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Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

While mainstream media pumps out sensationalist headlines and scare-mongering reports on the corona virus in China the regime is doing what it does best, locking down populations, putting paramilitary on the streets, banning travel and of course censoring reportage. It is also taking full advantage of the situation (which some are wondering may well be an engineered ‘crisis’) to present itself as savior of the people.


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

In Lhasa today the man who signs the orders to brutalize the Tibetans of U Tsang Region of occupied Tibet, Mr Wu Yingjie paid a propaganda visit to a medical facility. How the tortured and oppressed  of Tibet must have celebrated knowing that this Chinese regime thug was in the forefront against this virus!


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

It was of course another staged performance, serving as ever the political needs of the Chinese authorities, there’s little evidence that Tibetans have contracted this latest viral condition. Menwhile amid the reporting frenzy surrounding this story there’s much disinformation and as usual a lack of realism. Well for anyone currently scared by what they’re seeing across the internet or on news reports (and we hear in exile a Tibetan lama has offered a protective mantra to protect Tibetans) let’s put things into perspective with some hard math. Are you ready?

106 (today’s total reported from China as having died from this virus) 1,439,323,776 (China’s population)

The formula being: 106 divided by 1,439,323,776 multiplied by 100 

Which equals: 0.000007365% (the percentage of China’s population that have reportedly died from the virus)

Now compare that tiny figure with the following:

2400 (reported CEC figure for Seasonal Flu Deaths in the US 2019) 327,096,265 (population of the US)

The equation now being: 2400 divided by 327,096,265 multiplied by 100

Which equals: 0.000733729% (percentage of USA’s population that died from Seasonal Flu in 2019)

Kinda brings home the reality as to why the panic and anxiety being whipped up by media and the actions of the Chinese authorities is misplaced.

There’s only one virus in Tibet that’s causing misery, illness and death, and that’s the presence and policies of China’s regime and its tyrannical military.!



Tibet Terrorized By China’s State Engineered Mass-Psychosis

Tibet Terrorized By China's State Engineered Mass-Psychosis
A Tibetan carrying the flag of the tyrrany which has enslaved Tibet

Image: kevinfrayer

Reports just emerged from occupied Tibet of a paramilitary-style indoctrination camp being established near Shigatse in the U-Tsang region. WIthout the incredible courage and sacrifices made by Tibetans living under the terrorism of an illegal Chinese rule such information would not reach the outside world. The land is under a complete lockdown.

We’ve seen the accounts of concentration camps in East Turkistan, where Uyghurs are being brutalized and programed into subservience and loyalty to the ideology of Xin Jinping and his communist Chinese party. In Tibet a similar process has been ongoing. Although rather than jailing countless thousands into hastily constructed camps China’s regime has deployed an army of loyal Tibetan cadres as thought-police to monitor, enforce and report across every settlement in Tibet.

Tibet Terrorized By China's State Engineered Mass-Psychosis

Image: guim

It is a fascism, a totalitarian colonialism which Marx would have had extreme difficulty in championing. Many of its features would have been recognizeable to the German National Socialist Party, particularly the forming of youth leagues, programs of indoctrination, and the control of society through terror. A state-induced and coerced mass-psychosis is enslaving Tibetans in their own land.