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State Department Becoming China’s Mouthpiece On Tibet

Here’s an educational video on why exactly Tibetans should not consider the State Department any true friend, and certainly no supporter of the very goal of independence that Tibetans demand in their struggle against the tyranny of Chinese occupation. Checkout the snake-oil being dispensed here by US State Department spokesperson, Ms Victoria Nuland, who in just under a minute successfully manages to deliver the agenda of appeasing China’s sensitivities on Tibet while misrepresenting the nature and object of such protests by Tibetans.

She suggests that it is ‘policies’ which are causing Tibetans to self-immolate, carefully choosing to ignore the reality that it is China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet that is driving some Tibetans to carry out these singular political actions. Of course her Department is anxiously aware never to stray into the issue of Tibet’s political status or imply any recognition of Tibet as a nation,or former independence. This is revealed by Ms Nuland correcting herself at 0.27/28 seconds of the video when she first states;

” Urge the Chinese Government at all levels to address policies in Tibet…” Which she swiftly changes to “Tibetan areas”

This craven appeasement towards the Chinese regime was on display again during a Washington DC press conference. In response to China firmly rejecting overtures from the exiled Tibetan Administration for negotiations on autonomy. a State Department spokesperson yesterday called upon the Chinese authorities to enter discussions with the Dalai Lama.

“We have continued to urge the Chinese Government to engage in substantive dialogue with the Dalai Lama or his representatives without preconditions as a means to reduce tensions, obviously urge China to address policies that have created tensions in Tibetan areas and that threaten the Tibetan unique culture,” (Emphasis Added) Source:

This phrase is a cynical construct designed and engineered within the ideological laboratories of China’s regime to promote the falsehood that Tibetans are an ethnic group of China confined to various locations, yet as it slyly implies, firmly within Chinese territory. The facts are of course very different as Tibetans are a distinct people surviving in an independent nation under illegal and brutal occupation. The State Department denies that reality and has embraced such obvious propaganda from China, along with mainstream media it happily complies with China’s bogus claims over Tibet.

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf reinforced such disinformation. The misrepresentation she peddled to assembled journalists shifted attention away from the core truths of Tibet’s cause by suggesting it is China’s policies alone that are generating Tibetan protest. She invites the somewhat logical conclusion that should China moderate or cease its oppressive measures then Tibetans would end their demonstrations. Yet her employer’s know full well that Tibetans are struggling not simply to end repressive policy but to assert Tibetan independence and national identity.

A subject too toxic for a State Department whose foreign policy values regarding China are to maintain, further secure and encourage positive ties with the Chinese Regime, the truth of the Tibetan struggle is therefore an unwelcome distraction, and so is ignored, denied and lied about in the pursuit of appeasing America’s number one investor.

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Is This The Voice Of America Or China?


Getting increasingly pissed at Voice Of America and its VOA Tibetan Service which consistently feature maps that may as well have been drafted by the propaganda department of China’s regime! When Tibetan national and cultural identity is facing a steady erosion due to China’s colonization of Tibet just what are organizations, which are seemingly sympathetic and supportive of Tibet’s cause doing promoting the cynical fictions engineered in Beijing’s laboratory of disinformation?

The answer may well be found in understanding that VOA is an extension of, and more importantly funded by, Federal Government, the State Department of which is no friend of Tibetan independence. Indeed their policy on China, summed up in one word, ‘appeasement’  is driven by trade and other economic considerations, after all guess which totalitarian country is bankrolling the United States!

So the suits over at 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC get the jitters on the mention of Tibet, especially regarding the issue of its status, Tibetan independence is a very dirty expression to John Kerry’s advisors. For decades the position has been to avoid entirely any reference to the historic and legal factors that support Tibet’s sovereignty and to focus instead on issues of human or cultural rights. The State Department has welcomed (and who knows may have been a consulting architect) the exiled Tibetan Administration’s  ‘Middle Way Policy’ as that concedes Chinese territorial claims over Tibet. In advocating that and calling for dialog between the Dalai Lama and China on a resolution of the Tibetan issue, the DC diplomats are being duplicitous and evading entirely the reality that Tibetans inside Tibet are struggling to demand their national independence.

So to placate the sensitivities of the Chinese Regime concerning Tibet and maintain the lucrative commercial relations between the US and China every effort is made to reassure the tyrants of Beijing that the Government of the US does not in any way regard Tibet as separate from China. Which brings us back to the reportage of the Voice Of America and its Tibetan Service.

Given this somewhat cynical and corrupted context is it any wonder that when reporting on Tibet or Tibetan protests that VOA features maps that show only the so-called ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’ and endorse China’s claims that other Tibetan regions are part of Chinese Provinces!


It is censorship of the most perfidious kind, a gross hypocrisy by an organization that declares itself a voice for freedom of speech,and human rights, yet operates an editorial policy that misrepresents the facts in order to conform to the dictates of a State Department which must be suffering from sciatica given the amount of kow-towing it does to China’s regime.

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San Leandro Do You Really Want To Ally Your City With Tyranny?

What Does This Represent To You You?


