State Department Becoming China’s Mouthpiece On Tibet

Here’s an educational video on why exactly Tibetans should not consider the State Department any true friend, and certainly no supporter of the very goal of independence that Tibetans demand in their struggle against the tyranny of Chinese occupation. Checkout the snake-oil being dispensed here by US State Department spokesperson, Ms Victoria Nuland, who in just under a minute successfully manages to deliver the agenda of appeasing China’s sensitivities on Tibet while misrepresenting the nature and object of such protests by Tibetans.

She suggests that it is ‘policies’ which are causing Tibetans to self-immolate, carefully choosing to ignore the reality that it is China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet that is driving some Tibetans to carry out these singular political actions. Of course her Department is anxiously aware never to stray into the issue of Tibet’s political status or imply any recognition of Tibet as a nation,or former independence. This is revealed by Ms Nuland correcting herself at 0.27/28 seconds of the video when she first states;

” Urge the Chinese Government at all levels to address policies in Tibet…” Which she swiftly changes to “Tibetan areas”

This craven appeasement towards the Chinese regime was on display again during a Washington DC press conference. In response to China firmly rejecting overtures from the exiled Tibetan Administration for negotiations on autonomy. a State Department spokesperson yesterday called upon the Chinese authorities to enter discussions with the Dalai Lama.

“We have continued to urge the Chinese Government to engage in substantive dialogue with the Dalai Lama or his representatives without preconditions as a means to reduce tensions, obviously urge China to address policies that have created tensions in Tibetan areas and that threaten the Tibetan unique culture,” (Emphasis Added) Source:

This phrase is a cynical construct designed and engineered within the ideological laboratories of China’s regime to promote the falsehood that Tibetans are an ethnic group of China confined to various locations, yet as it slyly implies, firmly within Chinese territory. The facts are of course very different as Tibetans are a distinct people surviving in an independent nation under illegal and brutal occupation. The State Department denies that reality and has embraced such obvious propaganda from China, along with mainstream media it happily complies with China’s bogus claims over Tibet.

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf reinforced such disinformation. The misrepresentation she peddled to assembled journalists shifted attention away from the core truths of Tibet’s cause by suggesting it is China’s policies alone that are generating Tibetan protest. She invites the somewhat logical conclusion that should China moderate or cease its oppressive measures then Tibetans would end their demonstrations. Yet her employer’s know full well that Tibetans are struggling not simply to end repressive policy but to assert Tibetan independence and national identity.

A subject too toxic for a State Department whose foreign policy values regarding China are to maintain, further secure and encourage positive ties with the Chinese Regime, the truth of the Tibetan struggle is therefore an unwelcome distraction, and so is ignored, denied and lied about in the pursuit of appeasing America’s number one investor.

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