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China’s Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

China's Viral Scaremongering In Occupied Tibet

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

So yesterday Chinese media reported a person in occupied Tibet had contracted the flu-variant known as Corona Virus, the individual we are told showed no serious illness and is seemingly in a stable condition. What’s not so secure however is the Chinese regime. This largely mild infection has put the oppressors of Tibet into panic mode.

Paranoid of public reaction in China itself, with the nightmare vision of social unrest and dissent, Xi Jinping and his psychopathic dictatorship are posing as patriotic defenders of the state. Indeed the public narrative is about winning a war. Those of a more skeptical disposition could be forgiven on regarding this as an exercise in mass propaganda. To a considerable degree it is just that. Sure there’s a public health need towards a virus which thus far appears relatively mild, but make no mistake China’s government is also exploiting the situation for political purposes.

Bombarding Tibetan homes with 24/7 propaganda reportage on this virus, instilling a sense of fear and uncertainty while presenting itself as a trusted and reliable savior is just another psy-op being waged against the people of occupied Tibet.

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Ignoring The Big Brother Nightmare In Tibet And East Turkistan Britain’s Government Kowtows To China’s Mass Surveillance Provider

This interrogation within a Chinese police station shockingly reveals the degree and extent of internet and social-media scrutiny operated by China’s government. This man was arrested within a short time of posting humorous comments about the police. His cell phone and local network are designed and run as an extension of the security services inside China, the tech corporations that facilitate such mass surveillance include Huawei.

Just 24 hours after the British government chose China’s state surveillance state and its default tech snooper, Huawei, a thirty percent role in providing 5G coverage the heat on Capitol Hill is increasing. Why, it’s being asked, would Britain ignore the justified security concerns and allow a company that services the Chinese regime to construct, install and run such a critical infrastructure?

The answer of course is all about trade deals with China and the allure of profits, yet there will be serious consequences in appeasing a totalitarian authority. One that relies upon Huawei to operate and expand its suffocating surveillance apparatus which is recording, monitoring and assessing virtually every aspect of public life in occupied Tibet and East Turkistan.

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China Releases Loan Sharks To Feed Off Tibet

China Releases Loan Sharks To Feed Off Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

First it invaded and brutally occupied Tibet, destroying the Buddhist fabric of Tibetan society, enslaving the Tibetan people by installing an army of occupation. Then recently it imposed a high-tech surveillance system, including facial-recognition coverage that monitors and records every public location and movement. Not content with such oppression Tibetans are forced into concentration settlements, while Tibet’s children are brainwashed daily into regarding themselves as patriotic Chinese citizens.

Now China’s regime has unleashed another campaign designed to tighten its hold over each and every Tibetan household. Teams of loan-sharks from the Bank of China are targeting villages in Kongpo region of occupied Tibet supposedly offering ‘financial knowledge’. This initiative is of course not about information provision (nor evidence of personal prosperity) but seeks to bind Tibetan families with loans and debts, of course behind the scenes lurks the Chinese authorities who authorized this latest campaign.



Tibet’s Monks Spend More Time Studying The Dictates Of Xi Jinping Than Practicing Buddhism

Tibet's Monks Spend More Time Studying The Dictates Of Xi Jinping Than Practicing Buddhism

Image: @tibettruth

If you were to play a word association game with Tibet as it’s subject one of the most popular first responses would be, Buddhism. Not surprising right? What a lot of folks may not realize however is that Tibet’s Buddhist traditions have been criminalized by the Chinese regime. Monasteries (or the scattered remains of the hundreds which once existed) now placed under the asphyxiating supervision of China’s communist authorities. Monks are forced to learn the ‘enlightened’ political doctrine of Xi Jinping, daily indoctrination sessions have relegated Buddhist practice. There is no mention of the Dalai Lama, the consequences are far too terrifying, his image once reverently displayed, replaced by photographs showing a smiling Chinese dictator.

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Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Anonymous Crash Chinese Sites In Online Attack Supporting Tibet

Image: original @_Roger_s_ augmented by @tibettruth

Our Twitter crew @tibettruth has received a couple of hours ago a communication from #blackhat_global #Op_Tibet #TheCreed Anonymous activists involved in covert operations against China’s regime.

In an action described as ‘Operation Warm Up’ Anonymous crashed some of the available 6,057 RDP Chinese targets, disabling large numbers of computers from connecting to networks, including those of the Chinese authorities.

This remarkable strike was launched in advance of what chatter across Twitter suggests will be further action on February 13, a date marking Tibetan Independence Day.

We’d like to thank all those who engineered and implemented this latest digital assault against Chinese targets, we are aware of the risks and sacrifices required to plan and launch such actions. That activists operating within  #blackhat_global  #Op_Tibet #TheCreed are prepared to take a stand in support of Tibet’s just cause  is a greatly welcomed expression of solidarity.



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Tibet’s Phone Users Under 24/7 Surveillance

Tibet's Phone Users Under 24/7 Surveillance

Image: @tibettruth/chogo

Couple of days back the Chinese regime trumpeted that phone usage in Tibet had increased to nearly 4 million.

Of course that would be worthy of celebration if such claimed increase came with attendant progress in human rights, religious freedom and respect for Tibet’s cultural traditions.

However far from indicating such improvements (or ideas of economic progress and social modernity, which is what China’s authorities seek to plant in your mind) for Tibetans, the expansion of cell phone networks and personal use is yet another component of the suffocating control over Tibet.