We have now received a very informative and helpful response from Marian Handa, City Clerk of San Leandro addressing specific questions we presented on the recent City Council meeting on the subject of it’s flag raising policy. As we had also published these in the form of an open communication to inform our friends and subscribers, the detailed reply kindly provided by Marian may be read HERE It is featured to assist those who are actively concerned about the proposal to raise the flag of China above City Hall reach an informed understanding of the Council’s position and consequences of any amendments regarding this policy.

One thing for sure certain Council members appear curiously determined to associate San Leandro with an emblem that goes far beyond culture, to claim as some have that the Chinese flag is a cultural representation has the same hollowness as asserting that the flag of the National Socialist Party Of Germany represented German culture!

An Emblem Of Peace & Culture?
An Emblem Of Peace & Culture?

The procedural administration of City Councils of course vary and each operate according to agreed policy and democratically determined process, that was evident in the debate and public presentations of March 17,during which many Tibetans attended and gave powerful testimony as to why it would be unacceptable to honor China’s regime by flying the Chinese flag over City Hall. We wonder though how many folks at that meeting were aware that the recommendation to change the current flag raising policy seems not to have been drawn from open discussion with active and encouraged participation from the public but apparently was based upon the sole recommendation of San Leandro City Manager, Chris Zapata!

According to the official communication we received from the City Clerk:

The City Manager recommends that Council modify the existing flag policy to require applicants requesting the raising of a special designation flag or flag of a foreign nation to provide a detailed assessment of the ancillary needs associated with their request. For example, if a ceremony were to be held along with the raising of the flag, the applicant would be directed to provide an overview of the requested location and duration of the event, the specific timing of the event, the number of anticipated attendees, or any other associated logistical needs that would impact City resources or staff. Additionally, the City Manager recommends that the decision to raise such special designation flags or flags of foreign nations rest solely with the City Council. As such, the policy should be revised to remove the City Manager from the approval process.”

Would San Leandro City Council Have Flown The  Racist Apartheid Flag Of South Africa As Emblem of Peace & Friendly Relations?
Would San Leandro City Council Have Flown The Racist Apartheid Flag Of South Africa As An Emblem of Peace & Friendly Relations?

Are we the only folks here to consider such a recommendation, if made by an individual, minus any consensual or open discussion and lacking public participation, runs counter to transparent, democratic process? On what basis did the City Manager decide to propose such amendments, was he lobbied by Council Members beyond public scrutiny? Perhaps this was an executive and non-accountable decision? Whatever the facts there are a number of questions raised. For example has Chris Zapata in setting out these proposals operated within the remit of his office? Does his administrative jurisdiction extend to drafting recommendations to alter wording of present policy? What authority does his office possess to propose policy changes?

Would San Leandro City Council Have Flown The Genocidal Flag Of The Khymer Rouge  As Emblem of Peace & Friendly Relations With Cambodia?
Would San Leandro City Council Have Flown The Genocidal Flag Of The Khymer Rouge As An Emblem of Peace & Friendly Relations With Cambodia?

In removing from the Mayor final authority in any decision on flag raising, which the City Manager’s recommendations proposed, such a determination would be left to a vote of the Council. That was agreed during the meeting of March 17 by a majority of 4 to 3, so if such a position endures then in all likely-hood we can expect San Leandro at some future date to vote in favor of raising the Chinese flag at City Hall. We can only presume that the City Manager, in suddenly intervening in this fashion was very aware of such consequences, which will make some wonder as to the influences that may have operated behind the scenes. Clearly this issue is set to continue generating widespread concern at just what is going down in the city’s council? Are we really seeing an effort to serve local opinion on the matter, is this truly about acknowledging Chinese culture, or is it the tip of a much darker agenda? We are going to present such concerns to Chris Zapata, stay tuned!

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UK Elite Goes Begging To China

Image: graphic very kindly created by @anonriddler

Early next week an airliner will be departing the shores of England packed with a high profile trade delegation, a key component of British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s trip to China. The objective is to secure further deals with China’s regime and seek Chinese investment within the UK economy, which is becoming, like that of the United States, increasingly dependent upon China’s economy. Apart from various financial incentives and a green light on moving into areas such as nuclear, oil and gas, mobile communications and info-tech research the Chinese are being served a generous portion of appeasement on human rights and  the issue of occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkestan.

Not that Cameron will give a damn about such issues, he will be far too busy working for the benefit of (cough) ‘British interests’ which shall be represented by the reported presence of  Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore, McLaren sports car boss Ron Dennis, Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Jorma Ollila, London Stock Exchange Chief Executive Xavier Rolet, TalkTalk’s Dido Harding, Standard Chartered’s Peter Sands and GlaxoSmithKline’s Chief Executive Andrew Witty.

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Are There Reds Under The Bed At Alameda City Hall?

