If Putin’s A War Criminal Then What Does That Make Xi Jinping?

If Putin's A War Criminal Then What Does That Make Xi Jinping?

As the International Criminal Court (ICC) imposes a warrant, for the arrest of Russian President Putin, we should perhaps reflect on the nauseating double-standards of that agency. First though, the cited reason for charging him with war crimes – the forced relocation of a reported 1,400 children from their family home in Ukranian or Russian territory (depending on your point-of-view) to Russia. A number of United Nations articles were raised clearly defining such as a gross human rights violation.

Yet, where has the ICC been while the Chinese Regime has been forcibly removing countless thousands of Uyghur and Tibetan children (including infants) from their family and placing them into indoctrination centers, where they are effectively brainwashed 24/7 into becoming Chinese-speaking model citizens?

It’s strange how the ICC regards the abuse of some children as deserving of a charge of war-crimes, yet has offered not even a gesture of concern at the harrowing reports of Uyghur and Tibetan cultural and national identity being calculatedly eradicated through a program of cultural genocide which targets children.

Others may ask why no charges were brought upon former President Bush or the UK’s Tony Blair for the mass slaughter of Iraqis, many civilians; such as those of Fallujah, who were shelled with depleted uranium and white phosphorous weaponry.

The answer of course is one of hypocrisy, political agenda and the corrosive influence of countries, who while claiming to be defenders-of-freedom care only about furthering their preferred economic and geo-strategic interests.

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