All networks are authorized and monitored by the regime, as is internet and phone use, while the roll-out of 5G across Tibet enables mass surveillance technology. No phone call inside occupied Tibet is safe!


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Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

Well we made it, 2020  has arrived and around the world much celebration for a better year, unless you were a Tibetan suffering under the relentless misery and oppression of Chinese rule. In Lhasa and across occupied Tibet there were no parties, music concerts or dancing, only the sound of paramilitary patrols stomping along the sidewalk.

While the highlight show for the evening was a speech from Xi Jinping extolling the virtues of patriotism and loyalty to the Chinese communist party and its ambitions for the so-called Motherland.

For any Tibetan who dared go outside they would be confronted by the countless armed patrols ensuring what the Chinese authorities call ‘social harmony’


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

All movement is constantly monitored and Tibetans face a series of suffocating restrictions, roads into and out of towns are littered with checkpoints and anyone driving is targeted for ID checks.


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

In Lhasa and other Tibetan towns high-tech security systems are being implemented, including facial recognition cameras and bio-metric barriers to control and identify each and every Tibetan. There is no aspect of life inside Tibet which is free from surveillance and Chinese regime oppression.


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

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Concentration Camps, Mass Surveillance, Torture And Oppression The Grim Backdrop To The 2022 Winter Olympics

Concentration Camps, Mass Surveillance, Torture And Oppression The Grim Backdrop To The 2022 Winter Olympics

Image: gannetcdn/amended @tibettruth

With 2020 about to blast off we thought it an opportune moment to remind our subscribers, readers and many friends around the planet of the degree of corruption at the heart of international athletics and within the Olympic community.

Of course there’s so many issues, but for us it’s the sickening appeasement of China’s regime which is most irksome.  None more so than agreeing to host the 2022 Winter Games in that country. A decision taken despite the broken assurances and failures surrounding the 2008 Olympics, hosted in China. During which Tibetans and Uyghurs were being brutally oppressed, tortured and jailed for demanding freedom and human rights.

Those heading the international athletics community turned their eyes away, maintained a silence, while not a single athlete or club we appealed to directly expressed any concern or solidarity. Others went further, including the guy above, Craig Reedie, current head of the world doping agency, who denied and appeased on the subject of China’s troubling human rights violations.

This narrative of denial, excuse and concealment looks set to be repeated during the next twelve months as preparations intensify for the 2022 Winter Games. Will athletes take a stand this time, or can we expect the allure of fame, self-interest and fortune to take precedence once again?

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Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China’s Regime

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime

Image: mirroruk

Like the rest of the corporate world England’s premier soccer teams feed from the trough of China’s regime. Chinese money and with it a corrosive influence is increasingly funding English clubs, as witnessed by pitch-side commercials, shirt branding and Chinese language fan sites. Teams are also investing inside China, seeking to maximize their commercial footprint. The potential profits ensure an active collusion from soccer’s elite who close their eyes to China‘s dark record of human rights violations, censorship and forced labor-camps.

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime

So desperate are clubs to nurture and maintain positive relations with China, that like many governments, they signal to the Chinese regime that they will not permit concerns on human rights to interfere with their lucrative corporate objectives. When presented with criticism on this they employ the classic excuse of declaring themselves as being non-political. Which is a joke since their collaborative silence in knowledge of persecution and oppression is a conscious decision very much defined by politics!

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime
Image: ibtimes

Against this background of craven appeasement, yesterday, we noted the comments of the Arsenal player, Mesut Özil who posted on Instagram

“East Turkistan, the bleeding wound of the Ummah, resisting against the persecutors trying to separate them from their religion. They burn their Qurans. They shut down their mosques. They ban their schools. They kill their holy men. The men are forced into camps and their families are forced to live with Chinese men. The women are forced to marry Chinese men. But Muslims are silent. They won’t make a noise. They have abandoned them. Don’t they know that giving consent for persecution is persecution itself?”.

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime

We applaud and respect the integrity and conviction of this player to add his voice and status to give greater exposure to the cultural genocide waged against the Uyghur people. He is right to draw attention to the apathy of fellow Muslims, yet such callous indifference and silence is not restricted to the followers of Islam. Western governments and Non-Governmental Organizations such as United Nations Women and UNCSW are silent on the harrowing abuses being forced upon Uyghurs.

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime
Image: wikimedia

What of his club Arsenal? What’s their response? Within hours of his online comments they posted a statement on a number of prominent Chinese social-media platforms, including Weibo in which they stated:

“Regarding the comments made by Mesut Özil on social media, Arsenal must make a clear statement…The content published is Özil’s personal opinion. As a football club, Arsenal has always adhered to the principle of not involving itself in politics.”.

That grovelling appeasement may not be sufficient to satisfy the extreme nationalism of Chinese opinion, engineered by years of state imposed indoctrination. As in other recent cases were corporations have been required to issue apologies it may well be that Arsenal will be issuing further statements, would they if pushed release Mesut Özil? You betcha!

Arsenal FC And English Premier League In The Pocket Of China's Regime

Image: archivenet

In collaborating with China’s regime; ignoring the atrocities and misery inflicted upon Uyghurs, Tibetans, Mongolians, Manchurians and the Han Chinese people, premier league clubs such as Arsenal are very much engaged in politics. Their collective silence is nothing less than a willing complicity!