet Operation Targeted By China's Hackers

Image: courtesy of @_Roy_Rogers0

Given previous operations run by Anonymous in support of Tibet however we are confident that Chinese government websites will again be targeted and taken offline.

Our sincere appreciation for news on this to @AnonymousTibet @_Roy_Rogers0

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A Shout-Out Of Appreciation For The Anonymous Support On Tibet


Thanks to our Twitter crew @tibettruth we are seeing some awesome action from Anonymous as part of their #Op_Tibet campaign. This week alone a number of Chinese government sites have been taken offline and as we compose this post today, another two have been targeted.

We want to take a few moments here to express our sincere appreciation to all those who are involved in these ongoing actions, the active solidarity show by Anonymous to the just cause of Tibetan national freedom is greatly welcomed.

Remember also that those individuals are devoting their time and specialized skills, removing websites that promote the deceptions and propaganda of China’s regime. Such activism comes with the risk of arrest and prosecution, since despite the clear ethical motivation of Anonymous in supporting Tibet, their digital techniques are regarded as criminal. Crazy right? That the same governments, themselves committing crimes against humanity should criminalize those who are opposing censorship, human rights abuse and the denial-of-freedom!

Our respect to those who know who they are in your support for Tibet, the dedication and expertise you devote is a major assist in exposing and opposing China’s totalitarian tyranny. We wish the upcoming Million Mask March November 5 every success in advancing human rights, justice and equality

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Anonymous Activists Target Chinese Sites


Image courtesy of @tibettruth

Anonymous activists have been busy the past few days ahead of an action they are calling #OpGoldFKR, which launches April 1 and seeks to target Chinese mining corporations, whose presence in occupied Tibet is causing serious environmental damage and poisoning Tibetans. Today however a number of Chinese government websites have been hacked and taken offline by hacktivists operating under the title #TheDragonsDen #blackhat_global #TheCreed. Targets have included government, engineering sites and just announced on Twitter a bio-medical research center website was breached and its data results leaked.