Extract From Alameda City Website

Thanks to the wonderful support and activism of our friends and subscribers, who took time out to contact the Mayor of Alameda in protest at the planned raising in that city of China’s flag on October 1 we were interested to note that yesterday a response was issued by  Alexander Nguyen the Assistant City Manager. In his email Alex was very clear in claiming that the event was “not a formal City Hall event” and that it was “sponsored by our local Sister City Association….,”. So no connection then with the city authorities? Well the same day this claim was made, at during a meeting of Alemada’s Social Service Human Relations Board, a Mr Robles Wong was appointed as a representative of City Hall to guess which body? You got it the Sister City Association! The very organization which Mr Nguyen was at pains to assert was sponsoring the ‘private’ flag raising event. Hmmm!

The fingerprints of Alameda’s civic authority seem to be all over this, and its fair to consider that they have influence and input, meanwhile we notice that Mayor Gilmore has thus far declined to issue a statement making clear that she nor her Council colleagues support flying China’s flag in the city, an act of appeasement that endorses China’s regime. Well Ms Mayor??????


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Special Meeting Vows To Continue With Failed Policy That Betrays Tibetan Struggle


As predicted in the previous post the ‘Special Meeting Of Tibetans’, convened recently by the body formerly known as the Exiled Tibetan Government, in Dharamsala, Northern India revealed itself as little more than a public exercise to endorse the long failed strategy of appeasement towards China’s Regime. In essence this seeks so-called meaningful autonomy, with Tibetans left under the tender mercies of China’s national and regional laws, in effect it would see Tibetans submitting to China’s claims that Tibet is part of China, and its people just another Chinese national minority. Anyone who has doubts on this should make a big pot of coffee and devote an hour to read carefully the Memorandum On Meaningful Autonomy For Tibetans a document which surrenders Tibet’s nationhood and is the suicidal basis of Tibetan negotiations with China’s authorities.

Yet, within the 31 recommendations agreed by the meeting was, naturally, a resounding approval to continue with a policy, which the Dalai Lama himself conceded has proved a singular failure

“The meeting resolved to pursue the Middle-Way policy to find a meaningful solution through dialogue with the Chinese government as per the past resolutions adopted by the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.” Source

Once again the struggle of Tibetans in occupied Tibet, who so bravely resist China’s tyranny to demand their nation’s independence, has been entirely ignored and marginalized by a cabal which draping itself in Tibet’s national flag, in truth has exchanged courage and determination with compromise and capitulation.

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Exiled Tibetan Prime Minister Acknowledging Tibetans Are Chinese?

Lobsang Sangay


Lobsang Sangay was elected from within the exiled Tibetan community to the post of Prime Minister and travels the world articulating what he and his Administration consider to be the objectives of Tibet’s cause. What this urbane and media aware spokesperson chooses not to mention in his numerous interviews is the reality that the message he peddles is at complete variance with the political struggle being waged inside occupied Tibet. Not only that but the strategy which his declarations endorse, known as the Middle Way policy, has been conceded by the Dalai Lama as a failure. That sobering truth however has not prevented Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues from continuing to flog a very dead yak in their efforts to appease China’s leadership to return to what have proved utterly failed negotiations over Tibet.

His latest comments, featured in Foreign Policy again betray the common aspiration of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, who face China’s tyranny to demand their rightful independence, while in the air-conditioned comfort of Washington Lobsang was  assuring a reporter of The Cable that:

“If Tibet is granted autonomy, that could be a catalyst for moderation of China because if the Chinese government grants autonomy to Tibetans, for the first time they are accepting diversity within and accepting a distinct if not different people, (Emphasis Added)

This comment might be misread by some as the exiled Tibetan Minister implying Tibetans are in fact Chinese and belonging to the one big happy nation of the Motherland? Such a concession would not be entirely surprising given the record of dangerous surrender and appeasement which has characterized the efforts of the exiled Tibetan Administration in seeking compromises from China. Later in the same interview he claimed:

We are asking for genuine autonomy within China, within the framework of the Chinese constitution. We are not challenging Chinese sovereignty or territorial integrity so we are willing to accept the One China concept,” (Emphasis Added)

Precisely who is Lobsang Sangay referring to when he talks of “we”? Clearly not those Tibetans who have for decades resisted China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet to demand independence. Nor is he speaking for Tibetans who self-immolate and have distributed leaflets calling for Tibetan independence, shouted slogans calling for the same, or as occurred on June 20 having doused themselves in gasoline and set themselves ablaze held aloft the symbol of Tibetan independence, the national flag of Tibet.

The exiled Tibetan Administration knows very well that Tibetans seek national freedom, a fact recognized on a number of occasions by the Dalai Lama, it is fully aware too of the stream of detailed accounts emerging from Tibet that documents protests, collective and individual that have as a central demand Tibetan independence. However this heartfelt and common aspiration is callously ignored in the pursuit of securing a condition of so-called autonomy in which Tibet’s rightful cause for nationhood is abandoned and Tibetans would remain under China’s bloody maw.

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Ireland Goes Soft On China’s Tyrants

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We would request folks to send a message of appreciation to Richard Boyd Barrett TD one of the few champions of truth, justice, human rights and freedom within Ireland’s Parliament who stood up for Tibet and questioned the Irish Government’s stance on placating China’s regime. He may be contacted directly via here: